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Royal intruder reviews

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Looking for a toy that's going to stretch you open and keep you there? Look no further than the honorable Royal Intruder. The smooth plug and neck will glide right in and keep you ready for whatever comes next.

Love this guy and would easily buy again if mine ever happens to break due to a fall off the counter after being cleaned. Super comfortable to keep it but still provides an amazing and arousing feel.

I personally think it's great, and the blue color is just beautiful. Easy entry and the feeling is one of comfortable fullness.

This glass plug is perfect for the beginner to learn how to control their muscles while providing a mild fullness. Being glass, it is easy to clean. This can be gently warmed or cooled to change sensations.

This toy is a beautiful cobalt blue and made of pyrex. Pyrex is a strong, easy to clean, body safe, & smooth glass. It's easy to insert and use, and even comes with a nifty red velvet bag (a sheet of bubble wrap protects it inside the bag too) for safe-keeping. But as an actual plug, it did not want to stay in my body. So yes it's safe to use anally, like a sort of short dildo, because it has a base, but if you want to use it as a plug, it may not have the staying power you seek.

I believe this item is worth the price; even though I got it on sale. I would recommend buy this plug anyone who wants to try anal ; even if it's just to wear while masturbating.

The Royal Intruder, by SSA glass, is gorgeous and made out of a wonderful material, however, it falls out frequently because the base and insertable portion are roughly the same width. If you like to wear plug in private, or aren't interested in picking this one off your bed/floor/bathtub every now and again, I suggest looking elsewhere.

I would recommend this for perhaps an anal beginner, not for someone who has similar toys or who would wear them for extended periods. If you are interested in a safe, easy to clean and care for toy, that will be easy and gentle for a first time anal experience, give it a try. At the worst, you will have a cool looking paper weight.

If you're new to anal toys and glass the Royal Intruder by SSA Glass may just be the toy you should try out. It is rigid, slightly textured and smaller in size making it perfect for beginners. With the ease of which it cleans up and the option of sterilization this plug really aims to please. Just be sure you're careful about the smaller base while using this so it doesn't get lost in your butt!

The Royal Intruder may be a small guy but he is perfect for beginner anal play or even beginner glass play. The base of this toy isn't exactly stellar and requires some extra care but I love this little plug anyhow. He is great as a warm up toy even though he doesn't make a good long time wear plug.

The Royal Invader is the type of invader you'll sneak past your gates whenever the mood strikes! It'll be sure to rock your kingdom until your toes curl! Afterward, a quick clean up and a store it in a small place for the next invasion!

The Royal Intruder is a breathtaking glass plug, carefully crafted with the beginner in mind. Smooth, hard surfaces, a gently tapering tip, and a non-intimidating size all make this lovely piece a winner. It's also great for temperature play, or as a warm up tool. Unfortunately, the lack of a long enough neck makes this plug somewhat hard to retain.

This is a great introduction to both glass and anal toys. The ultra smooth texture is wonderful and the size is not intimidating at all.

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