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Touche Bona dea Touche Bona dea

Anal balls by Shots media

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Touche Bona dea reviews

6 reviews
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6 reviews

I would argue that this item is not worth it; cleaning it is a pain! Also, it requires those random battery types that no one really has laying around the house so if it dies, you're out of luck!

The Touche Bona Dea is very cute in design and is overall well made. The three bullets however each take 2 watch batteries that don't last long, and their not waterproof unless inserted into the silicone mold. I like that the silicone is flexible (in the stems) and firm (in the bulbs). However it may be difficult at first to insert the bulbs with the flexible stems. I wish that the clean up was easier, and that the bullets did not have to be turned on separately.

I've heard from several people that there are an amazingly astronomical amount of nerves in your ass, and you'd be stupid not to stimulate each and every one of them. Now, this could have just been my partners at the time who were eager to get into my ass, but in reality, they were right. The Touche Bona Dea seems to touch each one several times. The vibrations continue well into multiple orgasms.

2/5 Stars. For all the pluses to this toy, it has enough minuses that I can only go to a 2.4 (just shy of rounding up to a three). It will never be amongst my favorite toys, but it isn't the worst one out there, either. I'll update when I've had more time and experience with it (as I am willing to give it a chance to earn another half point or so), but I am a bit disappointed overall. Considering all the positives to this toy, however, I do want to give Touche's toys another chance.

Yeah, I don't know where I was going with the title either, but never mind the bollocks... The Bona Dea is a damn fine toy! It's the wonder-toy! It's great in the vag (if you have one), it's fantastic in the butt (I'd hope you have one of those)! It's smooth, safe, silky silicone with a thick sturdy "cord" connecting the "beads" and a sturdy loop handle!

Bottom line, unless you are cool with a painful scratching sensation while removing the toy and you want to spend more time cleaning up than getting down, I can't tell you to buy this toy.

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