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Mr. Limpy large reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

If you're looking for a big packer to fulfill that need, either to feel more masculine for an FtM or genderqueer person or just for fun, then I would recommend this product to you. It fits well to the body as long as you have a harness, and if you're of a paler skin tone it will match up pretty evenly. You can customize it with tutorials online to be more realistic. For the price it's a good packer that will give you a nice, natural looking and feeling bulge that you can feel confident with.

If you're after a Mr. Limpy, go for a smaller one and work your way up. You're best off walking around and feeling like you have a little dick than not being able to pack at all because it looks bad.

The large Mr. Limpy makes a great gag gift or prop for a prank on your friends. It feels absolutely real, and looks very real (except it only comes in pink and not a natural skin color, which makes it slightly less believable if you actually look at it for more than a couple seconds).

I love the Mr. Limpy large packing cock. The outsized nature of this cock makes it perfect for humiliation games and to really punch up the size of my package. I love that it's so big; I wish it were made of slightly safer material, but other than that I just plain adore this toy. I did go ahead and soak it in foundation to change the color, but that's a fairly minor quibble.

Step right up ladies and germs to see the beast of our traveling freak show: the biggest limp dick ever, Mr. Limpy large. When you have reviewed toys for a long time, an original toy is a fun prospect. A limp dick, a chance to pack and pretend to be a dude for a day, sounded like fun. Alas the large size I got was on the HUMONGOUS side.

Do you want to wake up with that morning wood feeling? Or do you simply want to feel that nice boner in your pants? Well the Mr. Limpy size large is the packer for you! Warning: If you wear this packer in public it will look like you are walking around with a major boner. Women coming up and slapping you is very possible.

The Mr. Limpy Large can make any drag king or FtoM look very blessed. It's one of the better packers that I have tried out and it has a very natural look and feel to it.

For a packer, this one tips the pants scales at just too large. It doesn't sit comfortably in underpants and it didn't fit either of the harnesses I had. It worked far better as a stretchy weapon against a friend than as a packing dildo. Great for a novelty or a prank gift, though, because of how big it is.

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