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ID pleasure reviews

31 reviews
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31 reviews

I am thoroughly disappointed with this product and after my experience I don't think I will be trying anymore products made by ID Lubricants. I'll stick with the products I already know and love.

Perfect for a bit of extra spice to your play, Pleasure ID is fun to use. Not greasy and slick enough for anal play, this lube is a great choice.

If you're looking for an all around great lubricant that isn't likely to be tasted, this is the lube for you!

There isn’t much more I can say about this product, it was disappointing to me, I would have a much easier time recommending almost any other lube I have used.

For something that claims pleasure, it really does nothing and is literally the snake oil of lubricants. This also needs a warning that says: do not put in mouth. Yuck

A very good value. It is 10x better than cheap lubes like KY Jelly and cheaper than a lot of the other ones. I bought it because I read a lot of good ratings of it online, and I agree with them. It doesn't get cakey. I don't need to reapply it; it stays wet. The only annoying thing is that it is runny, but once you get used to that, it is definitely worth it.

I love this product because of the feeling. The only thing I don't like is the stickiness of it. Just try it out and you might be surprised.

All in all, I think that this lube is pretty good. The only draw back is that it gets a little stickier than I would like when it starts to dry.

This item is worth the money for me! It has replaced all my other lubes, and has made masturbation and sex enjoyable for me. The added cooling sensation is always a bonus!

Like I said, I can't really compare this product to any others. But I did feel like it does what it is supposed to do and is very affordable.

This is one of the best lubes. It goes with just about anything. All of our friends love this kind of lube. Everyone should have some!

This is a fantastic alternative for your water based lube needs. It doesn't feel like a tingle or warming lube; it has a different sensation that is entirely its own. I highly recommend this if you are looking for something new and fun.

I would have to give this 3 stars. It is ok to pull out and use every once in a while when you need a change. It does not burn, which is always a good thing. If I were to choose between a regular bottle of ID and a bottle of ID Pleasure, I would go with the regular lube. If you are looking for a lube to "heighten sensations", this is one of the better ones.

Even though I am not a fan of water based lubes, I did fall in love with ID Pleasure Sensual Lubricant. It has to be one of the best water based lubes that I have ever used. It works just as well as my favorite silicone based lubes.

ID Pleasure is a fantastic lubricant if you're looking for something with a little kick. It's a combination of warming and cooling/tingling, without the hassle of buying sets or expensive combo lube. It comes in several different sized bottles, so it's inexpensive to try out and totally worth it!

It's a good product for short uses or vaginal play. It would be a good idea to keep something a bit thicker on hand or use a lot more for anal. Something else to try is warming it up a bit.

Overall, ID Pleasure is a great lube because of its texture and ability to last a while without reapplication. The only disappointing factor was that it did not tingle as much as I had hoped for, but I will still continue to use it.

ID pleasure lube has a nice cooling tingle that lasted as long as I did. It seemed to be a more noticeable tingle with the air from the ceiling fan. I personally would like a little more "Zing" for me as well as my husband. If it was a little thicker then it would work great as an all around lube since clean up is so easy. I would get this lube again just for the surprising tingle you get when the air blows across anywhere you have applied lube.

I think this product is worth the money you would spend. It is a nice and easy product to use and doesn’t get old.

If you're looking for a tingling sensation, you may have a better time rubbing Aquafresh on your snatch. This lube has an unpleasant effect, doesn't last long, and the ingredients are downright bothersome.

As far as lubes go, this one works great. It lasts longer than Glide and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy. However many will find that it doesn't deliver the 'zing' it promises to.

This is a good lube with a little something extra for those who are curious about sexual enhancers. For the price it's easy to explore and does a decent job as a lube as well as lets you toe the water with an arousal enhancing formula that is also unisex!

It's AWESOME! I simply can't state this enough! I have tried a lot of lubes, but this one is special!

Overall, this is not worth purchasing for a two-person experience, but obviously this depends on the individual. If you have sensitive skin, steer clear.

Overall this is a great lube, though the proclaimed "Zing" is lacking. The cooling effect is fantastic. Very long lasting. Worth the money I spent.

Great lube for the money, I'm looking to by it my third time today. Quick cleanup, no goofy smell and no residue.

I would say that there are much better lubes out on the market today, someone with no experience with lubes might like this product but I would recommend to anyone to find a better lube.

Overall a good lubricant. It did enhance sensation and pleasure, but did not deliver the anticipated Zing! it was supposed to.

makes a dirrrrty girl feel fresh, wet and clean and you can also use it as a backup dildo :)

If you are trying an enhancing lube for the first time, this one might be one to try. If you have used others before, this one fails in comparison. Works well as a lube, but can't match up with other enhancers.

ID Pleasure is not a bad water-based lubricant, but I didn't find its enhancer ingredients to be very effective in providing increased arousal and stimulation.

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