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Advanced clitoral pump reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

This toy was utterly disappointing. It did nothing for me in the 20 minutes spent trying to move it to make it work like I expected. I ended up just giving up, pulling out a toy that can do it's job, and putting this away.

If there were an option, I would have rated this item with zero stars, but instead I am obligated to at least give one star. There was no suction and the attachments did not offer stimulation and made the suction even worse. Without attachments, the suction still was barely there. Complete waste of my money.

The idea behind this toy makes sense but if falls short. I realize we would not want a major suction on our clits but there is no way this will convince a clit to wake up, let alone pull blood into it. Would make a good gag gift.....Very disappointing to say the least. Can't even think of another use for it.

When you started looking for a clitoral pump, were you looking for something to increase the blood flow to your clitoris making it easier and more intense to orgasm (as is the definition of a clitoral pump)? Well, look elsewhere. This clitoral pump doesn't transfer vibrations to any of the right places, and it's suctions just sucks (and not in a good way). If it can't stay put, it can't pump.

If you only want a little suction, this pump may be for you. If you like a lot like me, save your money and find something else, because this just did nothing for me.

Once I switched over to using this pump in its "sleeveless" incarnation, the suction transformed from meh to OMG. The sleeveless sensation may be a little much for some, but it really amps up the suction and sensory pleasure. Overall, I found this toy to be well worth-it, if requiring a new approach to get what I wanted from it.

If you want something for teasing and play, this is great. If you want something that will give a good suction and strong vibrations, this is not it.

Great product, once attached to the clit it's mind blowing. Recommend using lube to enhance sensations. Don't give up after one try it's tricky to get suctioned on clit.

This is a great toy to have on those nights where you are riding solo. If you ever need a little cheer-me-up, just take this one out.

I thought with the small head it would be able to suction to my nipples, but my breasts are too soft or squishy to get a good suction. The suction is also relatively weak so I'm not sure I'd bother trying to use it anywhere else. It helped with sensitivity and I had some wonderful orgasms after using this toy.

It was disappointing. The toy never had any oomph behind it. It definitely did not stand up to the expectations that I had for it.

I'm not quite sure how this toy is supposed to be advanced. The materials felt rather cheap and the toy wasn't very strong. However, it did provide a nice suction and was pleasurable to use.

I would pass on this product because not only is it weak, but it also doesn't work well like it should at all.

It`s a sleek looking little toy that`s great for solo play. I love that this toy has a tickler; it`s my favorite function.

Overall I think this is a fun toy and definitely worth trying out but it isn't one of my favorites.

I'm kind of on the fence about this toy. My Mister really loves to explore my body so it is a little disappointing that we can't use it for very long before it is too much. However, I do like the fact that it will keep me turned on for a good while when used gently.

I was a little bit disappointed in this one. I loved the concept, but it really just fell short. The vibes simply aren't strong enough; you're not going to get off with this toy unless you are a sensitive sally or like indirect stimulation...

Don't let the name fool you; this pump is no more advanced than any other. Would be great if you don't need a lot of stimulation to get off.

The item was disappointing because you still had to do a lot of work to give yourself stimulation. Wasn't the whole point to provide suction and stimulation to the clit, without you having to work at it or using something else too in order to get happy?! It was better for the nipples.

Not a bad toy for the price. It needs a little getting used to, so probably not recommended for newbies to sex toys. Overall it leads to great orgasms when used in combination with other toys.

The Advanced Clitoral Pump is probably one of the most tacky-looking toys I own. However, it is also a nicely put-together and incredibly strong pinpoint clitoral stimulator that I would heartily recommend to anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation and has the patience to learn to operate it properly.

Overall it was a pretty good toy, could be used for several things, it had nice suction and was a very good size not to bulky. There is really only one thing i would change about this toy and that would be the vibration.

The Advanced Clitoral Pump is the worst toy I have received. Although the vibrations are strong, they are not felt on the clit but rather in your hand. The suction was not strong and did not hold.

The Advanced Clitoral Pump is absolutely a wonderful addition to any sex toy chest. The size of the suction cup is small enough to maneuver into surprising positions. The suction can be controlled and released within one hand, which makes for an easy escape when one accidentally gets overzealous.

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