The super big end - butt plug by Doc Johnson - review by Cookie Monster Mike

Superman might find this one a challenge!

This is a dream come true for anyone looking for that "Super" challenge and a large filling sensation. This plug gave me more than I expected it would by providing not only physical pleasure, but mental pleasure as well. While intimidating at first, The Super Big End by Doc Johnson gave me an experience I will never forget and will continue to enjoy.
Nice and filling, A good challenge if your looking for one, Size Kings and Queens will love it.
Not comfortable for long term wear, Takes time to warm up to use it, Too big for most.
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Quite simply, the Super Big End by Doc Johnson is a butt plug for the experienced users out there. Of all the toys I have used before, this one has been the biggest challenge. Size queens, advanced users and the experienced will most likely enjoy this plug and find that it is a good challenge to attempt. Easily versatile, it can be used in solo or couples play and just about anywhere. Take it in the shower or tub for some wet fun, or feel free to use it around the house. This can be used for temperature play as well, simply heat or cool the silicone plug to the temperature of your liking in hot or cold water.

As far as safety goes I must warn anyone trying this plug out to be very careful. Even if you think you are up for the challenge, the super can still take you by surprise. While the base is large and firm enough to prevent accidental slipping in, the extreme 2 1/4" of girth is the part to be aware of. Getting it past the sphincter can be a challenge, lots of warm up and lube is required. You must take into consideration that when this plug is inserted anally or vaginally, that the widest girth will slide inside by roughly 1 3/4". This means that you will be stretched to at least 2 1/4" of a depth of almost 2" inside of you, if you are unprepared for this it can cause a lot of pain, possibly bleeding and bruising.

For the most extreme and experienced enthusiasts out there I can only speculate that this could be used for some mild thrusting. In my personal opinion I would never use this plug for any kind of thrusting. I found this plug most useful as a nice physical and mental challenge to take on such a large size. I recommend finding the most comfortable position for you to take this one all the way. As an additional note, I would like to add that the product page specifies that the plug is 2 1/4" in diameter; however below under the "Design / Shape / Size" section of this review I have included a picture measuring the one I received in the mail at 2 3/8".
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Anal

Material / Texture

As usual with Doc Johnson Premium Grade Silicone, you are given a high quality long lasting durable product. The Super is soft yet firm at the same time; there is some flexibility to this plug but not nearly as much as The Big End by Doc Johnson. This plug has a fairly dense silicone material overall which I feel is important to be able to actually use it properly. If the material was any more flexible or flimsy, it would simply be too difficult to use. The material is safe for the body, not chemicals or toxins will leech into your system. It's a food grade material that does not have phthalates or latex in it, finally it is also hypo-allergenic.

The surface material seems softer than other silicone toys I own by Doc Johnson. It has a small amount of a drag feel to it and only has a very light sticky feel to it. The sticky feel will depend on each person; some people have dry hands all the time while others have more moisture/sweat to theirs. The packaging says this plug is "white" however it is definitely beige like skin color. I feel the material is best suited for the large size of this plug because it is softer and conforms easier to your body. If this was a glass or metal plug I'm sure I would experience a lot of pain and discomfort.

After receiving and opening the Super Big End, the first thing I immediately did was to smell the material. There was a very light smell to the plug, most likely just from the manufacturing of it. I washed the plug with anti-bacterial soap and then boiled it in water for 4 minutes. After cooling and drying, I smelt the material again and I noticed no smell. I have used the Super a couple of times now, each time washing and boiling the plug afterwards. The only smell I get from the plug is a light smell of silicone material, no yucky odors from anal use. The silicone material is not porous, however depending on how strong scented soaps are use to clean it, a smell can be left behind from the soap.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Being that this plug is more suited for experienced size queens and advanced users, it is a great design for that purpose. The flared design for me personally was just right; there was enough gradual increase in size so it could be inserted easier. If this plug was any longer I think it would be too uncomfortable for a lot of people to use and enjoy it. The design definitely did its job on providing extreme girth and stretch; I have never taken a toy by itself as big as this before. The design gave me a huge mental factor in the use of the plug; just the sheer size of this thing and trying to insert it is was a major turn on for me.

There is nothing discreet about this plug, if you left this sitting out in view of anyone to see, most people will know straight away exactly what it is. Keep this beast hidden if you don't want anyone to know you have it. I suppose you could take this places with you, but I personally would keep it in a zip lock bag and furthermore hidden inside of a small lock box of some kind. One of the things I truly enjoy about a lot of Doc Johnson plugs is the design of the base. The long base is flexible but strong, allowing it to nestle in between your butt checks comfortably. You can even turn the base 180 degrees so it does not sit in between your cheeks as a safety feature to stop it from accidentally slipping all the way in. Overall I am pleased in the design of this plug and have included a measurement picture of the plug I personally received, and also a size comparison to a 500ml water bottle.

