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Trojan-enz lubricated

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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The Trojan-enz condom needs a more suitable name change. The smell is repulsive and so is the feel of the supposed jelly like lubricant. The shape is unnatural and offers no space for larger heads. They don't keep to their expiration dates either. Just say NO to these!
Easy to open wrapper, a TINY bit wider than average condoms.
No natural shape, gross smell and lubricant, hard to unroll and weird unrolled shape.
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The Trojan-Enz Lubricated condom should be renamed Trojan-eww. These condoms are all sorts of bad and left me disappointed and grossed out. The enz part of the name is supposed to have something to do with the differently designed "end" reservoir tip of the condom. The shape is pretty normal otherwise and not unique. Smell and feel are what ended up grossing me out. I was unimpressed with the longevity of this condom when stored. This condom also comes in a non-lubricated version which is actually a LITTLE better.

Head Width: 2.08"
Shaft Width: 2.08"
Base Width: 2.08"
Length: 7.51"
Thickness: 0.0027"
Lubrication: "Jelly type" Water-Based
Special Features: Larger Reservoir Tip

Compared to other condoms:

Average condoms have a thickness of 0.0027". So this condom is the same. I swear these felt thicker though. I am blaming this on the icky lubricant. You won't feel any extra sensations here. Couples may not be able to feel the details of each other’s anatomy. Men may be frustrated with this even more so than women.

The average condom is 7.5" long. This one is just a tad longer at 7.51".
This condom was designed for the average male in length. The reservoir tip is uniquely designed and slightly larger than average, which means it may have enough room for two of three teaspoons of semen, but not much more. I would not recommend using this on a penis longer than 7" to ensure a little extra ejaculation room just in case.

Average condom head width is 2.125". This condom has less room with 2.08" in width. I don't know what Trojan was thinking when designing this condom. This one lacks taper and will not allow for head friction. My partner could barely feel anything and ended up tossing this because of that. Guys with heads larger than their shaft will not appreciate the lack of natural shape.

Average shaft width for condoms is 2". The Trojan Very Sensitive condom is a little bigger at 2.08" This really wasn't that noticeable for my guy. He needs a lot of extra room and hated these. They didn't work at all for him because he is on the thicker side. Thicker guys will not like this condom because it restricts friction movement essential for strong orgasm.

Average base width is also 2". The base width for this condom is a tiny bit bigger at 2.08". This doesn't help keep the condom from sliding down, which is a common problem that longer men have. The shape has no flare. Guys who are thicker at the base might enjoy the lack however.

The lubrication is disgusting. It was really weird. It felt slightly grainy after a bit and was just plain gross. It is supposed to be jelly like, but I have no clue how it was supposed to feel like jelly. You will need to add lots of your own extra lube if you insist on using this condom. The added lubricant helps to decrease the chances of the condom breaking due to dry friction.

The condom comes in a paper coated wrapper, which is so much easier to open than the Durex plastic like ones. This is one of the only good features. I love the vibrant blue wrapper too! Unfortunately these things don't make the condom itself great. There was another issue I noticed. This condom is ridiculously hard to roll down. It also maintained a weird "wavy" shape as if it were ribbed almost but totally isn't.

This condom has a high level of smell. I wanted to gag! I have had one of these condoms break in the past. It broke around the base. Never store a condom in your wallet, the friction can cause them to weaken and break. Keep them in room temperature areas away from direct sunlight.

For information on using condoms, you can view this video from Planned Parenthood. Condom video

I am giving these condoms 1 star because of the non-flared or tapered shape, the gross smell and lubricant, and the weird rolling issue.
These condoms do not last to their expiration dates. I had two batches: ones that were brand new and others that were bought maybe 18 months ago. They had an expiration date of 11/2012 and were unusable. Don't buy a big box of these if you don't have sex often. I don't know why you'd want to buy them anyways though. Just say no!
Follow-up commentary
If you hate this condom like I do, do not buy the Trojan Vibrating ring set. This is the condom that is included. To my horror I discovered this not too long ago. Why would they put such an icky condom with a decent product? The answer is beyond me, but pass this at all costs and be prepared to replace the condom in the Vibrating ring set if you decide to purchase it from Trojan as well.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    Great review.
    Jelly lube ?? Think I will try something else. Thanks
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Yea it is super weird.
  • Airen Wolf
    Sounds like a real nasty item! Guess I'll advise Sigel to pass on these.

    Thanks for reviewing these and thanks to your patient partner for trying it out!
  • MarriedWithToyz
    Great review, thanks. Sorry you had to be the one to find out how nasty these where! Well, they say better you than me.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I so posted a comment here...or at least I thought I did...

    He is quite a trooper! I have tons of left over ones from a collection started when I was with someone much smaller. I use them on jelly toys occasionally but I don't have too many of those anymore.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thanks MWT. Lol my pleasure!
  • Lady Evyl
    Eww indeed, sorry it was such a bad experience
  • Kinky Skier
    sorry to hear you didn't like them, i find these cery natural feeling and quite comfortable (torjenze large that is)
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Well these are much different in size lol.
  • Tori Rebel
    Great review - I've had these break on me as well - YUCK!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Really? Good to know it wasn't carelessness on my part! Thanks!
  • Tori Rebel
    Yeah, and on more than one occasion (my boyfriend at the time was in charge of purchasing them and I didn't realize he kept going back for the same ones) which led to some scares at the time! Not fun!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    This is why women should take responsibility for condoms lol.
  • PassionQT
    Wow! I'm leaving the condom reviews to you! Great job!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    LOL thanks
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