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Basix slim

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Basix Slim? You aren't very basic or slim in a good way.

The Basix Slim isn't very basic and isn't very slim is a very good way. This dildo suppressed all my expectations and more. While you can use this dildo vaginally, anally, practicing double penetration, or practice some deep throating.. you won't be disappointed. Pipedream really made this product good even for its inexpensive price tag. The sexy look of this dildo makes it all worth while and I can't wait to use it again and again.
Realistic veins, Gradually gets bigger, Suction Cup.
Harder to clean, Must always use a condom to keep sanitized.
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Basix Slim

The Basix Slim Realistic Dildo is extremely enjoyable. The best way to use this magnificent product would be using it vaginally, anally, or practicing your deep throating skills. This "basix" slim dildo is very long for being basic and isn't very slim. That is incredible in my eyes since this toy is so inexpensive and really gets the job done. It has a very nifty and well worth it suction cup and really withstands anything you throw at it. The actual dildo has quite a curve in it and does hit my g-spot if I position myself correctly but that is just my anatomy being kickass.

This lovely product is made by Pipedream and they never let me down. I love their company.

This incredible toy is best suited for either females or males. For female, you will love the length and thickness in your vaginal area, as well as positioning it right to hit that every so lovely g-spot we have all grown to love. For males and females, you will love that this toy has a very sturdy base and suction cup so you can insert this anally with little effort. Be sure to use a condom if you use this toy anally since it is made of rubber and if you share with a partner, be extra careful. The toy does start off smaller, and gets bigger as you get down to the base. For female and males, I know I am practicing my deep throating skills. This is actually the perfect dildo to practice with. It has a nice curve, it's flexible, and you can take your time practicing your ever loving skills.

The best occasion for this toy would be using it in the bedroom, solo, or with a partner. It really is good for any occasion since it just looks so enticing and realistic. The dildo is quite long. It's about 8" and 7 and 1/2" insertable. If you don't think that length is too big for you, I highly recommend this product. You can potentially bruise your cervix but that hasn't happened to me. It's great for experimentation and pleasure on all levels of orgasmic tenderness.

Basix Slim
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

The material of this isn't anything expensive. It's actually made of rubber and is quite porous, unfortunately. That is why it is so important to clean your toys before and after every use. For the price, this toy is well worth it. When I first opened the package, it has a horrible rubber smell but once I washed it with antibacterial spray, the smell went right away. When I first touched it, it felt extremely flexible and flimsy to me. I didn't mind this at all because it does give me pleasure and that is all that matters. I taste all my toys which probably you find quite strange but when I did taste it, it didn't have any flavor even when it smelled like rubber. I was quite surprised.

The toy does feel realistic but is a little bit too flexible to be totally realistic. It could have a little it more sturdiness to it to be even better. It's all about your preferences and it's all about what you like, personally I love how this toy is made.

The toy is Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free if anyone wanted to know.

The material is made of rubber as I said earlier so you do need quite a bit of lube for this toy. The safety rating for this type of material is only a three and I know most people want a higher rating then that. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely sanitize rubber material. Being a porous product which might offset you from this product means that it can lead to infection if you don't use a condom with this material and product every single time. I'm talking every single use of this product. Using condoms on toys isn't all bad in my opinion, it just keeps your toys safe. I've noticed that I really enjoy using my water based lube for this product especially because it just makes it slicker and easier to use with no give. The texture has a nice cock head on itself and does make me smile. It has realistic veins of an erect penis and that also makes me smile even bigger. I would rather have this product with realistic balls as well, but for the price, I understand why it's the way it is.

The texture is actually realistic feeling in the sense that you actually feel like you are holding a real cock in your hand. It's actually very squishy if you do try to manipulate the product in such a way and when you try to poke it for any type of reason, you can very easily. It's definitely squishy but not as soft as other products.