    • Advanced
    • Not discreet at all


For the purpose of how this plug is supposed to perform, I think it was absolutely great if not better than I expected. Before buying The Super, I read as much information about it as I could so I knew what to expect. It performed how it was designed to by being a super sized butt plug that stretched and filled me up like nothing else has before. On top of that, it provided me with a nice mental factor that was a turn on and furthermore enhancing my experience. The sheer size and trying to take on this challenge, knowing how big it is and trying to insert it was a major turn on. It has been an exciting challenge and experience every time I have used it so far.

While it has a lot of great performance in the size department, this is also somewhat its downfall. As far as long term use and wear goes, I don't see it possible with me personally and maybe others too. The neck diameter alone is 1 3/8" on mine, there are a lot of plugs out there that are this size as it is. This makes the neck somewhat large than most other plugs and can stretch the sphincter more than one would like. The widest diameter at 2 3/8" is a lot to just get in as it is and then trying to use this for long periods of use is generally uncomfortable for me. After using the plug multiple times, I found it was best suited for me to insert it for short periods of time, remove it for a small break and repeat it over again.
    • Large in size
    • Not discreet at all
    • Uncomfortable for long term wear

Care and Maintenance

As with most of the Premium Silicone toys by Doc Johnson, care and maintenance is a breeze and does not require much fuss at all. Before use I generally always at least rinse my silicone toys off with warm water, the reason is that dust, lint and hair can sometimes easily stick to the surface. After use, I generally wash the plug in warm or hot water with mild anti-bacterial hand soap. Personally I like a lot of Bath and Body Works foaming hand soaps in cleaning most of my toys. Afterwards I pat the toy dry and store it immediately so it will not collect any dirt. There are other cleaning methods you can use such as---Top rack of your dishwasher, 10% Bleach and water solution, or boil it for 3 minutes to full disinfect it. You can choose to store your silicone plug wrapped in a lint free towel or store it inside of plastic zip lock bag. Some people prefer to use a separate container all together. Generally, I wrap mine in a high quality paper towel and store it.

As far as maintaining this plug and making it last as long as possible there are some steps you should take. Only use water-based lubricants with this plug, to be extra safe, do a spot test of the lube on the underside of the base. This will determine if the lube you like will safely work with the toy without damaging it. Keeping your silicone Super Big End stored separately or wrapped in something away from other toys is recommended. Storing your toys exposed and touching each other can cause some materials to melt or fuse together. Again, use of zip lock bags, or wrapping toys individually has prevented any of my toys from being damaged.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance


The last few toys I purchased by Doc Johnson have all come in the same style of packaging. A fairly heavy duty PVC clear plastic clam shell package that bonuses as storage for the product as well if you like. Personally I do not keep the packaging for storage or any other purpose. If you are big on the environment and recycling, generally this packing is best to be burnt in an incinerator. It is very difficult to recycle this type of plastic, if it is placed in a landfill, it will result in dioxin poisoning of the landfill and groundwater. You can find more at the following offsite [], this is the source of the info on recycling I have provided.

As usual with Doc Johnson packaging there is plentiful information about the product features and safety along with information to the company website for more information.

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative


In my experience of using this plug I found there were a few ways to make it easier to use overall. First, I used lots of lube and plenty of warm up with different toys. I started out using The Big End; then advancing by using the Flex using the shaft and beaded probe at the same time, then finally I warmed up furthermore with The Super. Using these toys allowed me to warm up and stretch in different ways. After the warm up, I found generally the best way for me to first take The Super Big End plug was to slide down onto it. This allowed me to use the weight of my body rather than using my arm muscles to force it in. I took my time to get all the way down to the neck; patience is a virtue for this toy. After finally being able to take it all the way in, I had to remove it within 5-10 seconds and repeat this a few times. I personally needed time to adjust to the girth overall and not cause any pain to myself. After all of this warm up and being able to finally take it, I found it was an incredible mental factor to see this plug in the mirror as it was inside of me. I never thought I'd be able to take it when I first received it, but taking the challenge and seeing it was worth it all.
Follow-up commentary
I have used this toy quite a few times since my original review. Even with that in mind, this plug is still a challenge to take every time. Warm-up is still required and necessary after all these uses. The plug is holding up nicely with no odors forming or defects in the product. I have been fortunate to use this product safely and responsibly without any problems or accidents. I still recommend this to the size Kings and Queens!
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