Advanced clitoral pump by Cal Exotics - review by Mookilisa

Does not live up to name

The item was disappointing because you still had to do a lot of work to give yourself stimulation. Wasn't the whole point to provide suction and stimulation to the clit, without you having to work at it or using something else too in order to get happy?! It was better for the nipples.
Flexible Head
13" cord to allow you room
Strong suction
Only 2 types of sleeves
Only 3 speeds.
Didn't work that well for intended body part.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


So, yes, initially when I purchased this item (the same time I got my Endless Pleasure Vibrator) - I was thrilled. I didn't know such a thing existed - though, sexy toys were definately not a new thing for me. So, I could not WAIT to get home and try it. And my excitement came down quick - but I will explain my experience further down. Let me first tell you about the best use for this vibrator in my opinion - it's not as a clitoral pump, but as a nipple pump. It can stimulate the clitoris (but so can you finger), but for me, it did a better job with the nipples. I think this toy can be used for anyone, but (though I haven't used it this way) I imagine it may be more productive during couple play than solo because if u use it as suggested (for the clit), you definately need more stimulation or something else going on.
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Material / Texture

I wouldn't say the material of this item wow-ed me. Actually, I thought it looked kinda cheesy. It is pretty in that it has glitter in the plastic (I had a purple one). It's made of TPR and Plastic, and the safety rating is a 7. It does have the plastic like smell to it - but that can be overlooked. It comes with two sleeves for your choice of "ticklers" (smooth one; or a tickler one). Honestly, I have never used the smooth sleeve. Why you may ask? What's the point. The tickler is the one that "tickles" your clitoris and provides stimulation (along with the vibration). So I personally thought a smooth sleeve was pointless.

Design / Shape / Size

The cool thing about this clit pump is that it's flexible. It's about 7" and the head is about 2". And it fits nicely in my toy satchel! You can bend it however you need to! Not only that, the pump is connected to a cord that's about 13" inches and it allows you more room and freedom to move however you need to move. Oh, and the head does fit nicely between the lips on on the clitoral area! So I do think the shape is great for it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions of this toy is the suction- which is a basic manual air pump suction. And of course, 3 speeds of vibrations. The button for the vibration is on the front of the toy however; I think it would be better if it was on the pump or something so that you wouldn't have to bend down to change vibrations. The suction is very good - I didn't believe how strong the suction was! The controls are very easy to use, and this toy isn't that noisy at all. And, be careful because to my knowledge it is not water-proof. Oh. and it takes 2 AAA batteries to work.

Care and Maintenance

The thing about cleaning this toy is mostly the sleeves - it's kinda hard to clean the ticklers (or maybe it's just me). So usually I spray some Before and After on my toys and wipe it with a cloth and go to bed. Cleaning the tickler however, if you have to wipe down, u kinda have to put ur fingers down in the head, and the ticklers move around and you r trying to tell them to keep still so you make sure you can clean them. So, for the sleeve, I usually use some soap and water to clean it out good. I store it with my other toys in my toy satchel; and I did not need lube with this toy. Lube would probably work better on the smooth sleeve than the tickler one, but a good lube works with anything. :-) In fact, maybe I will try it out with lube - just to see how it is, and I'll let you know!


Crazy thing - I didn't buy this toy from the website, but from Slumber Parties. I was @ one of those sex toy parties and purchased it. It was just wrapped in a plastic bag. Im not sure of how EF wraps it up.

Personal comments

Not my favorite toy, but not completely worthless either. I personally think it wasn't worth the money to get as a clitoral type of stimulator. I was better of with the hummingbird (or dolphin, or whatever) that was attached to the rabbit - and even better, because I can use the "rabbit" while the hummingbird is working it's magic!


Yay! My favorite part! Whew! This extended review had me worried that I wouldn't be able to share my experience with you. But, I finally can! :-) Okay, so like I said before, I didnt really enjoy this toy for the clit. Does it fit on the clit? YES! Does it provide stimulation? YES! Is the vibrations good? YES. Then what the hell is my problem? My fingers could work up a better orgasm than the darn ticklers and vibrations this pump provides. Its like you have to wiggle around and move to get stimulation (yes, even when it's suctioned on and the vibrator is on). It was a lot of work to get any stimulation. So after a while, I gave up and BAM and idea. I love nipple play, so I tried it out on them. And wow. With the tickler - the stimulation was great. The toy worked way better on the nipples - with the suction and the vibrator on - than on the intended part! I didn't have to do much work at all. Even moving the tickler around on the nipples provided a lot more stimulation. So my disappointment turned into excitement turned into an orgasm...and thus, I was happy. So my overall suggestion: you can do without this toy. Have I given up on clitoral pumps in general? Hell no. My clit makes me happy, and i want to keep it happy - so the hunt continues. I saw a lot of products similar to this, and perhaps they will work better.
Follow-up commentary
Just in case my wording is confusing - i wanted to make sure I cleared up something - they toy does provide stimulation, but not anything that would make you say YAY. You have to really put some work into it to get some real stimulation going; and that's what I meant in my review.

So, I tried this toy again last night and here were the problems i encountered: the flexible part was not flexible (but it was the first time i used it); not sure what happened, but as i tried to bend it, it broke. Yes, the darn thing broke. Still, I decided, what the hell, I'll still try to use it. Remember I said I never used lube with it - yea, I would suggest not using it. Any wetness causes the suction not to seal correctly, and thus, slides off. I think I also forgot to mention that on the cuff of the pump, there is a button that looks like a star - this helps you release the suction seal. My initial review still stands that this toy requires too much work or something else going on. But, once placed correctly, and suctioned on tight, the tickles will do their job as long as you move around some (and have the vibration on). After a while, I just managed to pick with the toy enough to find something that worked for better stimulation (ironically, without the suction or the vibrator). Now since it's broke , I'm not sure I want to buy this product again, but will definitely look at some other ones in this category.
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