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The Sasha Grey Signature Medium Butt Plug is a fantastic plug, but it presents itself as a paradox. It's difficult to insert and remove, yet most comfortable for long term wear. Whether or not the design and textural imperfections are a flaw or intended is irrelevant, as both add to the experience of this plug. The plug offers a filling sensation that tends to leave me gasping during insertion and removal, but it's very comfortable for hours of use thanks to the long and relatively thin neck.
Filling, aggressive taper, long neck for hands-free thrusting, prostate pressure, stays in place
Aggressive taper, not ideal for beginners
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The Sasha Grey Medium Plug is a butt plug for intermediate and advanced users. It could be used with care vaginally if one wanted to. Thrusting is possible with this toy, but due to the rapid expansion of the diameter, I would suggest going nice and slow.

The plug has a flared base to keep it from slipping all the way into the colon. The wide base also provides a good grip point for insertion, removal, or careful thrusting.

Glass toys can take any kind of lube you can throw at them, but I would recommend using silicone lubricants. Silicone on glass is such a wonderful experience. The lube lasts a long time, very little of it is required, and silicone itself gives such a wet and slick ride that it's hard to beat. If you're contemplating your first glass toy, take this opportunity to get away from always using a water-based lube on your silicone toys. Try silicone on glass.
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Material / Texture

The Sasha plug is made from 100% glass, so it has no taste or smell. There are imperfections in the toy along the shaft and underside of the bulb that add a little bit of extra stimulation. The imperfections are basically shallow and irregular grooves. They are invisible to the naked eye, but can be palpated by stroking with the finger tips. Also, feel along the underside of the flared base for some more grooves and imperfections.

It's important to note that these imperfections don't really make the toy imperfect. You can't really see them, so they don't detract from the visual appearance. In fact, visually speaking the plug is quite striking. Holding it up to a bright light (or sunlight) reveals an array of gray and deep blue hues that are very elegant and appealing.

The plug is more geared towards intermediate and advanced users due to its diameter and the firm nature of glass. Unless you're already warmed up, be sure to start out with at least one smaller toy, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1" to 1.5" first.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is pretty typical for a plug, with a couple of exceptions. The taper on the Sasha Medium is pretty short. It goes from a poke to OMG in a very short time. The aggressive design seems to be a pattern in some of the toys from this line.

The neck is a bit thinner than I would expect from a toy of this diameter. It provides a more comfortable experience for long term wear, but it also gives the overall look of the toy a bit of a top heavy appearance. Regardless, you will still get that "held open" feeling that I love so much from this plug.

The diameter definitely gets your attention. The advertised diameter is right at 2", which is pretty much the gateway into advanced territory, especially in a hard material like glass. I like the long neck that is made possible by the short bulb. This allows for some anal bumping that is very enjoyable.

I don't think this toy could be considered discreet. One look at it and I think most people would know that you like some back door action.

The Sasha medium could be suitable for travel, but precautions should be taken to prevent damage while packed.

Some pictures for size comparison side-by-side with a dollar and Tantus Ryder:

    • Whimsical / artistic


The Sasha Medium is really a mixed bag in the way of performance. It's difficult to insert and remove yet it is very comfortable for me to wear for extended periods.

I generally require (and recommend) some warm up prior to inserting this plug. I usually start off with a small silicone plug, then work my way up to a toy of at least 1.5" in diameter. I highly recommend using silicone lube on glass toys, and this plug is no exception.

I'm always leery about using a silicone toy/water lube combo after using silicone lube on a glass toy. I guess I'm always worried that there is enough silicone lube left in my rectum to bond with the silicone toy and cause a reaction. With this plug, that is usually not a concern, as this is most often the last toy I use before going to bed for the night.

I have found that removing it after wearing for hours can take a little more time than with similar plugs that I've used. I believe this is because the neck is relatively thin compared to the bulb, so the anus has a larger stretch to make prior to removal. Thus more time and patience is required to ease it out. The slow, steady stretch when I remove the plug is breath taking. I literally make a little gasp when it finally comes out.

The prostate pressure delivered by the Sasha Medium is excellent. The widest part of the plug hits my sweet spot just right. The depth of penetration is also great, and I find that masturbating while sitting down with it inside of me gives me the irresistible urge to grind on it.

