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Silicone crystal cote reviews

40 reviews
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Average review rating
40 reviews

Overall, if they could get rid of that horrible smell, I would have no problem recommending this toy. As it is, I am put off by the smell and can't see myself enjoying it much.

As soon as I opened the package for this dildo, I knew something was wrong. It stunk so bad! After washing, the smell still lingered. After reading the fine print on the package, I read that the material is actually PVC, only a 2/10 on Eden's safety scale. It will harbor odors and bacteria, which is something you should know before buying! I don't share toys so porosity is not typically a problem, but I probably would not have ordered this if I had known it was PVC.

This toy feels great, looks great, but does not smell great. The suction cup holds on for the ride and I was blown away. I recommend if you are into silicone toys.

Are you a beginner? Well, look no further for your very first dildo. Experience a great time with this pretty looker! It has a great size, feel, and man does it feel realistic, plus the suction gives you many options on how you wanna go crazy with it. Try it out, I guarantee it won't disappoint! Plus for the price, it's practically a steal!

It appears as though the pros list is longer than the cons. This is true, but to me the porous material is enough of a con to keep me from ever using this again, or ever recommending it to anyone. If you are okay with using a condom with your toy constantly, then the cute design, modest size, and strong suction cup could make this a winner for you.

With all the possible uses, I really feel this toy is a steal. It's not pure silicone so it may not last a lifetime, but it is a good piece. It's hard to find smaller sized realistic dildos, and while I would have preferred silicone, I'm not upset with this. Hopefully the glue smell will keep fading!

The Silicone Crystal Cote By California Exotics is an inexpensive dildo that is easy on the eyes but not on the nose. It has a smell that doesn't seem to go away much but if you can look past that, it has great texture, and a suction-cup base for fun just about anywhere.

Beginners looking for a starter dildo, look no further! This guy has what you need to please! It's more on the average side as far as size goes, which may or may not be up to par with more advanced users. The suction cup expands your playground to anywhere in the house with a smooth, flat surface. Let your imagination run wild! Even after all that good, the awful odor can really ruin it for some...if you can get past that, it is really worth a shot!

Fun solo or with a partner, anyone interested in a moderate sized dildo could have a good time experimenting with this toy. The suction cup, texture, size and fantastic realistic shape of the crystal cote absolutely sold me, and I was not disappointed upon receiving it. For the price this toy is a STEAL!

The Silicone Crystal Cote dildo seems kind of small, but it packs a huge punch. I didn't have high expectations for this one, but I ended up loving the spiraling texture in the shaft and the bulbous head. The suction cup works almost everywhere in my house, even on wallpaper. With the great design and low price, you can't go wrong with this one.

It's great for beginners but just as fun for pros; this natural dildo will make a good addition to anyone's toy box (girls and boys alike). It's good for solo or partner play with a good price price point; give it a shot.

This is like the real thing. It's excellent for oral, anal or vaginal use. It is easy to take with you anywhere; just stick it to a base and go for it!

I find this dildo to be a great purchase off of Eden and I am very pleased with it thus far. If you are looking for a smaller, flexible toy, this is for you! The suction cup is nice and strong. Though be PREPARED, it does tend to slip a little bit, so don't fall off of anything you are riding! I would definitely suggest this for the beginner since it's not too big or intimidating. The "pro" may find it to be too small, however. It comes in a variety of colors and has an interesting design.

The Silicone Crystal Cote is the perfect beginner's toy; it's not too thick or too long, the texture is gentle enough for beginners, and best of all, the material is body-safe. If you're a more advanced user, however, you might want to pass on this toy.

I would consider this toy the perfect balance in size, texture, and firmness. If you want a dildo that has a somewhat realistic shape, a good texture, and a great suction cup that allows for long hard thrusting sessions, this is a dildo for you! I really have no negative feedback about this dildo.

The crystal cote dildo is cute and not intimidating, making it a great first dildo. However, it should not be used if you are a virgin.

If you are looking for a realistic feeling dildo that allows you to ride hands free, this will probably be for you. With its nice colors, realistic feel, and great suction cup, this is a must have for any collection. It's great for vaginal and anal play both and sticks very well. Just stick it and ride your little sexual heart out!

This adorable little dildo was so cute that I couldn't resist it. Unfortunately, however, it was too small for me to get much pleasure out of, but it's a good toy for warming up. A great feature of this toy is that it has a suction cup that works pretty well, though unfortunately the suction cup on my toy wasn't attached as well as it should have been.

