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Blue spiral G reviews

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36 reviews

This is what I expected and I still love it 2 years later; it's a staple for my fun drawer. I use it an average of 1 time a week.

This dildo has great texture and is easy to clean. There's no muss or fuss with care or storage. It's a versatile toy. You can use it hot or cold or with vibrations. This dildo is all around new and exciting to me!

Bottom line, the Blue Spiral G is a basic but enjoyable glass dildo. The spirals make the toy pretty to look at, but usually don't provide much extra sensation. The large head might be uncomfortable for some, but overall, I quite enjoy it. I am glad that it was my introduction to glass toys.

The overall conclusion about this particular toy is that I would not buy any "glass" sex toys anymore. I did not enjoy the coolness or the feel of the glass. I much prefer my trusty "rubberlike" sex toys. However, the Blue Spiral G is a very beautiful piece of glass, and I am almost tempted to put it on display in my lighted china cabinet. If the whole family came over, for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and saw my dildo — wouldn't they be screaming!

Overall, this glass dildo is well worth it. It is inexpensive and pretty in design, and glass is a body-safe material. Although I found the shape a bit uncomfortable for me, but for fifteen dollars, I definitely got my money's worth. If you like strange shapes and glass toys, then this is an ideal toy.

This dildo can be an amazing addition to any toy collection. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. You should definitely give this piece a try if you are considering glass toys.

The Blue Spiral G is a beautiful glass dildo. It can be used vaginally, anally, or in a harness. This toy is great for temperature play and has a great feel to it. It can be used solo or with a partner. However, this toy is too big to be discreet.

This is an excellent, long lasting, elegant toy for all walks of life. It's great for use in sensory play as you can manipulate the temperature of the glass. It is a great, multi-use toy for couples and solo play. Smooth and reliable, it will give you many years of fun.

I think this toy is well worth it. The smooth glass texture and multiple uses make this toy a win for me.

This is my new standard in dildos. Made of glass, gently curved, and well ribbed, it is an all around great toy.

Overall I would not purchase this toy again because it was just too small for a bigger-boned girl. Would work perfect for a smaller woman though.

This toy is worth the price if you're looking for something to find your g-spot/p-spot for the first time. The bulbous head helps to stimulate just right, and the added texture gives that little extra something for your money. This is great for a beginner or an advanced user, so pick yours up today.

Overall, I have mixed feelings regarding this one. I was hoping the blue swirls would be the great thing about this toy. It's useable, but not my favorite thing about it. The temperature adds to the fun, but again, the toy is very average to me. I didn't enjoy the feel the swirls had on my vaginal wall with a straight in motion. I played around with a few angles until I found one that worked well for me.

All in all, I would not recommend this toy to anyone. I did not enjoy my experience at all. If you are buying it for decoration it is perfect, but for actual use, you will be disappointed.

This dildo is definitely exciting to use. The smooth feel of the glass and the ability to manipulate the temperature is amazing. It had me begging for more. The glass is fantastic--the tip is just too big for me because glass is so unyielding. Don't let this stop you from purchasing this dildo, though--it's great!

Glass toys are perfect for temperature play, hygiene, and can be used with any lube you prefer. Easy to clean and care for they require only minimal storage concerns and looking over for chips and cracks. The Blue Spiral G has an amazing head on it and the spirals add just a touch of sensation as the toy is thrust. It can be used as a mild juicer type dildo as well as an anal insertable, P spot toy!

I would recommend this to anyone that likes to play with temperature. We love it. It is used a lot in my house. We just have to work it in and then the fun can begin.

If you are interested in trying a glass dildo, this is definitely the one you want. It's just the right length, girth, and curve. It provides easy care, and easy use. However, glass dildos are not for everyone, and if you are someone who can not handle a good dicking, then I do not think that this toy would be for you.

This toy is worth the money you pay for it. Its firm glass shape allows you to manipulate the toy in a way that will pleasure you best. Just be careful not to push it in too far.

Pretty to look at but takes a bit longer to clean. A bit too wide at the tip which makes using it uncomfortable. Also not made for those who like to change positions often.

I really wish we could give half stars in our reviews specifically for cases like this. The Spiral is a great addition to any toy box out there, but if you are looking for more gspot orienteder I really would suggest going with the Amethyst. Don't dismiss this toy though, it looks and feels great, and that flared base is entirely too much fun.

I found this glass piece to be an amazing addition to my collection of toys! It's super sleek, reasonably priced, and feels amazing!

A great toy all in all, fun and easy. Good for anyone from beginners to advanced. Fun to use cold or warm. Great with all lubes. Have a blast with this toy no matter how you choose to use it.

This toy is worth a try the price is nice and although it wasn't for me it may be good for someone else. I shared it with a friend who loves it and highly recommends it as a g spot massager.

Cheap, hypoallergenic, temperature play, harness, easy to clean; what more could you ask for. Ok, I know I wish it was free too.

This toy is totally worth the very reasonable price tag. Heat it up, cool it down, or snag it out of the drawer for play at a moments notice!!

Honestly, if it broke and I had to replace it--I would buy it all over again. For the price and the satisfaction it provides, it is a great price for such an awesome product!

This is very easy to clean and can be heated or cooled for temperature play. However, it is quite heavy. Overall, I would put this in my top 3 toys. Not only is it an amazing toy, the great price is an added bonus.

The Spiral G is a quality made toy. For those looking to use this for anal adventures, however; I would suggest that you consider your level of experience first. I got this thinking that it would be a breeze to insert, but I am still working my way to getting past the head. Despite not yet achieving full insertion, the Spiral G has led to some amazing sensations, both from the toy alone and while masturbating and applying pressure with the Spiral G.

Buy this product if you're a fan of or ready to try glass products. The spirals are simplistic and enough to make the toy extremely pleasurable.

Honestly, I picked up this toy on a whim. The overall look of it caught my eye as something out of the ordinary. Once I had my hands on it, it felt well designed, almost as if each curve and bend was intentionally designed that way. Once I persuaded my girl to try it, and yes it did require some persuasion, and she got passed the whole "glass" part of it, she and I were very pleased.

Glass toys are a luxury product. Previously only available for a few hundred dollars, the Blue Spiral G is a bargain for $24.99. Food-grade means it is easy to clean, can be chilled in the freezer, and it warms to body temperature.

As a glass toy on the cheaper side of the spectrum this one tops out with its many great features and its perfect size.

The Blue Spiral G is a first rate toy with a head that is just the right shape and size to deliver very satisfying G-spot stimulation. If the shaft were more curved it would be even easier to achieve just the right amount of pressure, but even with its almost straight shaft, it's wonderful.

It is time for us, ladies to abandon getting junk sex toys and start collecting awesome sex toys. What better way then to start with glass? You will love the many uses you can get out of glass that cannot be done by many other materials.

With so many glass pieces on the market- choosing one can be hard. This is a solid, g-spot spiraled dildo that has a curve that isn't overwhelming. This gentle curve also lends itself to be used anally, and because it's glass it can be sanitized between use. With an included nice storage pouch, this one stands out from the pack.

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