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13 reviews

The Anaconda is a nice toy, but it isn't the best. Some of its issues are small ones, like the handle being too short for me to use effectively on myself, but some of them are larger, like this being and extremely firm toy. I don't dislike my Anaconda, but because of its girth and firmness, I can only use it after a warm up and with a helping hand which makes it far less versatile than many of my other toys.

The Anaconda (Annie) is fabulous for multiple reasons. She can be used vaginally, anally, with a partner, without a partner, as personal protection (club), or even as a meat tenderizer. The handle is what I really love about this special gal. It makes for more comfortable use with a partner, or by yourself.

If your tastes run to dildos that resemble small scaled down baseball bats then you should have the Anaconda. It is long, girthy and has some interesting textures. It is made of high quality silicone so you don't have to worry about nasty germs being spread around. It also will not get out of it's cage at night and try to give you a big old death hug. All in all, I recommend this over traipsing through the Amazon looking for a living version!

While I do feel this is toy may be an acquired taste: if you are up to the girth, firmness and matte finish of the Anaconda, its quality build and functional handle make this a winner.

If only the shaft were softer and didn't feel so rough in my butt, this toy would've been a 5/5. Unfortunately, the roughness was too much for almost any pleasure and left my butt in pain AND the imperfections by the manufacturer on the toy just made me say no. I refuse to use this again because I can STILL feel the pain and doubt I'll forget it soon.

The Anaconda is one baseball bat of a dildo. The Tantus has the double ability to give you mind blowing pleasure and defend your home from unwanted trespassers. The Anaconda is completely made out of silicone. It’s perfect for vaginal or anal play. The Tantus can be used for just about all that you want it to be used for. You can take her into the shower, bath, or even for some bedtime fun. The Anaconda may not be the perfect toy for travel, but she sure is a lot of fun.

Over-all I found this dildo to be very nice. It's quite filling, and the handle gives an entirely new dimension to dildos. There's just enough details on it to make it look and feel great, too. On the flipside, the texture could be problematic to some, so be aware of it before you buy it.

Anaconda comes from a word which means 'Elephant Killer.' True to its name this thing can bring large prey to their knees. It is strong, lengthy, robust, and means business. This snake is not for the feint of heart. But Kings and Queens of the jungle with steeled buns and nerves who wrestle beasts for fun, will be delighted to tame and domesticate this predator.

If you're looking for a big, fat, firm, realistic-shaped, silicone dildo to fuck yourself or a loved one's orifice of choice with, I really can't say anything bad about Tantus' Anaconda. But if a nearly 6" head is going to scare you off, I might suggest you stay out of the jungle...

This anaconda is easier to care for than a real life snake, and doesn't care how big or small your buns may be. It's also a great choice for those who enjoy girthier dildos in a mostly realistic styling. The unique handle makes it great for a partner or yourself to control, and, if all else fails, you can always beat somebody with it.

If you're looking for a girthy, body-safe dildo that's great for thrusting, the Tantus Anaconda just might be the toy you're looking for. The only thing I have against it is having to clean the foreskin folds with a soft toothbrush. Otherwise, it's wonderful for police/security person fantasies, and it's not to bad to bonk someone over the head with either.

Improving upon rubber/PVC dildos-with-handles, the Tantus Anaconda features premium silicone and a more tasteful aesthetic. It is designed as a dildo for thrusting, and is light on the texture for comfort, but maintains enough detailing to add a degree of realism. To make the toy usable, Tantus used a much firmer silicone than is found in most Tantus toys. While the firmer silicone is necessary to keep the Anaconda from being too floppy, it requires a bit more caution during use.

If you love realistic dildos, this might be your guy! It's got veins, wrinkles, and a head. It also has a nice handle that you can hold while you use it. Bring it in the tub, use it in bed. Anywhere is great. Just keep in mind that this toy isn't discreet, so don't leave it out anywhere!

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