Trojan-enz lubricated - male condom by Church and Dwight - review by Nymphomaniac

Trojan-enz lubricated

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Decent for price and brand name.

I feel this condom is good for beginners in that its a thicker one and less likely to break, it provides great lubrication for nervous females, and could possibly keep the guy from cumming a bit prematurely. It does smell a little from the latex, but I assumed that like me, most girls get used to that after the first couple times of giving oral after the guy takes off the condom (assuming they first had some intercourse, then went to oral.) I never found the smell/taste to be that big of a deal.
Great for beginners. Good lubricant.Thick - less likely to break
The latex smells a bit. Thicker - less feeling for the guy
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Trojan is trusted by many - I have always stood by them, and I continue to do so. I have used different condoms that were given out for free that were off brand kinds, and I have had them break on me. Luckily my boyfriend and I never trusted to use them during intercourse, but we used them on certain objects that we decided to experiment with when we were feeling a bit curious about what could be substituted for a dildo.

I have never had a Trojan condom break when in use (or ever for that matter,) and despite the fact that some of their condoms are better overall than others for various occasions, I still fully believe that they are a great brand to trust.

I used this condom as the regular used condom, and then began branching out to new types that were still the Trojan brand. I found this one to be a good starter condom - especially for females. The condom is a bit thick, so there is less chance of it breaking, and if the female is like me, that is going to be a main concern of hers. Being comfortable with how safe the sex is will make the woman more relaxed and able to better focus on the emotion and feeling. The lubricant also helps a lot. When its your first time (sometimes even just your first time with a new guy,) you get nervous and don't provide much of your own lubricant. I know I have an over-active sex drive (as diagnosed by my gynecologist when I went in to talk about being wet 24/7) but when the moment came, I was nervous and didn't provide much of my own lubricant - the condom's lubricant really helped out with that.

However, when you are talking about oral, then you might want to be a little more careful. Even if you don't like to use a condom when giving oral, when your guy takes off the condom (after maybe having intercourse for a while,) it will not smell nor taste very good at all. Yes, as soon as you go down on him a couple times and get all the condom taste/smell off, then its fine, but the girl has to be prepared for not having a very good taste in her mouth for a bit. Also, I have found that just taking some sanitary wipes (use the special ones that are VERY gentle, and for your face and do NOT contain harmful chemicals) and wiping down your man's penis works just fine too.

For general use though, I have found that these condoms are a little too thick for normal use - perhaps maybe if your guy tends to cum a bit too soon, these might be better because there is less feeling for the guy than thinner ones, but you would have to double check with someone on that to see if that actually helps. And as I said, it does have a bit of a smell to it, but I rapidly got used to it began to think of it as the norm. I didn't realize people had a problem with it until I read other reviews - I just assumed you get used to it after a couple times, like i did.
I have said in other reviews that I am a clean freak, and I would also like to now add that I am extremely careful about preventing pregnancies. I always look at the condom after to make sure it did not break, and I ALWAYS make sure a condom was used. I also always use two forms of protection. I currently am on birth control and I also use condoms every time I have intercourse. As you may know, when a woman is on birth control, she takes 3 weeks of pills that actually does something to prevent pregnancy, and then there is 1 week of pills that are just sugar pills (that is when the woman has her period.) When you begin to take the sugar pills, the woman's period does not begin for a couple days. During that time when I am only taking the sugar pill, I am even more careful about using condoms 100% the proper way (well, I always do, but I'm much more concerned and attentive about it - if you can believe that is possible - during that time.) My boyfriend and I found a different type of Trojan condoms that we prefer over this one (which is what we started out with,) but this new type is much thinner and therefore has a higher chance of breaking. Thus, we use the thicker condom when I am only taking the sugar pill. I feel safer this way, knowing that although I am not taking the medicated pill, I still am taking precautions to make up for that.
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