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Gosh, Golly, Gee!

This item is a superb choice for those looking to venture into the world of glass toys. Its dual heads and unique textures provide a wonderful introduction to the available options. I gave it 4 out of 5 because I found the nubs to be a little too pronounced for my tastes, while the g-spot curve was not pronounced enough.
Versatile, textured, firm, average size, safe, easy storage/maintenance, for beginner to advanced.
Raised nubs are a bit too pronounced and potentially painful. G-spot curve is a little lacking.
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Gosh, Golly, Gee!

Okay, okay, so it's the DOUBLE G, not the TRIPLE G, but you catch my drift, right? This lovely pink glass dildo is absolutely wonderful. With unique dual heads and a subtle S-curve, the Pink Double G by SSA Glass is certain to thrill any user, from beginner to advanced. The toy offers two differing textures for users who are interested in experiencing glass for the first time or for those looking to supplement their collection with a versatile new addition. The gentle curve and rock hard material of this insertable toy makes it ideal for g-spot stimulation, especially for those who are already familiar with that particular part of their bodies. For first-timers to g-spot stimulation, I would recommend something with a more pronounced curve. Similarly, for first-timers to unforgiving materials such as glass or wood, be careful not to thrust too hard, as it is easy to bruise or otherwise damage your delicate parts.

Due to the lack of a flared base, I would not recommend this toy for anal play. SSA Glass makes a wide array of glass toys specifically designed for anal play, including everything from plugs to glass beads and "juicers".

Material / Texture

The Double G is made of one of the safest materials used today in the manufacturing of sex toys - Pyrex glass. It is an extremely strong, stiff, non-porous, hypo-allergenic material which is resistant to shattering, splintering, cracking, or breaking. The material is very soft and smooth, requiring only a small amount of lube (silicone-, water-, oil-based, or au naturale) to slip it easily inside oneself. The glass holds temperature well, so it can be used chilled to provide extra sensation, though it warms quickly to one's body temperature. If you don't want a chilly surprise, I would recommend warming the toy with your hands (or even your mouth!) before inserting it. Speaking of putting things in your mouth...There is no odor or taste to this item. Lucky you! Suck away! :D

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the very rigid, gently curved Double G features two smooth, hard, tapered heads, and two differing textures which meet in the middle. One end has a smattering of raised bumps, while the other end has a raised design of tightly spiraling ridges. This is one of the Double G's greatest features. As someone who had never used a glass dildo before, I very much appreciated the opportunity to try out two different sensations with one toy. I personally prefer the ridges to the bumps, for reasons I will discuss in the Performance section :)

Although it is exceptionally lovely, I would not call this item discreet or suitable for travel. It is quite obviously a double-ended dildo. The curves of the dildo are not sharp enough for me to experience very intense g-spot stimulation without craning the toy about at a slightly dramatic angle, but when I am able to hit the right spot, the stiff, unyeilding glass is delightfully effective in applying strong pressure and stimulation. It takes a little maneuvering, but it is well worth it.

The toy is 7.5" in length with a diameter of 1.25". I feel that the size of this toy is perfect for the average user, not being too large or two small. It doesn't have quite the girth that I usually like in my dildos, but it makes up for it with its wonderful textures and a variety of options for use. It has a delightful heft to it, for its fairly demure size, weighing in at nearly ten ounces. The weight of this toy is one of my favorite aspects of it. If I am using a vibrator on my clit, just leaving the toy inserted still provides subtle stimulation due to the feeling of its weight inside of me.


This toy performed mostly just the way I expected it to. Although the g-spot curve was not as pronounced as I would have liked, and thus not as enjoyable, it gave me a wonderful introduction to the world of glass toys. The spiraled ridges are raised just enough to afford an incredible xylophone sensation as they pop in and out of me during every motion, from gentle to more vigorous thrusting. Unfortunately, I found that the nubs on the opposite end were actually somewhat painful unless I was being very, very gentle and slow. I think the sensations would be very different if there were more bumps, closer together, or if they were slightly less raised, as they come a little bit higher than the ridges. However, I discovered that if I turn the dildo inside me so that the convex part of the curve is pressed up against my g-spot and the head is pointed downwards (rather than the traditional way to orient it, with the head curved upward), thrusting feels absolutely delicious as the bumps grind and slide over my g-spot. I also love the sensation of the textured toy sliding slickly over my labia and clitoris. It's a wonderful tease before insertion and is another great way to warm up the cool glass before sliding it inside of you.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is incredibly simple to clean and keep clean. You may just wash it with soap and water, with toy cleaner or wipes, or even run it through the dishwasher (on the top rack). It can also be sanitized with a 10% bleach solution or boiled for three minutes. It is non-porous and does not attract or hold lint, hair, or dirt. I store it in my underwear drawer, inside the included padded bag.


I was very surprised to see that such a seemingly luxurious item was very plainly packaged in a clear plastic bag. Inside of the plastic bag, the toy was slipped inside of a silk-lined, black felt, drawstring storage bag, which is thick and padded to cushion the toy. It would be nice if it came in a tasteful (and recyclable) cardboard box, so that it could be gifted easily. Also, it would be nice if the toy itself came with some instructions, such as the care and keeping or safety information, to reassure the user about inserting a glass object inside of her body.

Personal comments

Other notes:

-Be careful not to take this toy rapidly from very hot to very cold temperatures as, like Pyrex cookware, it can crack or break in this situation. In other words, don't toss it in the over and then rinse it under cold water. I'm not sure why anyone would do that with a dildo in the first place, but you never know.

-I have yet to try this as an anal toy, simply because I tend to abandon thrusting for focusing on my clitoris and I would never want to take my hands off of this toy without the safety of a flared base. If you must use this item anally, exercise caution and be safe. Cover with a condom and/or be sure to sterilize it before using it vaginally after anal insertion.
Follow-up commentary
Although I have since acquired what I consider to be my perfect dildo (a realistic, silicone number from Tantus), I still revisit this toy on a regular basis. It provides an excellent array of different sensations. Depending on my mood and the pace of my play, it can be extremely sensual and tender or very intense. I am also now more familiar with my g-spot and have no trouble at all finding it with this toy. What a wonderful item. I would love to explore the other options available in the realm of glass toys, but I maintain that this is an excellent introductory option!
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