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Pulse probe Pulse probe

G-spot vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Pulse probe reviews

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17 reviews

This is the best toy that I have had experience with so far. While it can be difficult to insert in the beginning, the increasing levels of vibration will quickly make you forget.

The vibrations get weaker in tip on the higher setting, opposite of what I would expect. It's not for someone who prefers intense vibrations. The shaft is textured in a wrinkled look and feel. It was too firm to comfortable hit my G-spot. It did help me target my kegel muscles.

I did not like this at all, and would not suggest this toy. It is low on the material safety chart. It has low power and is too big in size, so it is not a toy for me, but it still might be for you.

Pulse Probe isn't the most luxurious or most powerful but it stands alone as a good vibrator. I love that vibrating sphere in my vagina. And when I sit with it inserted, my clit and labia get stimulated at the same time - ooohhh. The range of speeds gets my pulse going. I like it, I enjoy it, I use it.

The flexible tip makes inserting this toy a pain. Once inserted the vibrations in the shaft are nice. The curve my not fit everyone's anatomy. Thrusting with this toy was difficult do to its flexibility. The silicone material is great. It makes a good introductory toy to silicone material.

This had been a toy slated to be gifted to a friend in the hopes she would decide to join me in reviewing for this site. However, the unusual nature of the shape of the toy caught my eye. When I read the materials and realized that this was just the sort of toy I was looking for, The Pulse Probe quickly became a favorite of mine. Sorry guys!

The Pulse Probe is a giant ball of frustration for me. At first glance it looks like an amazingly designed toy. Unfortunately, the bulb at the end is too flexible, the texture can't be felt and is hard to clean, and the vibrations are too weak and diffused.

This is a cool toy to add to my collection. I bought it when it was on Eden friends and I do not regret it. I love taking this toy with me to the shower. I love anything pink so this one was perfect for me. I wish the vibrations were stronger and I could feel them on the head of the toy.

The Pulse Probe is a weird cookie. The vibes are strong but only in the shaft. If you don't mind that the vibes won't be felt in the G-spot bulb, then this is the perfect match for you. Despite the thick shaft size, I would say that this could be the perfect toy for beginners out there. It is made of a safe and squishy material, it is aimed for the G-spot, and the design is non-threatening. Throw in the fact that it is waterproof, and it is almost perfect!

The Pulse Probe is best used for internal stimulation. Its moderate vibrations will tease the vaginal walls, but its head is vibration free so it won’t work for any clitoral teasing. The base can be difficult to hold with lubed hands and it can twist around during use, but if you can keep it angled properly it may provide enough g-spot pressure and stimulation.

Uniquely shaped, this could be a great vibrator if the vibrations would have reached the round tip. There are a few uses and new stimulations that can be tried with this 'one-eyed' vibrating probe. Just be careful what you probe, this is not recommended for anal use since there is no base whatsoever!

As mentioned, I'm a little perplexed by this toy. Is it an anal toy? A G-spot stimulator? A clit vibe? The packaging doesn't offer any help, and neither does the shape/vibration layout. Still, it's easy to use, easy to clean and it has decent vibrations, so maybe you'll find the perfect place for it on your body. Personally, it didn't do any of those particularly well, so it's nothing something I'll be reaching for any time soon.

This toy is sluggish. While it had promise with decent its vibes, size, and silicone make, it fails when it comes to performance. The Pulse probe is not on its game. This is a flopping fish.

This toy is oddly shaped and awkward to use. It is tough to use as a clitoris stimulator, and odd to use internally. It is relatively quiet and waterproof, so you can use it everywhere. But the Pulse Probe brings so little to the table that I am not sure why you would want to use it anywhere. I would not recommend this for beginners or first time buyers. If you know what you are getting into, more power to you and I wish you the best of luck.

This is a great toy for anyone who is interested in g-spot massage. The price isn't bad either, and the silicone is flexible and feels great. It's also easy to clean and store and doesn't eat up batteries.

If you are a novice to vibrators, you can buy this one with confidence. It is not too expensive, is easy to use, and has enough power to make you happy. If you are experienced with toys, you should still find the Pulse Probe to be a great addition to your vibrator collection. The enlarged ball on the end gives it the feel of a larger vibrator without being hard to use. We really like this toy and hope it lasts for a long time.

I summarize the Pulse Probe by saying it is a great buy for any average user of sex toys. The vibrations are powerful and it feels great being inserted. The only flaw is that the vibrations are powerful on the shaft and not the head which is where I expected them to be the strongest. In fact, you can barely feel them on the head.

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