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Power balls reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

Overall, this is a good product. It's well made and feels good when inserted. However, I'd have to say go with something a little bit bigger if you're looking for the next step up. After a few hours of wear, I forgot the beads were there and they did little to turn me on half way through the day.

These power balls are really worth their cost. They are so easy to use and very filling. They provide a good stretch going in and coming out. The only downside is the material which, as it's a latex, can't be cleaned as well as something going up your bum should be.

These are the best anal beads that I have ever had. My overall impression is five stars! I have no more comments except to say, "Add them to your cart, and you will fall in love with them!"

I picked these up and was very well unaware of the size of these. Be warned! This is an expert item! The material is also godawful and impossible to clean!

This toy gives exactly the sensations that you're looking for when you're looking at beads. The feeling of stretching over the balls and then almost closing on the strings is amazing. This was also actually my first anal toy! However, I had done anal play before and it may not be suitable for true beginners.

I'm glad that I bought these and for $20 they it's certainly worth giving them a try. When I'm in the mood for something different, the Power-Balls come out of my toy box.

This was my first experience with anal beads and I have to say that I love them! They are large enough to be filling without being overwhelming, and the latex coating makes insertion very easy! While not best for the beginners in anal play they are a great step up into intermediate play. The only problem I saw with them is that latex isn't super hygienic and the finger loop on the nylon chord isn't coated leaving it open to bacteria.

I really enjoyed this toy and the only negative I could find was the not so hygienic nature of the material. The size, and shape of the toy was perfect and I really loved the sensation of the rattling inner balls. I would recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys anal play.

The balls are the most effective way for someone into adventure, and a great turn on. I weight and size difference makes them easy to penetrate. Go out and buy this quick!

This toy is awesome. 5 balls, 4 stars. Feels great going in,even better coming out, however the latex material bumps it down one star.

What's better than one pop of a butt plug? The multiple pops of these power balls! A great investment for an intermediate-advanced anal-seeking user to add to their collection!

Regardless of the (low) price, this toy is AMAZING. If you are looking at this page, just buy it - you'll love the power balls!

Fun sensation for both anal and vaginal pleasure. Can be used alone or with your partner. Lube up and ENJOY!!!

A couple has to be very educated about best uses for this product for maximum pleasure. Despite its reputation for being great at increasing the male orgasm, it is difficult for straight couples to use during intercourse. More work required than desired.

Power Anal Balls by California Exotics are designed to produce heightened anal sensation. Inserting and removing these toys from your orifice produces a unique pleasure… Power balls are perfect during foreplay or as an accessory to masturbation.

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