The flexibility of this product is extremely flexible. It does stand up by itself but if you try to knock it down, it will bend. If you try to bend it in half, it will bend in half. It's sturdy enough to be used vaginally or anally but it's definitely flexible.

This texture is definitely for beginners, moderate users, and advanced users. I would recommend this to just about anyone because it gives me so much pleasure already. For beginners, this may be a bit long for your taste but it's always exciting to experiment. For moderate users, you will be extremely happy with this entire product. For advanced users, you may be a bit underwhelmed but still very pleasurable when you are in the mood for some regular play.

    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size


I love the design of this sexy dildo. I have this product in a nude color and it is just so realistic to me that it makes it all the better. When I look at it, I instantly want to use it. My opinion of the shape is that it is really quite enjoyable and perfect. I love how there are realistic veins on this sexy toy and I love how it gradually gets bigger as it goes down to the base. I love how this toy has a suction cup and I can use it in the shower or anywhere that suctions. It has worked wonderfully for me. It's also a great toy to be your first double penetration product with. It is a really good size to use vaginally or anally while something is also inside of you, giving you a fuller pleasure. Even using this product alone without anything else is magnificent. You will feel full and that is always a great feeling.

The measurements for this intriguing toy are pretty fabulous. And it is O ring compatible. What else more could you want?

Length: 8".
Insertable length: 7 and 1/2".
Circumference: 5".
Diameter: 1 1/2".
Harness compatible.
Weight: 8 oz.

The diameter at the smallest point of the actual dildo is about 1". It's not very big starting off but once you get further down to the base of the toy, it becomes a good 1 and 1/2". The base is a good inch wise, about 3 and 1/2" so you can never lose this toy in some type of crazy way.

The size is great for everyone in my opinion. It's not too big and it's not too small. It's just about right and I absolutely love this product for that feature. It hits the spot every time.

The veins of this beautiful dildo are very evenly distributed and make the product that much more enticing to the eye. One feature I really like is the shape of the head of the dildo. It looks realistic, maybe a little small, but the features look incredibly detailed and really makes this toy worth while.

This toy is not very discreet. People will know that this is a dildo and know what it is used for. You can travel with it but definitely hide it well. It's discreet to the point where you can use it and no one will know. I know I walk around it either vaginally or anally and no one knows a thing which makes me even more turned on that they don't know and I'm doing such a sexual act right in front of them.

    • Beginner
    • Realistic


I think the best thing about this sex-driven toy is the length and how well it keeps up with you. I know that I have used this toy numerous ways and it hasn't let me down yet. The only thing I would like different in this toy would be the material but for the price, rubber seems to be the way to go.

This lovely dildo can hit my g-spot lovingly when I position myself in a certain way. I know for everyone, their g-spot is sometimes finicky and hard to reach. I know my anatomy allows me to find my g-spot quite easily but this dildo wasn't really made for g-spot stimulation. It was just a perk that I found out while experimenting. You may be able to hit your own g-spot with this dildo but it's all about how your g-spot works and your anatomy. I definitely think that a male can also hit their p-spot if they positioned themselves correctly and had a easily attainable p-spot. I have not tried this with my partner yet so don't take my word on it. I do assume that you can reach a p-spot with certain men, but just like women, it's all about your own anatomy and you know how your body reacts to different sensations.

The suction cup is phenomenal. I have tried multiple times to see how good the suction cup is and it has really good suction, especially on a shower door. It's great and I love that part about this product. It is very harness compatible. I have not tried it in that way yet but I plan to, which makes me very excited.

I really enjoy this product more anally then vaginally. It has a really good base and it starts off very small and works its way up to a good, fullness that you get from some toys. I like how smooth it penetrates and doesn't give me much of a hassle, if any.

I would definitely change the material of this product if I could. I do have other rubber toys. It feels nice but definitely a higher quality of material is always a better solution. Mind you, for this price again, this is pretty much what you get and it's not all that bad.

