Sasha Grey signature plug medium - butt plug by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Sasha Grey signature plug medium reviews

14 reviews
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14 reviews

This glass plug is simple and amazing. Its dark mysterious black glass gives you that naughty feeling. The size, although larger than any medium plug out there, gives a nice stretch and full feeling. I would recommend this toy to anyone looking to size up in anal toys.

While it can be a challenge to insert, this plug is my all time favorite for use alongside vaginal penetration. While I expected such a rigid material to be uncomfortable, it is very pleasant to wear for extended amounts of time and the base is comfortable to boot! If you can take the size and weight, I definitely recommend this plug - just keep in mind that "medium" is a relative term.

This butt plug is a really great toy to have. It is comfortable, gives you a full feeling, easy to clean, and travel friendly. You will enjoy this plug so much that you will want to wear it all the time.

If I lost this, I would replace it without a second thought. This is a staple. If you agree, share your thoughts. I'd love to hear. This product is solid. Smooth. Sexy. A winner.

Doc Johnson and Sasha Grey's medium plug is large, smooth, looks great, and is intensely fulfilling. The size is daunting at first, and not "medium" by normal standards, but it provides a monumental amount of stimulation once it's in. And if you're like me, the time spent working to get this beast in will be just as fun as the end result. The wide base tends to become painful after a while, but isn't worth worrying about if long term wear isn't on your agenda.

This medium sized plug is of great quality and great material. It is shaped the exact way that gives you the best and most amount of stimulation available in an anal toy. The texture brings on intense orgasms, while the fullness stimulates the prostate very well.

The Sasha Grey medium butt plug is one of the best. It's smooth and provides a satisfying sensation that will send you into another world! It's now my favorite and is well worth it. If you have this on your wishlist, I highly recommend getting it!

A great big little plug that’s comfortable to wear and compatible with just about every kind of lube, the only issue users might have with this toy is the larger-sized head. However, it is definitely worth the time and effort to warm up to this toy.

A surprisingly great plug with all the features we wish we'd found 7 years ago when we started exploring glass plugs for anal.

The Sasha Grey Signature Medium Butt Plug is a fantastic plug, but it presents itself as a paradox. It's difficult to insert and remove, yet most comfortable for long term wear. Whether or not the design and textural imperfections are a flaw or intended is irrelevant, as both add to the experience of this plug. The plug offers a filling sensation that tends to leave me gasping during insertion and removal, but it's very comfortable for hours of use thanks to the long and relatively thin neck.

This is the most comfortable plug I have ever used. It looks like Doc Johnson and Sasha Grey got it right.

The Sasha Grey signature is an absolutely gorgeous plug. Made out of black glass it has a simple but very erotic look befitting of the plug’s namesake. Despite the name medium, this plug has a large 2" diameter that provides a very filling experience. The plug’s acorn shaped head and smooth glass makes insertion and removal easy and its base was comfortable even during long term use. Lastly, the plug is very similar to Doc Johnson's sexy spade however a few minor tweaks give this one the edge.

Overall this is a very nice plug that because of its diameter will not be suitable for beginners. If you feel you can handle the diameter then go for it. This a very comfortable plug once inserted and is very well designed.

The Sasha Grey Signature Plug is one heck of an anal toy. The black glass is a different look than most other glass toys and is very appealing. It's big, unyielding, and smooth, and it fills you and leaves you I may need a moment. Ahem. Just go read the rest of the review. I'll be in my bunk, doing a bit of advanced research with this toy in preparation for the follow-up review.

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