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G-spot vibrator by Shaki Toys

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26 reviews

The G Fun promises g-spot fun that it just can't deliver. While it is waterproof and comes in a cute color, the material is stinky and is not very body safe. The vibrations are weak and the head is rather large, making it a bit big for beginners and not powerful enough for more advanced users.

I got this toy from a friend who said it looked scary and was afraid to try it. I wasn't opposed to trying something new. Even though it didn't work too well for me without assistance doesn't mean it's not worth a try. Not every toy is going to work for every person. I like the fact that it is quiet. Insertion and removal are a bit painful though, so if you are sensitive, this toy may not be for you.

If someone wanted to buy this, I would say at least give it a try. People are very unique and a toy that works for one person, might not work for another. It is over $20 so it isn't exactly cheap, but there are vibrators that cost a lot more. Be careful with it and hope it doesn't break on you.

Looking at this toy makes my vagina cringe. It's an odd design and doesn't work well for me. It's okay as a clitoral masturbator and a back massager for hard to reach places, but it fails at being a pleasure for my g-spot or vagina. The good thing is that it is quiet and the vibrations don't travel down the shaft causing your hand to numb. I really don't think this will work for many people.

This item is worth it! It's a great price and hits the perfect places, and it's cute and pink to top it all off!

This toy is good for whatever you use it for. I love to use it to pleasure me outside of my vagina, but not so much inside mostly because I have not determined the least painful way to remove it. For people who aren't as sensitive vaginally or just like a little pain just get it and don't worry. For people who are super sensitive I'd recommend you play it safe with this toy and take it slow before going rough.

The G Fun looks like all fun and games, but aside from its accommodating G-spot curve this little guy's cheap materials, weak vibrations, and torture device style from the 18th century is where it flops --- even though there's nothing actually floppy about it.

This is a really large headed vibrator with a stiff tongue that may not be best for beginners or people with smaller frames. Once it's in, it feels nice, but insertion and removal are not fun. I'd save my money and get something better.

Overall, it just didn't work for me. I think that whether or not the toy works or not really depends on a person's anatomy. I didn't like it, but it may fit someone else perfectly.

The G Fun is really no fun at all after you factor in the poor materials, that it's a pain in the butt to clean, and it's too painful for insertion thus not stimulating the G-spot at all. Although I packed this toy away, I'm unsure of whether I will ever subject my beloved vagina to that kind of pain again.

The G Fun is not much use for sensual stimulation, but because of its shape, it could be useful as a vaginal exerciser. And the vibrations might make doing your Kegels more fun.

The G Fun is good for those who enjoy larger toys, or want to learn how to find their G-spot. It would be a good toy to learn female ejaculation with. However, it is made of jelly, and a but on the larger side. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners, or smaller women.

As cute as G Fun is, it just didn't work out for me. I am narrow and the big head didn't fit at all. But I can see others loving it. It's not very loud at all and that is definitely a big pulse. But it's just not cut out for someone like me.

If you don't like the bigger toys then don't get this one but for those of us who do like bigger you definately need this to your collection.

Although this vibe was a gift with purchase when I got it, it's not horrible. It's not the best vibe I own, but it'll do.

I wouldn't recommend purchasing this toy not because it didn't perform—because it did—but because the material really took away from the experience. It has good vibrations and the shape is super fun, but because of its porous, jelly head, I think this toy is going spend the rest of his days at the bottom of my toy box.

If you're into larger toys, this has the power to shake your G-Spot. If you're just learning, this might be a little too advanced but is worth a try.

I think this toy might be better for those who enjoy a little pain, or are "looser" inside. I found it to be uncomfortable, and I personally will never recommend this to any of my friends or family. I hope at least someone out there finds this toy to be fun since it does have some good qualities.

Overall it really is a decent product. Its user friendly, not really a beginners toy in my opinion though. So, for the price tag it's worth it, and all around not bad.

All in all I like this vibrator. While it is not my favorite, it gets to your g-spot easily and is good for clitoral stimulation.

You can try this one out for yourself but I would not get it again personally. I don't like how its so bulky and round at the tip and even hurts to insert and remove.

In my opinion, for the g-spot this product is NOT worth it. The pain of trying to get the product out was enough to make me want to throw it against the wall. However, the vibrations are wonderful enough just to use with outer play. I'm just glad that this was a free gift and that I didn't pay for the pain it brought!

I don't want to turn everyone off of this toy, it just isn't for me. I can see how it could blow someone else's mind, but it just didn't do it for me.

The G-Fun is a decent mid-range g-spot toy but its hook may only appeal to some people. The waterproof tapered design is perfect for stimulation and while some may find the hook to be an added way to get traction and pleasure others may find it awkward or uncomfortable.

Great toy for the price, user friendly and is now my new favorite vibrator. I would not recommend it for people who like their toys on the smaller side. If you are not intimidated by a big toy, this is the toy for you!

Stimulates g-spot fabulously, definitely a good buy if you want to get off again and again. I pinky promise that you'll have a great time, and not regret this cheap, pleasing toy.

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