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Blossom G reviews

32 reviews
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32 reviews

This was a fabulous toy. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good glass dildo. I love every aspect of this toy.

Blossom G is a well-priced pretty glass dildo that is amazing for G-spotting. Double sided heads of differing sizes creates variety and the light texture along the body adds internal sensations. Some users may find the head size too large. I can find no flaws in this toy, it does everything it is supposed to.

Perhaps it's the glass snob in me, but the Blossom G just misses its chance to be a 5 star dildo. There are so many benefits to glass from temperature play to the ability to be sterilized, but many of those benefits translate from one glass toy to the next. In order to stand out, a glass toy really needs to have something superior in terms of design, and I just didn't see that here. This design is just a little too familiar.

Over all, this dildo was exceptional. It is our go to item and we use it at least once a week!

The Blossom G is another great dildo from SSA Glass. It's a simple, double ended, lightly textured glass dildo that has potential to please many people. It's an inexpensive glass dildo that is sure to make a great toy box staple.

This is another great choice for a glass dildo and is a must have for glass lovers! I have quite a few collected now and love each one I have. This one, you'll need to buy a padded pouch for as it didn't include one with it.

The Blossom G is such a versatile and graceful toy that it really belongs on a mantle in a special display case! This is too pretty to hide away and keep secret, unless these ideas turn you on! The knobs on the ends of the toy are differently shaped offering a delightful choice to the user. Ice it down or heat it up and the experience is gonna be a great one!

The Blossom G dildo is a wonderful toy. It's made of one of the safest materials, has two wonderful ends to choose from, and provides great g-spot stimulation. I would recommend this toy to anyone who is unsure about using a glass toy. It's at a great price right now and is less intimidating than other glass toys I have seen. I don't even feel the two cons I listed warrant a drop in stars as they can both be avoided by the user.

This beautiful glass dildo is a fantastic addition to any collection. Not only does this gorgeous piece have two different insertable ends, but both are fantastic for achieving g-spot orgasms! If you have experience with glass toys and like the feel of them, this is a great buy!

The Blossom G by SSA Glass is truly a beautiful piece of art with its colors and blossoms contained in each end. The slight curves on each end are perfect for hitting g-spots or p-spots for those men who like glass for their ass. This toy is so versatile in its uses that many will be able to enjoy it and cleaning is a snap so grab one and give it a whirl!

While the Blossom G is a well made toy I wouldn't recommend it unless you like nubby texture. I found the nubs along the shaft too much and as a result couldn't really enjoy the toy.

The blossom G is a cute double ended glass dildo. You can use it for anal use and G-spot stimulation. You can use it for temperature play. It's a good for beginner and advanced alike. The blossom G does have lite texture but it isn't something that you would really notice when you are using it. It has this BEAUTIFUL flower detailing that just completes the full beauty of this glass dildo. The only down fall about this is that the curved end my not reach all G-s-pots.

I like it. It looks great and it pleases me. Blossom is two toys in one with different heads at each end. G-spot stimulation with rocking, but not with thrusting got me excited. I would definitely suggest this one. It is great just to look at, but I plan on using it often.

The Blossom G is a beautiful double-ended flower filled dildo. Glass is great to play with. Not only is it safe to use, it’s waterproof, and can be sterilized. It didn’t work wonders for me, but I still love looking at it. I definitely recommend you try this glass piece out if you’ve been interested in it. I’m glad I gave this one a shot.

If you're looking for a dual ended glass dildo look no further than the Blossom G. I love the flowers on the ends and the five bumps that run down the shaft.

Would I recommend this toy - I'd have to say no. There are a plethora of inexpensive glass toys to choose from - many of which are more versatile and fun to use.

Despite being designed similarly to other SSA Glass toys, the Blossom G is a standout among the collection. She offers varying size, shape, and versatility in use, all in a beautifully crafted package. She's extremely user friendly and never fails to put a smile on my face. I love my Blossom G and I'm positive that she'll be a welcome member to your toy family as well.

The Blossom G is pretty to look at and a great glass dildo that offers a little something for everyone. A great beginner piece though more advanced persons will find it appealing too.

The Blossom G is a double ended glass dildo with two different angles with the potential to reach your G-Spot, however this won't work for everyone. It is lined with some nubs for added sensations. The beautiful design is so appealing it won't matter if it doesn't work for you.

I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who is looking for a dildo. It is made out of a safe and easy to clean material, but the glass may pose a problem for those with smaller or less flexible anatomy, or those who prefer a material with more give. The two ends give varied sensations and the toy can be used multiple ways. It's a great buy ... I bought it on sale, which made it even better. However, I think even for $30, this is a great toy to add to your collection.

The Blossom G is an inexpensive, lovely glass dildo that would be perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. It's size is unintimidating and the texture severe. G spot enthusiasts probably won't find that this hits the spot, but to each their own. While it did not fit my anatomy, that doesn't mean it won't fit yours.

The Blossom G by SSA Glass is a gorgeous hand-crafted dildo that you'll want to display on your mantle. And for experienced glass toy users, that's all you may want to do with it. Beginners will like the smooth texture and non-threatening size; advanced users and G-spot enthusiasts will probably want to look elsewhere.

I bought the Blossom G on the basis of its looks and found out that was all it brought to my bedroom.

This is an excellent beginner's glass toy at a price you won’t believe! The size is big enough for most people without being intimidating. This is a great toy to see if glass is your thing before shelling out the big bucks.

My fondness for this toy really blossomed (see what I did there?) over time - now, it's one of my favorites in the whole collection!

Before I had said that I would never use this toy again, but I've found a use and that is using the Blossom G as an anal probe rather than a vaginal dildo. The nubs feel better inside of me anally that in my vagina due to the large curve. I give this toy 3 stars only because it fails at being a vaginal dildo, but as an anal toy it gets a 4.

The Blossom G by SSA Glass is a pretty glass dildo that works well for g-spot play and has nubs to provide a bit more stimulation. It has two heads for a different feeling on insertion and the size makes this one great for users of all levels. I am so glad that I added this one to my collection.

The Blossom G by SSA Glass is a stunning piece of art for your bits. 2 heads, different sensations, and just down right pretty, this Blossom is sure to put and smile on your face over, and over again.

The Blossom G is the prettiest dildo in my rather excessive stash, and it performs very well for a variety of functions, particularly when deeper penetration is desired.

This is a beautiful option for your next favorite g-spotter. The red swirls around the shaft, and the beautiful flowers suspended in the bulbs on each end of the toy, are gorgeous. Its curves are great for reaching the g-spot with gentle thrusts or rocking. The weighted bulbs feel wonderful when being rubbed against the labia and clitoris. The glass can be cooled or heated for temperature play before insertion. It even works as a massager and feels great on sore muscles.

The Blossom G is the perfect gift for the one you love or yourself! It's one of the most beautiful glass dildos on the market. For those of you who love intense g spot stimulation, you've found your perfect match. Like it cold? This toy holds the chill in for a long time, warming up just slowly enough to heighten the fun.

A beautifully crafted toy both in appearance and in function. One that we will both be looking to often in our bedroom.

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