Veined double header - double ended dildo by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Veined double header reviews

18 reviews
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Average review rating
18 reviews

This is a standard double ended dildo that is well worth the price. It is capable of being used in just about any way by any person.

For the price this piece definitely delivers. I loved the flexibility and how you can reach just about any place in any position. Definitely worth having in your collection!

This double dildo is fun, and to be able to have it inside both of us is an experience we'll never forget.

I was impressed with this toy, since it is rubber. I wasn't expecting anything new, but I was quite surprised. The length and thickness of this toy is great and it's good for solo or partner use.

Overall, this is another solid, standard toy. It's cheap, basic, and rewarding for the level of difficulty of use. If you're a beginner, you can't really go wrong with this one - it's easy to get into, and sets you up to care for your toys properly.

The Veined Double Header is worth the price. The only serious flaw I could find was it could be a little longer. Great for solo masturbation, couple and group play. Very quiet, the only noise will come from the users. Very life like in design and texture. It looks like the real thing; however it doesn't feel like the real thing. Does that really matter? That's only a question that you can answer. I am very happy with my choice.

The size options and texture were GREAT! The nauseating smell NOT so much. I couldn't beat the smell and unfortunately it had to go. The less sensitive might be able to deal with it a lot better than I could.

This is a great toy for anyone wanting to be filled up! The size is the reason you're buying it, and the size is what you're getting! Be wary of the material it is made of, as not everyone wants a rubber toy.

Rather than just getting any dildo, this one is comfortable and flexes enough to use alone or with a partner. The look and feel are realistic but it is a pain to keep clean. I enjoyed playing with it and using it on my partner but having to clean it before and after play really killed the mood.

This item excels at getting me off. I have owned it for 5+ years and I have used it over 100 times in that time. I like its length as well as its sizable heads. Overall, this toy is a great addition to my collection, and if I could change one thing, I would make it out of VixSkin.

Overall, this was a very exciting purchase for me but my excitement soon failed to exist when I realized how hard it was to clean and use for the purposes in which I bought this. It is fulfilling and pleasant during couple play, but sadly enough has been laying around for quite a while with little to no use, except for the occasional couple play.

This guy will add excitement to any bedroom. Length will catch you by suprise. I personally think this is as close to the real double as you can get.

Overall, this is a great product. I'd say it's worth buying and will definitely last for a long time. This dildo is great for couples or singles.

Overall, this toy is a great value. I compared numerous other double-enders, and I am glad that I chose this one to purchase. Although it could be slightly stiffer, this would only be necessary in extreme cases, and for most people this problem will never substantiate itself. I am very pleased with the performance and price.

This is cheap but worth it. Great bargain, you will definitely get more than what you paid for. It is great for beginners and those looking to just be adventurous alone or with your partner

A classic double dildo with nice girth, plenty of length and realistic, stimulating veining through out. Definitely worth the cost if you're just trying out double penetration or shared penetration - though it works really well for creative solo use, too!

This item was not great for me because of my reaction to products but might be great for others with no problem.

For us this toy was as any other, this is a fabulous toy, we love this toy, this is our best spend money of ever.

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