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The groove reviews

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15 reviews

In addition to looking great, the price point and materials make this a great toy to keep in the box for anal novices and veterans alike. Users should exercise caution with the very last bead, due to its need for better graduation at the bigger end of the taper, but it serves its purpose well. I feel like I got a great toy for a great price, and I've used it on a regular basis for several years now.

It's a great toy for a beginner in anal. It's small at the tip, so someone new can slowly get used to the feeling before taking more in.

The Groove is an excellent addition to an anal player’s toy chest. It’s super versatile, silicone, and pretty cheap for what it offers. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something different than the usual smooth straight butt plug. I’m so glad I picked up this probe! I love Doc Johnson’s butt products. They never fail me.

I really like this anal toy. It was my first experience with anal and it was a pleasant one! I'd recommend this for sure.

This toy was our intro into anal play and it made the whole experience very enjoyable. The size, shape, and material allow it to function as a great training tool and anal plug. Cleaning it is very easy and overall, we are very satisfied. We would recommend this toy to anyone who is curious about trying anal for the first time.

This has been my first toy for anal experimentation as a male. It is very versatile and after much use I have not out-grown it. This brings me to the conclusion it is an amazing versatile probe for almost anyone to enjoy. I suggest you try it out and hopefully be as happy as I am with it!

A really nice toy, suitable for beginners because of the slender tip, but still fun for those with more experience.

The Groove is a silicone anal toy that provides great value thanks to its affordability and versatility. It could be used by beginners, and is also ideal for intermediate users. Thanks to the length, neck, and texture it can take on the functions of a probe, plug, or anal beads. It could even be used a vaginal toy. I would recommend it to a wide range of people.

Get your groove on with “The Groove” by Doc Johnson, whether you’re a beginner or advanced user this toy will be flexible to your needs. For its low price you are practically getting 3 toys in one: anal beads, a probe, and a plug. This is why it’s such a great toy for almost anyone. Beginners can experiment and find out what kind of other anal toys they may enjoy, and being silicone what more could you ask for? Even with the tip being too flexible at times this is one silicone toy I like a lot.

A second experience for my partner with a proper anal toy, and she loved every inch of this wiggly lover. It can be a tad troublesome to get the tip in, but once you are there, you are absolutely set for simple but prime enjoyment!

The Groove is an amazing toy for beginners to anal play. It's also a great way to find out exactly what kind of toy you are looking for, whether it be a dildo/probe, a plug, or beads. It's the perfect size for someone new to anal play, but experienced users can probably still enjoy it.

The Groove packs lots of uses for a wide variety of users for a GREAT price! It's size will not intimidate someone new to anal play but has enough to satisfy experienced players too.

Here's a great product to get you started into anal play. Easy on beginners but offers a challenge for the more adventurous! This toy popped my cherry.

My first experience with an anal toy, getting the floppy, bendy Groove into my bottom was a bit of a struggle. It was kind of like trying to have sex with a drunk man; it's so floppy that you almost want to try to FOLD it in. But once you've got the tip inside, you're good.

Once Upon a Time, in a land far, far away(okay, it was California) an anal probe got it on with some butt beads, and this is their hybrid, hypoallergenic love child. This silicon anal toy is sure to have butt's (beginners too!) wiggling in delight!

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