Blush UR3 dong - realistic dildo by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Blush UR3 dong reviews

16 reviews
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Average review rating
16 reviews

This toy is wonderful! I've told many of my friends about it already. This one toy has almost everything you need to have a great time. It's thick, long, soft, very realistic, flexible and smells like flowers. This toy definitely packs a punch in an orgasmic way!!!

A fun toy that feels great. It was too big for me to use in it's entirety but I still enjoyed it very much. Not crazy about the scent or the material it's made from, as it is not the safest nor the easiest to keep clean. For the price, I'd say give it a try if you're looking for a new experience!

So very close to greatness, yet lacking in that one category that it needs most. Might work for you, but more than likely will frustrate users at some point.

This thing is a failure as everything it is meant to be. It never went in, and i just ended up cutting this useless thing to pieces. The thing that irritates me so much is that i put so much time and effort just trying to get this thing in me.

I am entirely impressed with this toy. If you want to give a somewhat realistic toy a try without sacrificing too much money, then this is the toy to try. It will be worth your time if you like to feel every inch of a cock like I do.

This Dildo is a very filling, semi-realistic toy. It has both length and girth and is really wonderful for vaginal insertion. If you are looking for something with some filling power this is great. This toy is very affordable and a great addition to almost any intermediate to advanced toy users collection. I would highly recommend this toy over and over again.

Overall, I think this toy is worth the buy! You can't go wrong with a little bit of difference in a toy like this one. I know many like the firmer toys, but this toy is good when you want to take things slow and smoother!

Some may find it unappealing because it is very soft. If you enjoy firmer toys, this is not the one for you.

This is a great addition to anyones collection. It doesn't break the bank and rocks it in the bedroom! I highly recommend this toy!

This is a dildo for those who want something a bit softer, but are still looking for girth and length. While not ideal for hard thrusting, it's still a good feel and good for changing up your play.

The 8 inch blush is an amazing toy for that "filled up" Feeling, its got a good smell a nice texture and a great addition to the experienced gal's toy box. It was fun, pretty to look at and amazing to the touch For the price, I wouldn't pass it up.

When I first got this toy I was excited to try it out for the first time and let me tell you when I did, I was NOT disappointed. The soft material, and veined texture all added to the earth shattering orgasms it brought me. I was sad when the pink blush washed off and it was a bit annoying to have to search the internet for care instructions but they were not that hard to find. I love this toy, I think its a must for every girls collection.

This toy lets you use it as hard as you want, while its veins excite the most sensitive areas of your vaginal walls.

I can definitely see the users interested in this toy, as I was interested based on the looks. Please understand that you will undoubtedly be disappointed with its performance.

This dildo is not worth it because it is almost as bad as a man's limp penis. I had a harder time trying to insert this dildo than I have ever had with any parter ever and that is saying alot.

Could be a great toy if it had a hard core with UR3 coating. As it is now, it is pretty, and perfectly sized but too limp to even insert. This is a total mood ruining quality for a man much less a dildo. This product might be a little better in the product with the shorter length that has a base.

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