A Mostly Painful Experience

Before I had said that I would never use this toy again, but I've found a use and that is using the Blossom G as an anal probe rather than a vaginal dildo. The nubs feel better inside of me anally that in my vagina due to the large curve. I give this toy 3 stars only because it fails at being a vaginal dildo, but as an anal toy it gets a 4.
Easy to clean, Safe for your body, Pretty
Was painful to use vaginally, Doesn't hold heat well, Colors/design is different
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extremely useful review
I was really upset that this dildo didn't hit the top notch for me. The angles were surprisingly too much and just inserting this dildo vaginally hurt like crap! You'd think that if I could use Icicles No. 24 I could use anything. I would like to say that it's a pleasure to own this dildo simply because of how beautiful it is. The designs are gorgeous and the flowers on each end add a gorgeous touch.

I should mention that the colors of my Blossom G were different than the ones shown online. Half of my "stripes" were navy blue and half were red. Not a huge deal, but I would have preferred them to be red since that's what I expected. Secondly, the flowers and nubs were not the same colors. I had one blue flower, one yellow flower, and all my nubs were a very dark green color.

The nubs themselves were not painful to me. I only had 4 near the larger end, instead of 6 shown online. The real pain is the shape. My nubs were a bit larger than the ones shown online. The nubs really added to the pain that I experienced with this toy, but it was only due to the odd angle of the dildo.

I have never really had trouble using the craziest of glass dildos until I came across this one. When you look online you will notice that there is a slight curvature - or what LOOKS like a slight curvature. It's much more curved as I look at the dildo sitting in front of me. I can't pick a dead-on angle but you would think this toy was for prostate massage if you knew any better.

Inserting this dildo takes time, patience, experience and skill - all of which I thought I had since 80% of my collection is made of glass. Not to mention that I only buy the crazy glass dildos. None of the regular untextured ones.

You'll probably have to give this dildo some getting used to before it starts to actually feel good. You'll also want to soak it in warm water for a while. I'm not sure if there's a difference in the components of this particular glass but it takes forever to heat up compared to others I own. It also doesn't hold heat well which annoyed me a lot.

I preferred using this toy alone, instead of with my husband. He couldn't seem to keep the toy from rotating in me (which was painful). It's best used by yourself, as you can feel what's going on and you can tell what you do and don't like. As you might notice in my follow-up, I've found that this dildo feels far better when used anally.

My husband likes the bulged end where there are less nubs, and I like the pointed end. The extreme curve feels better inside of my anus, and rotating it feels very pleasureful. My husband likes to simply insert the toy and slowly pull it out. So everyone is different.

When using anally this toy is best used with Maximus. Even though glass is slippery on it's own, it still needs lubricant. The nubs can easily make the anus sore which I had to learn the hard way last year. So lube it up, warm it up, and start out slow if it's your first time.

I would not say that this is a first-time toy. It sure looks like one, but the angles and texture can really give you a scary experience. A person like me who is advanced and owns over 30 glass dildos still had pain with this one, so you know it's not just an opinion. Be careful, and maybe over time you'll learn to love it if you have had a bad experience with it.

This dildo is made from 100% Pyrex glass and is the first of all of my dildos not to have any visible air bubbles inside. This is awesome because I wouldn't have to worry about any possible pressure breaks during dishwashing and temperature play. Air bubbles are one of the biggest risks with glass toys, so remember if you have any glass bubbles that are highly noticeable be sure to ask EF for an exchange.

Pyrex glass can be washed easily with antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, Isopropyl alcohol, etc. Glass is non porous, so it can stand just about anything. When you are washing, be sure to feel around for small scratches and/or cracks. If you feel any at all, stop using the toy and either throw it away or exchange it. These small scratches and cracks can be sharp to the delicate vaginal and anal tissue and can cause injury and infection.
To sum it all up, this Blossom G isn't the one for me. It may be good for others, and if it looks like something you're interested in, I say give it a try. It's on sale right now, and nothing on sale is ever a waste. Worst case scenario, you don't like it; You can wash it up and give it as a gift to someone else, resell it, or save it as a piece of artwork. Even though my coloring was all wrong, the dildo is still totally gorgeous.
Follow-up commentary
I do want to add that I've found a little bit of better use for this toy as an anal toy, and I have found that the pointed end feels really nice inserted. The only thing I find weird about this toy is that it takes a long time to "warm up" compared to all the others in my glass collection. So you really have to let this one sit in some warm water for a while before using it anally.

I use this toy with Maximus and I find that it is the perfect lubricant for anal use, regardless of the toy. Maximus seems to go very well with this toy since it is a thicker lubricant, and makes the nubs along the shaft feel as if they are more prominent.

As far as vaginal use, I just cannot get used to this dildo. It is painful, and I have honestly tried to make it work several times with no success. I suppose running the nubs along the clitoris could feel nice, but other than that this dildo is just really hurting me for some reason.

My husband really likes to use this toy anally using the rounded end because he doesn't like a whole lot of texture when it comes to nubs. He used to be in to all of that, but lately he is not too fond of texture. Not really sure why. Anyhow, he likes the way the bulb feels being inserted since it is larger and gives a fuller feeling.

The shape of this toy does not allow for extremely deep anal penetration for those who are into this kind of play. My husband and I don't really go deep too often, so it isn't a big deal. However, if you are the type of person who would be disappointed that your toy didn't go all the way in - skip out on this glass dildo.

Like I said, it is a lovely piece and is worth it for a piece of sexual art. It's on sale right now, so if you love art as much as I do, make your purchase now before the summer sale is over!
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