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Basix slim Basix slim

Realistic dildo with suction cup by

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Basix slim reviews

25 reviews
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Average review rating
25 reviews

This item is worth getting. It feels like an actual dick when it's inside. It also works great with vibes. You can't go wrong with this.

Overall I was pleased just wanting more girth with less length with a sturdier bottom. Mine is actually a translucent blue so that could be why it stained easier. This would be a good starter for someone new to dildos because of it being thin and a way to figure out your own depth.

Great toy for any toy boxy, beginner or pros. Both men and women can find some enjoyment from this dildo. Great for solo play or partner use.

This does what it needs to and my only complaints are things that I personally prefer. For an average user or beginner, this would be perfect.

If you want a cheap toy and you are a beginner, this is a great start. The Basix Slim dildo has met and surpassed my expectations.

Despite the porous material, this is a decent realistic toy. If you don't mind the rubber smell and covering it with a condom, it's not bad. If you are looking for a toy that has a good suction cup, you found it, since this suction cup works really well. The price is fair for the quality.

This was my first dildo and I'm so glad I went with it. It's an average size that's great for beginners and those new to using toys. It's very easy to use and there is no guesswork.

It is a great price for its size and use. It has a variety of uses such as solo, anal, or vaginal play, and even compatible to use in a harness for strap on play. It can be used in the shower without worrying about it becoming destroyed. Its only downfall is the material it is made from being porous, although it is free of phthalates.

I found this to be a great product and if you can get past the odor then it has no problems in my mind. For solo or with a partner, this is a great toy with an even greater price.

Even though I obviously don't have what it takes to make Mr. Slim hard, I still love him. I'm very happy with this incredible, suction cupped dildo. I highly recommend this to everyone.

I don't know that this is a toy I would buy again because of the cleaning issues, but overall it is a great toy and will be a regular for a while!

The first half of the shaft is too thin, the head of toy is much too pointy, and the dildo is far too smelly to be worth the price. You can do much better for the price.

This toy has potential, but it just didn't work for me. I had originally purchased it for oral use, but the taste and smell were too much for me. I also found that it was too flimsy for me to get any real pleasure of when using the toy in other ways. Perhaps if it were a little more girthy -- or if it had a firm core... but as it is? This just was a fail all around for me.

A good toy for a great price. Though sadly rubber in construction, it is realistic, harness compatible, and sports a suction cup base. Great for anal play due to the slender shaft and 7" length. Not a toy to be shared, but ideal for individual use as a personal toy...

The Basix Slim from Pipedream is a keeper. I wouldn't get rid of it for anything. I liked the way it felt in me. I was surprised that it's made out of rubber and still felt the same way it did. I have found other rubber materials to be hard and unyielding but this one was nothing of the kind.

Unless you want your home to smell of burnt rubber and your vagina to, as well, don't buy this toy!

The smell and taste of this toy alone are enough to throw most people off. If I had to do it all over again I would order a toy made from a different material. If you want a cheap, flexible toy that's also slim, you might want to use a condom over this one to protect yourself from the chemicals it seems to be loaded with. Otherwise, save your money and get something else.

The Basix Slim isn't very basic and isn't very slim is a very good way. This dildo suppressed all my expectations and more. While you can use this dildo vaginally, anally, practicing double penetration, or practice some deep throating.. you won't be disappointed. Pipedream really made this product good even for its inexpensive price tag. The sexy look of this dildo makes it all worth while and I can't wait to use it again and again.

The length and texture of the toy is nice but because of the soft limp overall performance of this makes it to where I would not suggest anyone but a beginner to use it and only to use it for vaginal and not anal play.

This is a nice, slim, straight and to-the-point dildo. The suction cup is great---it works for harnesses, and anal play.

To sum this up: perfect length, girth, shape and amount of flexibility but made from a seriously less than perfect material.

In theory, the Basix Slim is absolutely perfect. However, if you don't like toys with a scent, I'd advise you stay away from this one. The smell is very strong, and doesn't fade.

I really do like this toy, but only for anal, so if you're into that I really recommend this toy for beginners. Or if you don't like big toys, this one is definitely for you.

Overall, the Basix Slim 7 is a good value for the price. Although it is made of a porous material that smells and isn’t necessarily the safest thing on the market, it felt great in use and should offer a pleasant experience provided you take the precaution to use a condom over it before beginning playtime and store it properly to prolong the toy's life.

The Slim 7 combines a winning mix of size and firmness with a powerful suction cup and harness compatibility. It's a good choice for those looking for a moderately sized dildo. Those put off by fragrances however may not appreciate this toy's mildly fruity scent.

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