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My Anaconda Doesn't Actually Care About The Size Of Your Buns

This anaconda is easier to care for than a real life snake, and doesn't care how big or small your buns may be. It's also a great choice for those who enjoy girthier dildos in a mostly realistic styling. The unique handle makes it great for a partner or yourself to control, and, if all else fails, you can always beat somebody with it.
Unique design, very filling size, safe material, not a ling magnet.
Too big for some to enjoy.
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The Anaconda would be a great choice for those who like themselves a lot of girth. It's not the girthiest of toys out there, but it's well larger than the average toy tends to be. In addition to being body safe silicone and having a pretty nifty handle, it's also a great last minute weapon if a burglar should make their way into your home.

Material / Texture

The Anaconda is made of a very firm silicone. It has some slight give if you press it really hard with your fingers, but it's not going to give much when being used. It bends slightly as well; enough that it'll compensate slightly if you're at a weird angle, but not enough that you have to worry about it accidentally slipping out. It's also pretty matte feeling as well, picking up a surprisingly small amount of lint and other particles. Your fingers will slide over it smoothly, but don't be fooled: you'll still want lube.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Anaconda is pretty unique. On one end is a fairly realistic dildo, and then it has a handle! The dildo portion is about 7 1/4" long, starts out about 5 3/4" around at the head, and tapers down to about 5 1/4" around the "base". From there it flows seamlessly into a handle that's about 4" long. It has a slightly flared base at the bottom of the handle, and 4 recessed areas that resemble grips. The grips work nicely and the dildo is very easy to hold on to.

The dildo portion is what I might call semi-realistic. It's definitely penis shaped and even has some veins and detailing underneath the head. But it's bright pink the whole way down. Being about 11" in total length, it's also probably not the best thing to travel with, either. It's definitely obvious as to what it is, so you probably won't want to leave it out if people might be stopping by.


There are a few ways that you can use the Anaconda, so I'll cover them individually after I talk about the handle. The handle is really neat, and really versatile. It's great for you to control on yourself or a partner, or for them to use it on you. It's comfortable and easy to hold with big and small hands alike.

Vaginally: If your vagina is sensitive to texture changes, you'll be able to feel the defined head. It may even catch on some pubic bones, so if you've had problems with that in the past you may want to avoid this one. It definitely stimulates the G-spot, but more in a "rawr Hulk smash" kind of way than anything else. It's so big that there's no way it can miss the G-spot.

Anally: Despite not having a flared base, I would still call it safe for anal play because of the sheer length. That, and the very easy to grip handle. It would be difficult to lose your grip on this long enough to lose it inside of you. Be warned that only more experienced anal players should give this one a shot.

As a weapon: The ultra firm silicone and the easy to grasp handle make it an ideal weapon in the case of home invasion. When smacked with the Anaconda, "ouch" is the first thing that comes to mind. If you hit hard enough, there will be a bruise.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Anaconda is very different than caring for a real anaconda. A real anaconda probably requires a lot more work than this Anaconda, since this one all you have to do is wash and store. Water based lubes are the best option, but if you want to use your favorite silicone lube you can do a patch test at the base of the handle. If you're sharing with someone else or going back and forth between vaginal and anal in the same session, definitely use a condom. If you're planning on sharing or going back and forth between vaginal and anal in different sessions, boil it for about 10 minutes between uses. You can store it back in its original packaging, or in a pouch if you can find one big enough.


Not discreet at all, but not tacky either, Anaconda comes inside a plastic clamshell inside another plastic box. That outer box has a lot of information about the toy and the company, mentioning that the toy is boilable, bleachable, phthalate free, odorless, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. With minimal care, it can last a lifetime.

The packaging can easily be used as storage, but maybe not as a gift depending on who you're planning on giving it to. It's not embarrassing, but it's definitely obvious.

Personal comments

Here are some photos for you of the Anaconda:


I have mixed feelings on the Anaconda. For one, it's nice that it wants me regardless of the size of my buns. I love the bright color, the material, and the unique handle. Unfortunately, it's just a hair too big for me to use comfortably on any reliable basis. I did look at the measurements initially, but my brain never seems to compute some of these things. I wholeheartedly suggest it to those who like girthier dildos though, but if not, I would pass.
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  • Strapon
    Posting an update as I've now owned my Anaconda for two months, and what a difference two months makes! I absolutely *love* my Anaconda. With some patience and much experimentation with different lubes it's become my favorite anal toy. I often start my play packing my arse with Maximus thick lube and my favorite plug, a Severin large for 10-20 minutes as a warm-up to relax. Once the plug is removed, we pack in more Maximus thick and then drench Anaconda in Eros Anal Silicone lube, which is safe for high quality silicone toy's like Anaconda. (We use a quality latex rubber on our Anaconda anyway.) Having all that lube packed in my bum and being stretched moderately already, Anaconda slithers right in stretching my bum out comfortably. I so love my Anaconda I beg Mistress for it. Thankfully she doesn't make me beg too hard, I think she likes using it on me as much as I love her taking my arse with it.
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