Trojan ultra ribbed condoms - male condom by Church and Dwight - reviews

Trojan ultra ribbed condoms Trojan ultra ribbed condoms

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan ultra ribbed condoms reviews

29 reviews
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29 reviews

It really is not any more spectacular than any other condom. It seems a little bit more fragile than other condoms I have used, but if you are really sensitive to texture, this might provide a decent amount of extra pleasure.

Not the best, but not the absolute worst. These condoms are sturdy, but uncomfortable and really dry. If you want a well lubricated and comfortable condom, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Let's face it, condoms are boring. This one is not! A pre-lubed condom with a nice ribbed texture, almost fine but not flat. Prominent, but not painful or irritating. If you don't like ribbing, save yourself the trouble and pass. Everyone else, the sensation is exquisite!

Depending on your partner, and if he can fill out the condom well, you will be able to enjoy this condom. If he can't fill it out, then I believe it would be a complete waste of time buying this.

The Trojan Extra Ribbed Condom is perfect for enhancing pleasurable sensations during intercourse exponentially! The condom also comes with extra protection features!

I would not recommend this product, as it is nothing like what it is presented to be, and the reality is not at all pleasurable.

If you are average size or slightly larger, and looking for something to protect yourself from STD's and pregnancies don't, hesitate to purchase a box of these. They truly are as described by Trojan as being the best condom brand out there, and I believe it.

Unless you are a women with a very sensitive vaginal area, the texture of this condom is not going to excite you. It is very minor texture, and will give you little added pleasure. Overall, I think the condom is reliable, but if I am going to purchase condoms, this will not be my first choice.

These are well worth the price, I have surely enjoyed them, though, they are a bit expensive and you may do better just getting a free condom from the Health Clinic.

So, in all, I wasn't impressed with this condom. It felt cheap, fell off and the sensation from the ribbing wasn't very impressive at all. Or astounding. It wasn't worth the trouble of agonizing over choosing "regular" condoms or the "fancy ribbed" ones. I had to do secondary birth control methods, so it's not safe. Again, STDs are also a risk. But then again, if you get the right size, it should be fine. From my experience, I was not impressed, and will not be buying these condoms again.

Those who enjoy extreme texture will definitely enjoy these condoms. Sensitive vaginae will probably not enjoy the very pronounced ribs very much, and should look into other condoms. Aside from the texture though, it's not much out of the ordinary and most guys won't really be able to pick it out of a lineup.

Well, if your trying to reduce the risk of getting pregnant and you want something comfortable and reasonably priced, this is the condom for you. They feel amazing for anal use as well.

This item is one of my favorites. I think that everyone who is having sex with condoms needs to try these. Whether you feel the ribbing or not, compared to non-ribbed or studded, there is a difference. I promise your body will notice it. Just give these condoms a chance and for those of you who have been trying them, you may need to just try them in a different position or with a different partner. Take it from me, since this is my favorite condom, I want it to be yours too!

This item is a must have for any couple. I highly recommend it, and it's without a doubt the only condom I've used that gives as much pleasure as without a condom, for both the man and the woman.

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms just didn't add much to sex for my husband and I. It seemed like the ribbing wasn't even there. I like ribbed condoms, but I think I will pass on getting these again.

I'm not quite sure what to put here since I feel like I summed up my feelings at the end of my review, but I'd suggest giving these a shot if you're very sensitive to bumps and textures. If you've tried other ribbed condoms and didn't like them, these aren't going to be any different.

I would say that these are worth it in terms of a condom for rough sex or just for slow wonderful textured sex. These are silky smooth because of the great lube, and textured from top to bottom. They are great for the average user, but because of the latex, allergic reactions can occur.

The ribs on these condoms are extraordinarily hardcore! If you're one for texture, then you've got to give these a try. These latex condoms are silky and yet textured, and comfortable for the average sized user.

Overall, I can't help it: these are definitely worth the buy. Even if it takes some time to get the female aroused, these will definitely help.

These were the first condoms I ever used, and sill continue to use them until they are no longer made!

I do think that if you are a condom user, and you like studded or ribbed condoms, then these are perfect for you. However, they do take away from the magic, and you might not like that.

You cant use the constantly because you well start to feel the ribs less and less, so you do have to change up the condom. the ribs are perfect not to high and not to low. both me and my husband loved the Trojan ultra ribbed and we well keep on using them.

This is an ok condom, and it works much better on average sized guys. The ribs are wonderful if you are sensitive enough to feel them. It decreased sensitivity for the guy though.

I would recommend this condom to anybody, and especially those that are having a bit of trouble when having intercourse - it really kicks things up a notch. It has great ribs, and is thin so the guy has more pleasure.

I enjoy the use of this condom and find it more fun in the bedroom or wherever else in the house you may decide to take it. Don't use flavored lubrication on these, because they are already lubricated and so the mixture may not taste good for your partner. Also be sure to follow the basic condom rules and be willing to try new things because condoms are not as boring as one may believe.

I feel that this condom can be wonderful to some people but not very appealing to others. I personally wouldn't mind using them occasionally but they really are not for me. But I guarantee what may not work for me will work very well for someone else. This condom is up to the individual if it is worth it or not. But I do recommend at least trying it once.

Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms are the perfect means to a very happy end, and an easy pick me-up for couples in need a little romantic help.

Definitely my favorite condom. Ribbing is perfect height for pleasure and more than makes up for the fact that the price can be higher than the competitions.

My husband and I love this condom. It feels good and works well. Well worth the price and I would definently purchase these again.

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