Nexus glide - sex toy by LB Trading Ltd - review by Captain Stubing

Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd

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Houston we have liftoff!

If you're a beginner don't be scared, this is an awesome tool. The shape, texture, and size are well thought out. If you do nothing else, at least read my experience with it before you disregard buying a prostate massager! This was my first anal toy and I'm never looking back!
Great shape, good size (not too big for beginners), stays put.
Crappy packaging, can't sit down.
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If you have a colorful imagination I'm sure you could use this toy for all kinds of interesting things. When my wife first saw it she thought the "handle" was the part you inserted into your anus! Mainly, however, this is a prostate massager. I have never owned an anal toy up 'till this moment so to look at it is a little intimidating. I will assure you that if you man up and use this sucker the rewards are well worth it! Some men have said that they can achieve an orgasm with the use of one of these toys. I myself have not been able to do so but that doesn't mean I won't (trust me, I'm going to continue to try).

This item will also boost the size and strength of your erection. Let's get this straight, you're not going to turn into John Holmes or anything so quit dreaming! Those of you that are already the size of John Holmes... you suck!

There is a steel ball that massages your perineum(for those that don't know, that's your taint, your gooch, the get the picture). I didn't feel a thing though. There were so many sensual things happening inside my ass that you could have hit me over the head with a shovel and I wouldn't have felt it!

There is also a little joy stick that serves two purposes. One is to keep the Glide from dissapearing up inside you. The other is for you or your signifigant other to manipulate the toy inside you.
    • Any prone position

Material / Texture

The Glide is made out of a hard, semi-smooth plastic. There is absolutely zero give in it as well. It's not smooth like the picture or an Aneros massager but I believe there's a reason for it. Some complain about the plastic but I say bring it on! Why? Because I can use silicone lube of course! I was concerned at first about the rough texture though. In the past my wife has used her finger to bang me while giving me oral pleasures and it would get irritating. When I first used the Glide it was a little odd, I don't know if it was because I was a virgin to this or if it really was uncomfortable. After the fourth time though I don't notice it. Actually, I think it helps hold it in while I cum.

Design / Shape / Size

I swear the engineers just stole a joystick off a Tron game and stuck a cutesy handle on the bottom. How they decided that this was the ergonomic shape of a man's colon I don't want to know, all I know is to works beautifully! I haven't quite figured out why the angle is much more drastically slanted that the other Nexus products but I hope to try others in the future. I was afraid that this angle would jab my perineum a little too much but I didn't feel it at all.

There are a couple of ridges at the base of the shaft too that didn't do anything for me either. I checked once it was fully inserted and they didn't even go inside. There was a little discomfort where my taint starts but I think it was because I was a newbie, I checked several times and nothing was touching.

As I said before, the ball didn't do anything for me but I think it's there more so that there isn't any irritation than for stimulation. It rolls silky smooth in its socket. There's a little attachment that pops out the ball for cleaning. If you lose it I'm sure that you can just use a paperclip or a skinny icepick.

The "handle" got some good laughs from my wife. I actually had to chuckle myself when I saw it. It looked like a little purple tail sticking out of my ass! It pains me to say it but I'm a small guy (5'6" 140lbs) so there is no way I could sit down with this in. It worked fine for manipulating the Glide. I was able do get a lot of pressure toward my prostate and my wife had fun "shifting gears" if you will.

All in all there was a lot of thought put into the design.


Again, this being my first anal toy, I don't have anything to compare it to. It was comfortable, easy to insert, easy to remove, and stayed in place even during orgasm with tons of lube on it.

One thing I think I would like is to be able to sit upright with it in though. Actually, I'd REALLY like to see that. There are other prostate massagers though that I can achieve this with. The problem is that at 40 bucks and up it will be awhile before I get another one. If you want to sit up, keep looking.

Care and Maintenance

This is easy, hot, soapy anti-bacterial water. I kept the package to store it in but I wish they had a better container to store it. Nexus also sells a solution to clean it. This thing seems pretty durable too so as long as you don't use it to wedge a door open you should be fine.

One nice thing is because of the material it doesn't collect any lint!


I don't like the packaging at all. It's cheap thin plastic that I'm afraid I'll have to replace soon if I'm not careful. You'd think for the money they could throw in a little cloth bag to store the device in or something. I'm going to write my congressman to get that changed!

Personal comments

The more I use it the better it gets. Hopefully I'll achieve the ultimate hands free orgasm.


Now we get to the good part! Using the product by myself for the first time was okay. I used copious quantities of lube to make sure it didn't hurt. Slowly, I raised the Glide to my anus and pushed...wooop, up it went without a hitch. Yeah, I was really hard, yeah it felt good, breath slow, clinch cheeks, flex perineum muscle, concentrate, good Lord I needed to cum and fast! Two pumps and a quiver with my hand and I actually HEARD my semen leaping out of me!

I tried for an hour and a half the second time but I still didn't get the hands free trophy I so dearly want. I can see though that once you get used to your body it can be done.

Okay, turn the lights down low, light some candles, put a little Loreena McKennitt on the stereo and get prepared...

I'll set the scene, Valentine's Day eve (Saturday night), an ice cold bottle of Riesling in the bucket, candles lit all over the living room (11 in all but who's counting you don't want it too bright right?), forget the couch I had blankets all over the floor. After a couple glasses of wine and a little foreplay, I asked my wife to insert the Glide into me. She put some lube on it and I told her she'd need a LOT more but she said it was coated. As she slowly slid it inside me, I could feel my penis get harder, and harder. I think if was actually better without all the lube I had used before. It turned her on so much she had to shove my cock in her mouth before she was even finished! I told her to continue so she quickly slid it in the rest of the way. While she was sucking on me she would move the Glide around with the handle and massage my prostate. Man, I should have bought one of these a LONG time ago. This only lasted about 2 minutes because I had to shove this beast inside her! We were using the Iceberg pillow so her pussy was nice and high in the air as I plunged inside her. Let me tell you, the Glide is CRAZY when you're thrusting. For some reason you use different muscles when you thrust and the Glide massages in and out not from your butt cheeks but by your inside muscles. Luckily I was hammering her G-spot and we came together. Holy mother of all that is good and just in this world! When I came I literally had shivers running down my body. My wife was going insane because I was so big and hard. She even commented that she felt me explode! If it wasn't so late and we weren't so drunk I know I could have gone two or three more times.

That's it, I'm sold...I'm buying some different models as soon as possible!
Follow-up commentary
This still does the trick when need be, I wish I could sit down with it though. I'd love to use this with my wife on top of me, however the 'handle' gets in the way and makes it really uncomfortable. Also, I've become more accustomed to anal toys so it slides out of me when I'm thrusting during intercourse. What an odd feeling; I kinda like it though!

I never achieved an anal orgasm with this. I was hoping that one day I would, but I think I need a different one, maybe the Gyro or something.

As I predicted, I lost that little plastic thing to remove the steel ball. No biggie though, it's easy to pop out with a paperclip.
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    There's a little piece of plastic that comes with the Glide to pop the metal ball out of its socket. If you lose it, you can use any small, hard item to pop the ball out.
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