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Birthstones reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

Cute Miss October could be the perfect toy if you're going on a trip and need something subtle and small. If you're a beginner and don't want to take great risks yet, this could also work nicely for you. It's inexpensive, not too strong and quite possibly the least intimidating toy on earth. However, if you're looking for a more exciting experience, this falls short. It gives you just what you need and not even a bit more!

This is very exciting for people new to vibes, the sheer excitement that you and your partner are going to experience will pay for this little vibe over and over again.

This is a wonderful little toy for those of us who are just starting on their sex toy journey. Between the price, design, and power, it really is tough to beat. The versatility will please advanced users, and the small size makes it great as an non-intimating introduction to clitoral stimulation among other activities. Between the shower, the bed, and your partner, I'm sure you'll find plenty of adventures to go on this bullet with.

Since beginners are usually more familiar with their clitoris rather than their G-spot, this would be the ideal starter's vibrator. It's easy to operate, inexpensive, and in no way intimidating. While I don't use this as my primary vibrator when I'm at home, I am known to keep it in my purse when I'm on the go. You don't have to get your birthstone color but I love the birthstone idea for this vibrator, I feel as though that gives it a bit of a personalized touch.

The Birthstones vibe is a cute little bullet, and you will be surprised at how quiet it is. Then, you'll be surprised again at how powerful it is. It works great for external stimulation, and its sleek design makes it easy to love. The dial function can be a little tricky, but keeps true to its simple design; to me, that is a very minor drawback for a really great bullet vibe. This toy is small and powerful, and it definitely makes a great option for beginners and advanced users.

Great for beginners but may disappoint power queens. It only has the one setting. I am not fond of the dial sort of on/off function

This is a toy that is absolutely cute, and could make a very nice birthday gift for someone. I didn't find it to be particularly strong, but I'd wind up keeping it anyway, just because it's cute.

A small bullet is a great way to add a bit of spice to your playtime. With just the right amount of c-spot stimulation, you can be weak in the knees in no time. The sleek and stylish design of the Rhinestones Bullet is not only what sets this bullet apart from the rest. This small bullet is packed full of delightful power that is sure to rock your world. What more could you ask for?

Gift giving and birthdays have a new meaning with this cute little toy that is quiet yet has good vroom. Take it anywhere and always have a little vibe to satisfy yourself.

This is a great toy for the value. I was very pleased with the performance, and it is a very good first step in exploring the wider bullet and dildo community. It is still fun to use even after having some experience with stronger or more 'mature' toys.

Overall, I love Birthstones, but it's not a toy that I'd necessarily find myself heading to again and again. It gets the job done and is surprisingly strong for the small size and low price tag, but if you already own other vibrating toys, it doesn't really have any unique characteristics other than the pleasing aesthetics.

The Birthstone Bullet is a really ho-hum kind of vibrator. I can't say that I absolutely love it or hate it. It does exactly what it's designed to do. It did get me off, but it isn't the kind of toy that makes me see stars. It's a really pretty little toy that I'm glad I own, but I can say that it won't get rotated to the front of my toy box often. It just doesn't do anything for me that I couldn't get from a more exciting product.

Simple yet strong this bullet does the job. A little bling and a big bang for your buck for sure. So much power for one simple AA battery. Pick this up for yourself and anyone else who might enjoy it!!

The Birthstones vibe is adorable, girlie, and gets the job done. Whether you adore your birthstone, or just like having a variety of colors from which to choose, this cute, little vibe is perfect.

For the price, the Birthstone Vibe is definitely worth it. Beginners won't be intimidated, and even experienced users will find something to enjoy about it. I've found it to be quite a fun toy. The vibrations are strong, with almost no noise.

For what it is, this is a good toy. It's a simple clitoral vibrator than can be excellently used for partners and teasing. It will drive them nuts. The bad side- it might just drive you nuts -in a bad way- if your simply using it on yourself. However, if you've got the time and like to tease yourself before getting into some serious business. Then is is the toy for you.

My birthday came a little early this year with the purchase of this toy. It's cute, discreet, and powerful. What more could a girl ask for? Well, okay, there are a couple of downfalls - a cheap-feeling dial base and a small size, but neither of them should pose any problems to people who love powerful, but quiet toys. Overall, this is a toy that should be added to everyone's collection of vibrators.

I think that this vibrator is completely worth it! I like that it is small enough to fit in my purse just in case I need some sexual relief while not at the house.

The Birthstones vibrator is an affordable option for those that need a smal and discreet vibrator for their use. With the cute, fun design, it provides moderate vibrations for those that want a tease.

This was a surprisingly quality toy, for the size. Despite the packaging and simple design, it does just what it says it will, and with a bit of flair. The vibrations buzz like a bee who's far enough away to make you feel safe: they're quiet but dangerous enough to bring you to orgasm. Sweet like honey, and sparkly like the earth on the day you were born.

I just loved the birthstones. I love the idea of it, and the many color choices. I love the fact that it is waterproof and has a pointed end for those who love pin-point stimulation. The texture is entirely smooth and has a beautiful gem at the base of the bullet. It is extremely quiet and discreet, and the perfect addition to anyone's toy collection.

All in all I wanted this toy because it was my birth month. I love garnet, and January. I really think every chick should have at least one toy, that has to do with their birthday. Now I know the vibes are not the best, but the toy does work.

While not the most high quality bullet, this is more than worth the $15. Its sleek design is great for pinpoint or distributed vibrations, and it's impressively quiet. I'd gladly buy this bullet again and again! Between the power, low noise levels, waterproof battery compartment, and size this one is definatley going to the dorms with me!

This is very good. It was exciting in many ways and I would recommend it to everyone who likes to be intimate.

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