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G-spot stimulator G-spot stimulator

G-spot vibrator by WHK GmbH

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G-spot stimulator reviews

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25 reviews

I would definitely suggest this vibe for less sensitive people with vaginas. This item has the perfect curve and size for G-spots, and it is also excellent for the clit. It has a pretty good length, so it’s useful for many. Have fun!

The g-spot stimulator is a great beginner toy for those making a foray into g-spot stimulation. The vibrations are located strategically in the curve. Because of the simple shape, it could conceivably be used on the clitoris as well. The vibrations are strong yet not overly so; however, there is only one setting, and it is somewhat loud, even under a blanket. It is easy to clean and low-maintenance.

I got this toy as part of a kit, and it was definitely worth the $5ish I spent on it. If you pay full price for it, it would be worth the $9. It worked great and was very stimulating on my clitoris. However, it just did not work on my G-spot.

I really do wish this had been a better toy. It was so cute, but the paint chipping off is too unsanitary for me.

I wouldn't recommend this toy to anyone who doesn't live alone and have a vag of steel. The vibrations were oddly powerful but not pleasurable, as the toy was so hard and the bullet so oddly placed that it mostly just hurt. It ended up in the trash for me.

I didn't feel this item was worth it. I can always find the good in an item, but with this one, other than a constant vibration and the fact that it was odorless, I could find nothing else good about it. If you like clitoral stimulation, this would be an okay item for a starter piece, but as far as the G-spot is concerned, it was a no-go.

Frankly, I would not suggest this toy. It's cheap, but you're getting what you pay for in this case. I'd spend the extra money to get a nice toy from Lelo, Jopen or Close2You. You're going to get more for your money than with a toy like this. Granted, my experience is from someone who isn't familiar with g-spot stimulation and has a near-freakish small vagina. If you prefer toys with a large diameter or have used g-spot toys before, you might not feel the same as I do.

For $8.99, if you're looking for a vibe to do just that and only that with very low expectations, and a large AA battery budget, I guess this is the toy for you!

This G-spot vibe has the potential and power to send you over the top with your orgasms. This toy is so amazing and fun that it will quickly become your favorite toy, or at least one of your top 3. I love mine and have found myself playing with it every chance I get.

This product is pretty disappointing. It's not really even worth the meager $8.99 that it sells for. A price of $5 would be a lot more fair. The flaking shimmer paint really does not lend itself to vaginal health and safety, and it's super loud. I can't quite recommend this one unless your grip is super strong and it's not difficult for you to cum.

This is a great toy for beginners and something that anyone on a budget should consider. For the price, this is a fantastic toy. If the wear and tear on the finish worries you there are plenty of other affordable options in a variety of different materials. A few comparable examples are listed below for your convenience.

A nice helper tool for the tub or the bed, but I think you should pass this toy up. There are better toys out there that do stimulate the g-spot and clitoris.

It's definately worth the price for an intense sensation. This product is Highly recommended. It's small enough to bring on the go or to hide in any room of the house.

It's cheap and powerful and shiny. Seems perfect, and yet it couldn't be further from it. This is something you should pass up in favor for a toy that is higher quality.

The G-Spot stimulator is not a good choice for anything. The shininess might lure you in, but it will scratch and flake off after the first use, making this toy's safety a bit scary. The design and material make it painful to use also. That curve just hurt me in all the wrong ways. Nothing wrong with a bit of pain with my pleasure but DAMN!

This little vibrator packs quite a punch. While a little more noisy then one may like its small and easy to take places.

This toy is very basic and only does one thing, but it does it well. And while it may have a few flaws, it is still higher quality than I expected for what I paid for it.

Wasn't a bad choice, although I have found that I rather prefer softer materials from my toys, this does the job. The power is nice, however, the noise level takes away from the enjoyment.

This is the perfect item for beginners because anything to hurry the knowing of what each other likes is always a plus. You're going to love showing him how good this feels. And at such a cheap price, you really shouldn't miss out!

Although it's a steal at under 10 bucks, pocket your money for a grander vibrator. This is a small, hard, plastic little nightmare that's more aptly suited to be a cat toy than a personal vibrator.

This is a decent vibe and better than most of the g-spot vibes I've used in this price range. It only has one speed, but it's quite strong for something that only uses one battery. I would suggest it to a beginner or someone who prefers smaller insertion toys.

Worth the buy. Cheap toy that will please you faster than any man. Haven't had an orgasm from your g-spot? You have to buy this right away, it will change your life.

This toy is great for partner play, because that way someone is able to keep an eye on where this thing might slip away to! You can be innovative and use some kind of string to keep track of it, but just be careful. This toy is super quiet, and definitely worth a try.

The G-spot stimulator is a fabulous toy that is well worth the small price tag. This toy is great for anyone from beginners to the more experienced.

Super-strong vibrations and the ability to get this toy wet make it a great addition to any toy box. The Spot G Stimulator turns on and off with a twist. A single, very strong speed allows for anything from a quickie during lunch to a long play session with a partner. The toy's small size will fit perfectly between two bodies for powerful waves of pleasure.

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