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Triple ripple royal reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

First and foremost, this toy's best use (from a man's perspective) is stretching the first anal sphincter. It's shape prevents it from being able to keep consistent pressure on the prostate or staying in unaided, while its base and lack of a neck prevent deeper penetration. It causes the sensation of being stretched quite far as the entrance, but fails to provide a deeper sense of "fullness".

The Triple Ripple Royal is ideal for those that are looking to explore their anal limits. It performs admirably as a low-cost tool for anal training, with its increasingly sizable ripples, slick finish and stable base. It may seem intimidating, but by no means is it too large for those with patience and determination.

The Triple Ripple Royal has potential, with well made materials. Yet I can't recommend this butt plug. Despite its generous diameter, I did not feel any real enjoyment from it because of what I believe to be design flaws. There are 5 inches of insertable length, but it feels only like 3. Those last 2 inches only go so far with the flared base. The flared base is good for the practical safety reasons, but it is too butted up against the lowest tier to make good use of it.

This toy will do an excellent job of stretching you for advanced anal usage. It is very cheap, and an overall excellent buy if this is what you are looking for. It may have some imperfections, but these pale in comparison with the value and its overall performance.

If your looking to train your ass for larger sized toys, look to the Triple Ripple. The graduated bulges work great for for easing the sphincters up to the next size. There is just enough room in between each bulge to relax so you can take only what you want. The surface is super slick and with some lube slides like silicone lube on steel. The base is more than enough to keep it safe and makes a great hand hold for thrusting.

I ordered this toy because I wanted a new affordable and slightly larger butt plug. I did not realize the size of this toy until it arrived. It is HUGE! However, I like a challenge and my partner was more than willing to help out. If you are advanced in anal play, this will be a nice addition.

I think this item is worth it, it really does what is supposed to, stretching. Its nothing special but its not bad either. For $9 I think its great toy for its intended use. Just a word of warning this for experienced anal players only. Gives you a great feeling of joy and accomplishment taking your able to fully insert something this large. I would only recommend this if you can already take toys of 2" diameter at the minimum, but 2 1/8" would be a better fit.

The very affordable Triple Ripple is a wonderful choice for the user that wants to learn to take larger toys. The graduated bulges let you get used to the thickness before moving on, and the texture is smooth and comfortable. Good as a plug and great as a training tool, mastering the Triple Ripple will open up all sorts of fun possibilities.

This it is worth the money because it is affordable and takes you to a whole other level of pleasure. If you can master this toy anything is possible.

I would recommend this toy to those out there that are ready to step up to another level with anal play. This toy has three levels, therefore, even if unable to insert all the way at first, keep trying because it will keep stretching! Cheap price and can be used repeatedly to stretch and gives you that incredible FULL feeling!

Be sure and be careful when using something this large, can be painful even for those who consider themselves experts.

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