I know that this toy is harness compatible but I have not tried this or experimented with this as of yet. When I do, I will be sure to comment on how it works and if it works well. It says on the box that it is O ring compatible so I assume it would work but you never know.

It all comes down to how you use this product and in which way. In my opinion, you can use this toy in any way you choose and it will be great. I have used it in all different kinds of ways and nothing has gone wrong in the least. Just writing this review makes me want to use it a little bit more.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

It is a little harder to clean rubber and keep it clean since of the material. I'm just going to tell you a bit about how to really take care of it. I personally always wash my toys before and after use. I use antibacterial spray and wipes, as well as hot water and mild soap. If you just wash it after each use and use a condom when sharing with a partner or using this product anally.. you can handle anything. This toy is really fabulous and I wouldn't want to tell you any different. I wouldn't want you to hate this toy just because of the safety score of three when it is possible to take care of rubber if you always use a condom.

I personally store it in it's original box because it is form fitting to the dildo and keeps it airtight and away from any particles that it may come in contact with. I do this with most toys unless the box is so big that I don't want it to take as much room up.

The compatibility with lubes is pretty much skies the limit. I would recommend using a Silicone or Water based lube because it works better with this type of material. The toy will last longer if you use the right lube in my opinion, but it's really up to you and your preferences of your favorite lube.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean



The packaging is actually very plain. It comes in a plastic casing that is sculpted in the shape of a dildo so it's very form fitting. It has a very plain name on it. "Basix rubber works slim 7" in big letters but only at the top of the product. You can see through the packaging since it's clear and you can easily see the product inside of it. I like how plain looking it is because it doesn't have to be fancy to have you still love the product.

There are no user instructions included like most toys I buy for some reason. It is pretty self explanatory in how you use this awesome product. I wouldn't worry too much about it not having a instructions manual.

This product isn't extremely discreet because you can easily see the dildo inside and the big letters of the product. I wouldn't let anyone see this if they were a little shy about the topic or sight of sex toys. Even if someone randomly found this product or box in your room or around the house, they will know what it is.

I actually use the box as a storage case for the dildo. It is airtight sealed and keeps all the particles from getting to it. I really like how the packaging is form-fitting so it just fits perfect and I put it in my toy box knowing that nothing will happen to it.


Personal comments

The only personal comments I have on this stylish toy is that it makes me have a crazy sex-driven face whenever I think about it. I'm currently on a mission to find a really good dildo that is inexpensive, and I totally have found that product. Even though this material is rubber.. I still love it. I'm very happy with this incredible dildo and suction cup it comes with. I highly recommend this.


While I used this dildo vaginally.. it was very exciting to know how long it was and how much I could actually insert. It ended up being 7 and 1/2". I was very pleased with myself and I wanted to experiment more. Now.. I'm the type of woman that needs clitoral stimulation to have a decent orgasm. This dildo was a GREAT prep for the big finale. I used this dildo with a bullet I recently purchased and it was amazing when the end result finally came. I felt full. It felt deep. I wanted it again and again. The suction cup really sold me on this product since how much I love shower play.

While I used this toy anally, I was very excited how easily it slid in since I've been working on taking bigger stuff in my anal area. I liked how it started out not as big, then got bigger as you worked your way to the base. I didn't even need that much lube while using my favorite water-based lube. I actually did test out the suction cup while penetrating anally and boy, I can't tell you enough how sturdy the suction cup really is. It is so magnificent and I can't get enough of it.

While I used this product to practice my deep throating skills after thoroughly cleaning every inch of it.. it was a really good practice session. I have a crazy gag reflex and I really do need practice since the best part of my day is giving my boyfriend a nice blow job. I really liked how it allowed me to practice without him around and get my skills in order. I ended up not being able to take it all down my throat but enough that I felt accomplished. I continue to keep practicing since it is very easy to get side-tracked while this baby is suction cupped on something and it just looks so tasty.
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