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All in all, the Super Big End delivers a great butt plug experience for those that can manage it. The thick stem stretches out your bum, but not to much, while the insertable length and girth bring the experience home. Whether you're looking for a stepping stone into the anal big leagues or adding another large toy to your collection, this plug is an excellent choice.

This is a big one! But once you feel prepared to handle it, you'll have a very pleasurable experience either alone or with your partner.

The Super Big End is SUPER big. This is not for the inexperienced. However, if you are an experience anal player and like the sensation of being really filled up, the Super Big End is right up you alley.

This is quite the plug. It's large and firmer. There was no way that this was going in my butt as i have problems with 5" in circumference toys, and this is 7.5"! I was more than happy to try it as a vaginal plug in our kink scenes and it is fantastic. it takes a warm up, but it is all sorts of fun. This is going to be too large for many, but if size is what you are going for then pick this one up.

Big Love For My Super Big End!

I love The Super Big End for nights when I need to feel something super big in my end. This is a girthy, firm plug sure to titillate all the anal adventurers out there, should you choose to attempt it. It will take some work and some getting used to it, but in the end The Super Big End is a wonderful plug for advanced users!

While there are other large-silicone-plug alternatives on the market (Tantus A-Bomb comes to mind), if you found the medium "Big End" to be satisfying and daydreamed about trying a larger (huge!) version, then you'll find the Super Big End to be a wonderful butt plug in terms of price, quality, and end-user satisfaction.

This toy is worth your time if you have experience. For beginners this is a waste of time, it is very large and takes practice and patience. I believe this plug does its job well, and I would recommend it to others. I gave it five stars because of its excellent construction. Just be careful because this is large.

Get the Super Big End if you are looking for something that will really stretch and fill you up. It takes some warm-up and practice to get it in, but it feels good when you do. This is a high quality toy made from high quality material and a pretty low price. I highly recommend it!

For anyone looking for a high quality plug in a large size, or some something to help stretch themselves with, the Super Big End is is a great product at a reasonable price.

Superman might find this one a challenge!

This is a dream come true for anyone looking for that "Super" challenge and a large filling sensation. This plug gave me more than I expected it would by providing not only physical pleasure, but mental pleasure as well. While intimidating at first, The Super Big End by Doc Johnson gave me an experience I will never forget and will continue to enjoy.

Although I haven't been able to rise to the challenge yet, this bad boy is really supersized, it is a large sturdy classic plug made from body-safe silicone for an affordable price. It is a great quality toy designed for advanced users!

I was looking for a bigger plug after trying smaller ones that fell out easily. We found this one that stays put.

If you're looking at this to be your first butt plug and you're not very advanced in anal, then this is not the plug for you. I suggest looking into the medium-sized one. Now if you're more advanced with anal and the smaller sizes don't do it for you, then by all means this is the one for you.

I highly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a "filled to the brim" feeling. With a girth about the width of a soda can, you'll definitely know it's there! Material safety rating of 10 at a great price!

The super big end is a butt plug size king/queen's dream: it is BIG, it is LARGE, and it is in CHARGE. With its classic diamond-shape design, sturdy structure, silicone material, and flawless construction, this toy won't fail to disappoint. It's a fun challenge, and requires A LOT of warm up and prep work to enjoy it in all its big and mighty splendor, but once you have it in, be prepared for an intense and exciting anal sexcapade.

The Super Big End is a wonderful design in a grand size! The shape is classic for a reason, it's a tried and true butt plug style that is comfy to use and to wear. Plus, it's made from silicone, one of my top choices for butt toys. It's also the perfect warm-up plug if you're ambitious, and aiming to play with bigger toys or get fisted. Highly recommended for the butt toy size queen/king.

The Super Big End butt plug by Doc Johnson is massive in size, and will be great for experienced users. Made out of silicone, it's great for temperature play. The gradual increase in size is great if you are working your way up. The base is a bit on the small size, but if you like a large plug, this one's for you.

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