The base on the Sasha signature medium is pretty wide, yet still comfortable. I usually trim the hair on my ass and around my anus because I enjoy being pegged. I've found that not trimming can cause some discomfort with hair tugging while using this plug.
    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

One thing that is simple about this plug is cleaning it. Being made of glass it can be cleaned with a 1:10 solution of bleach and water or boiled in water for at least three minutes to achieve sterilization. For routine cleaning it can be placed on the top shelf of your dishwasher, or simply washed with antibacterial hand soap water. It can be wiped with alcohol, sprayed with a Cresol such as Lysol, and it has tolerated a fairly wide array of cleaning agents (Chloroxyenol and Benzalkonium Chloride, for instance) that I've thrown at it with perfect results. When cleaning glass toys, beware of streaks. Streaks on glass basically equate to organic material. In the case of butt plugs it means there that there is still residue from the rectal canal on your toy. Remove stubborn streaks with isopropyl alcohol and a tissue or paper towel.

The most sublime way to store this toy is in the packaging that it comes in. I cannot give enough praise to DJ for the packaging. However, it's sometimes necessary to store this plug in something with less mass, so I often use a soft sack. For travel I store it in a foam-lined Pelican case, but that's just me being OCD and really loving this plug. Any soft-sided storage device would suffice.
    • Easy to clean


The packaging for this toy is very elegant, and useful. The Sasha Grey Medium Signature Plug comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box that is adorned with Sasha's likeness, signature, and an image of the plug itself. Inside the box is another foam "box" with multiple layers. It fits the plug perfectly.

The outside of the packaging contains a cool description of the toy in various languages, as well as web links to several social networking sites and a link for warranty information.

This is straight up classy packaging and it truly adds to the overall value of the product.

In addition to being classy, the packaging will work famously as a storage case, given you have the room for the box. Out of clumsiness I've dropped the plug while stored in the packaging, and there isn't a hint of damage to the plug to show for it.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

I really like this plug. The packaging is cool, the color is sweet, and Sasha is a hottie, but what really sells this plug is the design. The fat bulb can't help but smash your prostate into oblivion. It's not impossibly big, but it's a challenge. Even after owning (and trying to put my thoughts into a review on) this plug for months, I still pull this thing out of my body after climax with a sense of awe. It makes me quiver.


I'm a firm believer that the experience portion of my reviews should detail my first use with the toy, so here it is:

I usually like to try a new anal toy out with a "cold" anus without warming up first. When I first got my hands on the Sasha Medium I wasn't sure if I'd be able to follow this practice. The size of the head was a little intimidating.

I work third shift, and usually don't open my mail until early morning the day after a package arrives. It was cold, I was tired, but I had been anticipating the Sasha for a while and couldn't wait to get it inside of me. I stripped, poured a little too much silicone lube on the plug, bent over, and went to work.

My first thought was "Damn, I should have run it under warm water first". I could tell right off the bat that this would be a stretch and the cold glass made my sphincter shrink into nothingness. I held the plug in front of my heater for a few minutes and tried again. This time I felt the muscles in my anus submit to the warmth and relax a little.

I got about a half an inch of the plug in me before I realized that I would need to be patient during this insertion. At this point, I had taken some pretty hefty toys (see Tantus Ringo and Severin Large), but never something this big in glass. I had to stop and wait every few seconds to let my anus adjust to the hardness. I did this pause-and-wait game for a few minutes before I set my sphincter against the widest point of the plug.

It was an exhilarating and breath taking bliss. I stayed poised, bent over, consciously relaxing my sphincter while enjoying this wonderful stretch. Like magic, my body pulled the glass intruder deep into me and I gasped loudly when I finally felt the base hit my butt cheeks.

The prostate stimulation was unmistakable. My penis grew stiff and in seconds it was dripping come. I sat down on an office chair in a foggy and delicious haze, my climax finishing with only a few strokes.

Afterwards, I did a 360 degree scan of the cosmos with the Sasha medium still snugly inside of me. I quickly discovered that I could use my anal and bladder muscles (women see Kegel exercises) to thrust the plug in and out of my body. This really excited me. The still-silicone-slicked plug slid almost effortlessly back and forth. The neck was long, long enough to make me feel like the first few inches of a penis were penetrating me as I worked these muscles.
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