A perfect non-realistic-looking dildo for those seeking the convenience of a suction cup dildo without the realism of a penis. The ridges provide excellent stimulation, and the suction cup is strong enough to go pretty much anywhere!

This cute little dildo may not be a "perfect ten", but I love it anyway. It has great color and the size is not intimidating (especially for beginners). It also has a nicely pronounced ridge which gives a nice feeling. Most importantly, I bought this dildo for solo hands-free use and it has delivered! This toy sticks to anything and doesn't move. I will be looking for an upgrade, but only if I can find one that is longer, curved and a "10" in material safety.

This toy was not a bad buy for the price. It served it's general purpose as small realistic dildo with a suction cup but it has flaws in a few areas. Some may find this toy more pleasurable than others. I find it hard to use while suctioned to a surface and it has a bad odor. It is nice to look at it and nice to have in the collection but it is not something I am dying to use.

This item was my first dildo purchase and has made me a returning customer for dildos similar to its type. It's most certainly worth a try, even if you feel the texture may be a bit too much to handle because you may find it suits you once you lube up or get used to it. The size is generous, comfortable for most, and firm enough to give a great g-spot orgasm or to rub against your clit for a tease. I would purchase this toy again.

Combined with a water-based lubricant, the Cote will soon become your best friend and pleasure you in all the right places. I love the various colours that it comes in, giving it a sophisticated and modern appearance that most dildos fail to have. It’s a fantastic size for those in the ‘average’ bracket so if you’re looking to buy your first dildo, this is a strong recommendation.

This is great for beginners and those who like a smaller and firmer dildo. If you are big on feeling every bump and ridge, the Crystal Cote will not disappoint!

The Silicone Crystal Cote dong is a realistic dildo with a suction cup attached. The suction cup works amazing. There is ribbing on the shaft instead of veins, which can feel great and add to the pleasure. There is a base (the balls!) so you can use this anally. The coloring of these is so cute! Overall this is a fun toy to use if you're looking for a suction cup dildo and enjoy texture

Sucky suction cup, but this toy is go great you won't care to replace it! AMAZING ribbed texture and the perfect length/girth for the average person.

This is a wonderful toy made to be realistic in feeling and movement. This is the first dildo I have been able to orgasm with, and I think the suction cup and realistic feel is what makes it work for me.

Overall this product was extremely satisfying and stays right in place. Totally worth the try and money for really anyone interested in this product.

This is a smaller sized dildo, but the ridges keep it interesting and make it a very fun toy. If you are looking for something you can use anally also, I would look for a different toy.

This is a great dildo for beginners. The texture is very, very nice, and the suction cup adds all kinds of options for solo play. If you're a size queen, this isn't the toy for you, but it is also an excellent toy for people fairly new to anal play.

The Silicone Crystal Cote Dildo really is a pretty and enticing toy with a slim and versatile that should appeal to beginners and more advanced users alike. The strong suction cup makes it great for all sorts of positions and the ridged texture is stimulating without being overwhelming.

The Crystal Cote is a high quality silicone toy that delivers way more pleasure than it's modest dimensions would suggest. Take the plunge (pun intended) and cover your options with the larger Crystal Passion.

This is a great dildo. The suction cup feature is great fun. It is fairly inexpensive and made of a higher quality material. The texture is great and the toy feels good to the touch.

This is a great toy for the price tag. I only use this every once in a while because the ribbed texture makes me sore. The Silicone Crystal Cote is an eye-catching piece and a good toy for beginners.

Great toy for a relatively low price. The design and size have provided for an incredibly good experience and great anal sensations.

I had a blast with this thing! Whoever said bigger was better obviously did not have this toy available to them. Plus it comes in very pretty colors. The orange is my favorite personally, and the suction work great. This toy will satisfy nearly anyones wildest fantasies.

I would recommend this toy for women new to penetration or those who are intimidated by larger toys. The texture is amazing and it is the perfect companion for bath time. It's unique design is firm but flexible, easy to clean, and very effective. It comes at a decent price too. A very good bargain.

This is a great buy for beginners and toy collectors alike. The silicone Crystal Cote has the ability to be used anally as well as with a harness. With fun bright colors and realistic textures and features you definitely can not go wrong with this price. And, with the suction cup base you can use this toy almost anywhere your imagination takes you.

The in-and-out sensations elicited by this luscious toy make for an absolutely incredible orgasm. I highly recommend the Silicone Crystal Cote to anyone looking for a high-quality, realistic, smaller-sized dildo.

We have used this by hand, suctioned onto various objects, and in a harness and it has performed great at everything. Both of us have enjoyed it and we can say that it works great everywhere you stick it and anywhere you insert it.

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