Trojan-enz lubricated - male condom by Church and Dwight - reviews

Trojan-enz lubricated

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan-enz lubricated reviews

11 reviews
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11 reviews

Yes, Trojan-Enz Lubricated condoms are the classical music of the condom world for me. They are strong and their lube is one of the best ones that I have had on any condom. This will be my go to condom when I can get my hands on it.

I am not a very big fan of the Trojan-Enz condoms at all. In my experience they roll up when I'm using them on my dildos, and they irritate my skin when I'm on the receiving end. Still, I've never had an issue with the condom breaking and you may have better experiences if your partner isn't using a strap-on. I'll still pick up a few of these if they're free at clinics or fairs, but they're definitely not at the top of my list.

I think that this condom is not worth it. It is nice to see it come lubricated and rarely break, but the thickness of the condom just really frustrates me. It makes sex so much more un-enjoyable and the strong rubbery odor just turns me off.

Standard fit, standard shape, standard measurements, this condom is just your Average Joe. Pick them up if you need to make a quick and reliable choice at the drugstore, but with so much more available online you can definitely find condoms with a lot more to offer.

Generally speaking, these condoms are quite pleasurable and make great condoms for everyday use. They have a smooth feel and a long lasting lubricant. If you are allergic to latex, however, I would not recommend them.

Trojan Enz male condoms are really nice. They have some nice lubrication, and they never break no matter how large you are, and they are of the highest quality you can buy! Sorry to those who are allergic to latex, though. All Trojan condoms are indeed latex.

The Trojan-enz condom needs a more suitable name change. The smell is repulsive and so is the feel of the supposed jelly like lubricant. The shape is unnatural and offers no space for larger heads. They don't keep to their expiration dates either. Just say NO to these!

I feel this condom is good for beginners in that its a thicker one and less likely to break, it provides great lubrication for nervous females, and could possibly keep the guy from cumming a bit prematurely. It does smell a little from the latex, but I assumed that like me, most girls get used to that after the first couple times of giving oral after the guy takes off the condom (assuming they first had some intercourse, then went to oral.) I never found the smell/taste to be that big of a deal.

It was rather amazing to use and comfortable after a while, and strong too, the rather positive thing is that it's affordable and strong, making it a plus and a reason to buy them.

If you're looking for a condom to use with a dildo or vibrator, this type would suit you fine. But if you want a condom to use with your partner, you might want to try something else.

If your penis is on the thick-side, go for another brand like Lifestyles. However, if you need a snug fit and would prefer a little less sensitivity, these might be a good option for you... if you can get past the smell.

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