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This is worth it if you're looking for a dual stimulation toy. Also, this was the main toy I used to train my body into squirting orgasms. The heaviness of the glass made my G-spot really ready and the clit action put me over the edge. Remember, you'll need two hands for both pieces, but when learning your body, it definitely was a positive experience!

Icicles No. 4 is made for someone, or a couple, just looking for a G-spot glass dildo. The bullet part doesn't hold up well and doesn't really give off much vibration for the extra stimulation. But the glass dildo alone is a wonderful experience. The pink swirls alone got me excited when first taking a look at this beautiful toy. This was my first glass dildo and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far!

Overall, I enjoy this toy being in my collection and it was the size I was looking for. The ribbing is great considering my other glass toys have been quite smooth. The only downfall to this toy for me personally was the little hook that was meant for g-spot stimulation. I found it a little painful in certain positions and angles. If you live in small quarters with parents or a roommate you may have to ditch the bullet or opt for a different toy.

I'm happy with the texture of this toy, and with the g-spot curve. What I am not happy about is the fact that the paint started to chip off of the toy, and I have no idea what the effect of it may be on me. I will not be using this toy until I have gotten all of the paint off. The vibrations are also weak, so I will not be using the vibrator portion either.

Fun little toy, glass toys are amazing. It's a slim G-spot vibrator, and it does its job. It is definitely worth the money, and it's pretty!

Icicles No. 4 is an absolutely perfect toy for beginners! It comes with a glass dildo and a strong detachable bullet. Although I enjoyed using both pieces together, as well as separately, the pieces do not operate perfectly together. Despite the many positive aspects, this toy will not be enjoyed by everyone.

This one seemed like such a great idea. A glass toy that could also vibrate if I wanted it to? It sounds like an ideal situation. In the end I was disappointed. It's too skinny, way too loud and the paint is flaking and chipping. I can't recommend this toy. If you don't mind chipping paint and a loud toy, you might like this one for the vibrations it provides and the smooth glass, but there are better choices out there.

Icicles No.4 is a great g-spot toy that really gets me wet. I love the shape and overall visual appeal that this toy has. Anyone that enjoys glass toys and g-spot play would really enjoy this item. While the bullet vibe that comes with it is less than stellar, it is still a free vibrator. Also, the little loop at the top makes this toy very easy to handle and a lot of fun to play with.

I actually won this in a giveaway, so I did not have to buy it. After using it for a few months now, I have to say that I would not purchase it. That said, a lot of my reasons for not liking it are personal and may not affect everyone the same way. Please see my pros and cons lists.

It is a very good vibrator, and I am quite satisfied with it. It's fun for a solo mission or temperature play, and it's also a work of blown glass art.

This is one Icicles product I could do without. Sure, it's pretty, slim, got a G-spot hook and an included vibrating bullet...but the pink paint is chipping off, the hook is pointy, and the bullet is best used separately. This piece if better off for those who prefer slim dildos and buzzy vibes.

Great for those new to glass, the Icicles no. 4 has a non-intimidating texture and a small size to make your introduction to glass an enjoyable one.

Decorative, unique style, bright colored swirl for texture--yep, its an Icicle!! The No. 4 model has an optional bullet vibrator that does add some noise but also is a pleasant addition to the glass piece. This is very pretty, feminine and has a G-spot hook for more versatility. This is a smaller piece, great for beginners to glass dildos--this was my second glass toy--and I am so glad I chose this one as one of my starters...

I absolutely loved this toy. It was perfect size and it's beautifully made, in my opinion. But, if you're a woman that likes your dildos to have a lot of girth, and like hard thrusting and intense g-spot rubbing, I'd look elsewhere. With this toy, you won't be able to have that.

I would definitely have to say that this product is worth it! I've spent a larger amount of money on other products that were nowhere near as good as this one when being used, or in appearance. It's great. Buy it, especially if you're a beginner; you won't regret it.

Over all, I love this product. It's a nice addition to any collection, all for vibrators, dildos and bullets. It's effective, easy to clean and very enjoyable. I just wish the glass picked up more power. Even if you do not like the power with the glass it's still a must have with its many functions, possibilities and powers.

Icicles No.4 is a great glass toy for someone just starting out with glass or wants to experiment with texture. It's a little different than most glass dildos and is included with a bullet that gives you the option to make this a vibrating glass dildo. It's great for those who like slimmer toys and also a good tease toy to get yourself worked up for something larger.

The Icicles No. 4 is a special treat. It's like getting two toys in one! You get a wonderful glass swirled g-spot wand along with a powerful 10 function bullet that can be inserted through the loop of the the wand to add vibrations to your glass.

This glass vibrator is really worth getting. It is a very good value for the money. The removable multispeed bullet, although small, packs a lot of power.

Overall, this is a good toy for beginners or those too tight for bigger toys. It allows you to experience the ubiquitous bullet, the sensations of a vibrator, texture, and glass. If you're looking for a good vibrator though, the vibrations with the bullet in the dildo aren't strong enough to really do much for most. If you haven't tried glass - or some of the other things mentioned - and want a cheap option, this is fine. If you want a quality toy and you know what you like, try something else.

I found this to be fabulous, however, if you like big toys, this may not be for you. It is very versatile and beautiful.

The No. 4 is great for temperature play and easy to grip, but it doesn't have much else going for it. And still, for some reason, I like it.

All in all, I'd say this toy is worth a try. Especially for beginners, because of it's small size and low level of intensity. Also, who doesn't love a hypoallergenic toy?

Icicles No. 4 is a great toy for beginners and advanced users alike because it is so versatile in its uses and can introduce any toy users to the exciting world of temperature play!

My first glass toy and I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. Aesthetically, it's great. But trying to use it was disappointing. The bullet on it's own is okay, but the glass is too long for me.

I think for the price tag this is an excellent product, between the swirls, the bonus of the bullet & the pyrex glass making it an easy toy to share.

My First and I loved it.

Icicles No. 4 is a beautiful, slim textured dildo. Perfect for someone who is looking for G-Spot stimulation. Perfect for beginners and the girth isn't overwhelming.

I would recommend this toy for anyone looking for a perfect size travel toy, glass toy, or just another beautiful addition to their collection. It's well worth the small price, and being versatile for anal or vaginal use makes it even better. The control box isn't waterproof but that's not always a bad thing; you can remove that part and just use the glass toy that IS waterproof.

With a different twist on a vibrating glass toy, the Icicles No.4 from Pipedream will have you begging for more. Body safe material and sized great for everyone from beginners to advanced. When you add 10 different vibration patterns with a removable bullet and a curved tip for G or P-spotting, No.4 has what you need. Hand crafted from hypoallergenic Pyrex glass with special attention to detail, this toy shines with the beauty and elegance that hand formed glass can deliver.

Icicles #4 is a great glass g-spot toy that vibrates with 10 different settings. It is wonderful for glass beginners because of its thin diameter, but anyone would enjoy using this toy. It was a bit on the thin side for me, but others will enjoy all the other wonderful things this toy has to offer.

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