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Pink double G reviews

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29 reviews

This item is neither here nor there for me. It is a solid toy that can give you pleasure, but there wasn't anything really special about it. If you are really into texture than this is a great toy for you but if it doesn't do anything really for you, it's just another dildo. I'm happy I have it because it is simple, but it isn't the toy I reach for very often.

This is a very fun toy. It didn't disappoint at all. It is very fun to play with and we love the heat it gives off when warmed. It is a unique feel because of how smooth it is with a bit of lube. In my opinion, everyone should have at least one glass toy in their toy box.

Glass is definitely classy. The Pink Double G has a great shape and clean lines. I am very excited by the constantly adaptable temperature variations. I love the rigidness as well. A wonderful change from vibrating and silicone toys. It is definitely in the top 5 of my go to favorites.

If you are already a fan of glass sex toys or are looking to get in on the ground floor, than look no further because this toy should get special consideration.

The Pink Double G is a fun toy to use alone, or with a partner. It is definitely great for G-Spot stimulation. This is a lovely toy at a good price.

A really great starter dildo made of a durable, lightweight material. Firmer than the silicone or jelly toys. Overall an amazing toy and one of my favourites, I would honestly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a durable g-spot or even clitoral toy.

It's definitely worth the money! The design and color are very pretty, just like in the picture on the product page. It was a fun, I experienced great orgasms, and it is super easy to use and clean.

I loved everything about this product. It's as gentle as the description promises, but with all the different shapes and textures, it provides an exciting and enjoyable experience! For this price, you really can't beat the quality, safety and versatility of this toy -- and it's pretty, too!

The Pink Double G is a very beautifully designed toy in both looks and function. The clear/pink glass glimmers in light and looks like artwork. The two differently textured ends and G-spot heads offer 2 completely different stimulation experiences and firm pleasure to the G-spot. This is a must-have in the toy box and a must-have for a glass toy collector.

This is a great dildo at a great price. I love that it has two ends with two different textures and is essentially two toys in one. Glass is a great material and easy to clean-- just make sure you are ready for a toy this firm.

This beautiful dildo is curved perfectly for most g-spots. It has textures that will stimulate and beauty that will radiate. This toy is the perfect price for what you're getting and I recommend this to anyone looking for a toy that will have your toes curling in delight.

This is personally one of my favorite dildos. It is wonderful for those that are new to glass toys and who want to experiment, or for those who want to add some more textured toys to their collection. After trying this, I would definitely be interested in trying out some more glass toys in the future!

First glass toy and I could not be more impressed. It is amazing. You will not be disappointed. I always need clitoral stimulation to get there, but not with this one!

With two differently textured ends, bulbous heads, and a comfortable s-curved shape, this toy is an excellent introduction to textured glass toys.

I'm so glad this was my first foray into glass toys, and it definitely will not be my last. Pretty, heavy, a smooth and a great G-spot toy, this is one of my favorites!

If you have never used a glass toy, or a nubbed toy, I suggest you give this one a shot. Both are new to me, glass and a nubbed texture and I am not sorry I spent the money. To be able to take one toy and use it multiple times in one love making session without having to get up, kill the mood and clean it (unless you are sharing) is very rare.

The Pink Double G is a dual-ended, double-textured delight. It is made out of pyrex glass which offers several advantages; it'll give you firmness for really stimulating your G-spot, it's perfect for temperature play, and it's easy to clean. This glass dildo is a real piece of art that can last you forever.

It's glass, so it's bleachable and dishwasher safe. It's very textured. It's also double ended and curved in the middle, so great for G-Spot stimulation. It's not very girthy and it only comes in one color.

If you're looking for a simple but versatile toy that is easy to clean and hard to damage, this is it. If you want a flexible or lifelike toy, this probably isn't it. I love a glass toy that is firm and solid, but there is no give at all and that can be a little daunting.

The Pink Double G is a great intro to glass, which is what it was for me. I thoroughly enjoy exploring the different ways to use glass and the two exciting ends of the Pink Double G!

Smooth, textured, cold, hot, rippled, can have it anyway you like it with this beautiful glass dildo! Not too big, and definitely not too small, this glass toy is perfect for anybody who is new to glass and looking for a great introduction. It's amazing s-shaped design will hit your g-spot perfectly and it also gives you a great handle to hold onto. Would highly recommend!

The Pink Double G is a beautifully crafted pink dildo by SSA glass. It's perfect for beginners; it offers two different types of texture and a decent, non-threatening size. The gentle, S-shaped curve will provide amazing g-spot stimulation to novices and advanced users alike. At under $30, this is an excellent addition to anyone's toy chest.

The Pink Double G is an affordable quality toy well worth the money. Pink double is travel friendly, made of glass and no batteries to worry about. I think this dildo is great for anyone who enjoys a lot of texture with their toys. It is a fun and interesting looking toy that will aim to please your G-Spot. Great for solo or couple play. I enjoy my Pink Double G and hope that you will as well.

The Pink Double G is a great toy. It is a pretty pink glass with texture that I found to be pleasing, and I love the weight and size of this toy also. It would make a great addition to any toy lover's collection.

I really love this toy for solo play, or with my partner. I love how you can roll it up and down your body (and other parts), and this toy gives great stimulation because of all the curves, bumps and ridges. The fact that you can warm it up or cool it down adds even more extra stimulation!! Thanks to this toy, I am on a hunt for more glass toys.

Overall, this is a toy that's essential for any beginner collection. The dual texture helps a person learn what they like and it is a substantial, but non-frightening, size. I really can't express how pretty this toy actually is. Since buying this, my collection has greatly expanded and I'm always on the hunt for rival glass toys. I've used many different materials, but glass remains my favorite for its style, class, and convenience. This is well worth $25.00!

This item is a superb choice for those looking to venture into the world of glass toys. Its dual heads and unique textures provide a wonderful introduction to the available options. I gave it 4 out of 5 because I found the nubs to be a little too pronounced for my tastes, while the g-spot curve was not pronounced enough.

This is the perfect entry level glass toy! It's average sized girth isn't intimidating and the fantastic gentle s shape is great for g-spot stimulation as well as a comfortable handle. The dual textures offer the best of both worlds for someone who is new to glass toys.

The Pink Double G is a g-spot dildo that has many different textures. The textures and glass provide an endless amount of time for pleasure and experimenting. Because the Pink Double G can be used many different ways, it is like getting several different dildos in one.

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