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VIP super soft reviews

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14 reviews

This is by far my favorite toy and I highly recommend it. It is a must try if you like soft, realistic, thick dildos.

This is a great toy, but it is too big for me for daily use; I have to use other toys first, or else it hurts to insert. It is very satisfying, and I love that I can clench around it before and during orgasm. My only reason for giving it 4 stars is that the head can hurt sometimes. Overall, a size queen who wants a realistic dildo with a soft core would love this toy, and a non-size queen (like me) may like it too.

The VIP is a remarkably soft toy, but be careful: It's bigger than you'd expect! Overall, it's a remarkably amazing toy and I highly suggest you at least take a look!

I am pretty sure this is my perfect dildo. There may be others out there for me, but I have no urge to seek them out because I am completely satisfied with my VIP. It is flexible and squishy, but it still maintains a very full feeling. I love this toy.

The VIP Super Soft is very reasonably priced, and outside of our issue with lubrication I would recommend it for other users.

VIP Super Soft is the ultimate dildo for maximum anal stimulation. It is the perfect marriage of size and softness, allowing users to experience a thicker girth in a delightful and easeful manner. Its thick diameter also provides a sensational feeling of fullness. The pliability of the flesh-like silicone allows for intense and rough thrusting. This super dildo is everything it should be: super large and super fun.

If you are someone that is looking for a feeling of fullness without rigidity you will find this VIP Super Soft realistic dildo to be a fantastic choice. It fills you up without being too much to handle. Easily manipulated for vaginal or anal play, this is a dildo that can be used by almost anyone. Don't let the size intimidate you. The pliable material flexes and moves to accommodate any space it is inserted into.

The VIP Super Soft realistic dildo is a good idea for those that want a harness-compatible "pack and play" type of dildo. It doesn't work well in all positions and can be difficult for anal, but for a filling sensation or the ability to have sex with a packing cock, it works wonders.

No finer gentleman or pseudo gentlemen will you find bedside than the VIP. Luxuriously accommodating girth is what he is all about. Even Despite his ample size you will be begging for more right out of the gates. It's plushness allows a low impact entry, yet its mass is so fulfilling once inside as it balloons back to size.

I do really love my VIP Super Soft, and my only real complaint is that I was it was a tiny bit less delicate. I have somehow managed to get a gash in mine, and a thumb print, though I do own many Tantus toys and have never had this issue with their silicone. The toy is very realistic feeling, and super soft too. The large girth of the toy is easier for me to take with the very forgiving super soft silicone.

The VIP Super Soft by Tantus is a very soft silicone dildo for those looking for something to play rough with and not have to worry about hurting themselves. It is realistic, yet a little larger than average in size. The material has so much give that it should allow all users to enjoy this one. The balls/base make it safe for anal play as well.

VIP Super Soft is a special dildo made solely of the soft outer core that Tantus's O2 is made from. It's plush and soft all throughout, and this makes it much easier for insertion (especially at its 1 5/8" diameter). It's great in a harness and is fairly filling. A great buy for the price.

The VIP Supersoft is a new take on the original that is squishier and more flexible. Made entirely of the softer silicone used for the outer layer of the Tantus O2 line, the Supersoft material is body-safe, easy to clean, and durable if properly cared for. This dildo actually inspired me to get a harness; with the Supersoft strapped on, my partner and I had a great time swapping roles for the night. The Supersoft does have some cosmetic issues, but nothing that interferes with performance.

The Tantus VIP super soft offers a very different dildo experience due to the plushness of the silicone. While the softness means that there is no firm pressure when using this dildo, it also means it provides a sensation of fullness that is unique. This is a versatile dildo that can be used vaginally, anally, orally, and even in a harness.

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