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Nexus glide Nexus glide

Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd

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Nexus glide reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

This toy gives great prostate stimulation primarily due to its stiffness. The hands free use of the toy makes it a winner. On its own or as a warmup to larger toys later in a session, it makes a great addition to a toy chest.

I wasn't expecting a great deal from the Glide, and frankly it didn't deliver a great deal. For what it is and what it does I feel as though it's overpriced, and it would be worth spending a little more to invest in a superior model instead.

The Nexus Glide is designed for a very specific purpose - to help guys achieve p-spot orgasms. I've never experienced a p-spot orgasm and the Glide did not change that. If you want to find out if you can achieve a p-spot orgasm, the Glide can help you discover your potential.

The design was all wrong for me. There are other models that would have been slightly better for my bum. But I don't think this one would be the best for anyone because of the angle of the hook of the bottom. Go for one that is thicker and less angled. Even if it's harder to insert, you only insert it once per use.

Overall, the Glide is a good prostate massager. While it may have a shortcoming in the design of the perineum stimulator that impacts hand-free operation, it does perform admirably in hands-on use. At about 1” in diameter, the Glide is suitable for beginners, but I still found it quite enjoyable. Though it doesn’t provide the “full-feeling” I enjoy with some of my toys, the Glide is easy to slip in and with the right technique, provides substantial prostate stimulation.

After years of jacking off and experimenting with simple anal play, I was starting to wonder, "Is this all?" I feel like the Nexus Glide has truly enriched my sexuality. It is not a quick, easy stimulator, although it does still feel wonderful no matter how you use it. It is a toy you can get a lot out of if you put a lot in.

Although the concept is genius, the toy itself just doesn't seem to work out. The shape of the toy fits too tightly with the shape of the body and is therefore very hard to move.

If you're a beginner don't be scared, this is an awesome tool. The shape, texture, and size are well thought out. If you do nothing else, at least read my experience with it before you disregard buying a prostate massager! This was my first anal toy and I'm never looking back!

This would be a good prostate stimulator for most guys, but for me it was painful. I wish the material wasn't plastic as well. The thought kind of freaks me out if it would break.

I think the Nexus Glide is excellent for prostate stimulation. I loved the way my muscles grabbed it as I came. It comes with great instructions and is very easy to use. I might only suggest silicone or glass for construction instead of plastic.

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