Latex dental dam - dental dams by Line One Laboratories, Inc - reviews

Latex dental dam Latex dental dam

Dental dams by Line One Laboratories, Inc

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Latex dental dam reviews

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10 reviews

I think dental dams are a good item for everyone to have in their toy chest, and this dam made by TRUST comes in different flavors to suit anyone's preferences. While I wish it was made of something other than latex, it still does the job and I'm glad I still have a few around.

Overall this product is great. It is intended to be effective in reducing the transmission of bodily fluids, harmful bacteria and sexually transmitted infectious/diseases.

I wasn't impressed by this item at all. Don't waste your money on this. It was just something to try out. We did and it was really stupid. If I could I wouldn't give it any stars.

Curious about safe and fun anal/cunnilingus? Look no further than this brand of dental dams! Prepare yourself for unadulterated sensation with this easy-to-use, healthy barrier that only faintly tastes like a party balloon. But why not? Enjoy the party!

Rubber latex dental dams such as this TRUST dam are very important in your sexual safety. These dams, while awful tasting, work wonderfully. They keep harmful bacteria, diseases and bodily fluids at bay while allowing you to have the full amount of good, clean fun! These should be a must in every sexually active persons toy box.

Dental dams are just as important as condoms for sexual encounters with partners that aren't fluid bonded. TRUST Dams will provide a good barrier between you and your partner that allows sensation to pass through--but prevents all the other stuff. If you can get past the balloon-like taste, this is a good buy for men, women, and the LGBT community

These are cheap dental dams that are great if you want to protect yourself and your partner during oral sex.

There really is not any substitute for this product when you come down to it. Dental Dams/barriers are the only way to prevent STI transmission during oral/genital or oral/anal play. This does the job, but be warned that the taste can be somewhat off-putting. This also can't be used by anyone with a latex allergy. To make things go smoother, try putting just a little lube on the underside and it will stay put better, as well as allow for more sensations.

This is the perfect way to play with a woman that you don't know that well and still do it safely. Think of a dental dam as safe sex toy that everyone that likes women should have on hand.

This dental dam is an excellent, unobtrusive way to protect yourself from the potential diseases and infections one can communicate through cunnilingus and analingus. Though its taste is not exactly gourmet, it is not tremendously distracting either, and this particular brand also comes in grape, strawberry, banana and (my favorite) vanilla flavors. Much easier to use than cellophane, this dam is a must have for those engaged in casual oral vaginal and/or anal play.

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