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Leopard duotone balls reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

I don't feel like I wasted my money, and I would recommend these vaginal balls to a friend that hasn't used this sort of product before. Personally though, I'm not sure if I like them. I am going to give them some more chances, though, while finding a set that are suited to my smaller size.

These kegel balls are a great beginner set in a cute print. They have a nice weight without having to constantly flex to keep them in place. The two balls have solid inner balls connected by a string for easy removal. Overall not a bad product. The price is also pretty awesome.

Overall, I thought that the balls are good for a beginner but did not work as expected for me. They have a great cheetah print on them, and the string is a added bonus. I did not like that they were noisy when inserted and were not weighted enough.

I don't recommend this for everyone but only for beginners that are looking into duotone balls and don't want to try the expensive ones first. These do a great job helping out your va jay jay muscles.

If you are new to weighted balls and not sure what kind to get, these are a great option. The price is low and the benefits are high.

These are great. I do not regret trying these. I was curious about them before and now I use them often, at least twice a week. I do think that I will continue invest in items like this one. The only thing that bothers me is the string holding fluids, but if cleaned throughly, it should be fine.

This was my first set of vaginal exercisers. I have found them to be a great new addition and cannot wait to use them more. They are a little noisy, so I would recommend being alone or in a loud place if that bothers you. The cord allows easy removal for the balls and the weights in them really adds to the exercise.

I think that for the price, this is a cute product. I want to try other kegel exercisers to get better results. This is a nice try-it-out product that does feel nice. I think that they would be better if they were individual balls instead of attached.

If you are interested in trying vaginal balls, or looking to add a new set to your toy chest, these may be the ones for you. They feel great when they're inserted, but they are difficult to clean, having a seam in the middle of each ball. As a first time user, they don't work my PC muscles the way I had intended, but I am still pleased with the purchase, especially for the price!

I had read reviews about how they're great first time balls, but they weren't for me. I was disappointed as a first experience in using them. On the same day I received them, I was already looking for a new pair.

I really like these balls. I'm a beginner with kegel balls and I found that these were very comfortable, and effective. Nice size, nice weight great for a first set of kegel exercise balls.

I have no idea, to tell the truth, if I was moving my muscles in the wrong way or if these balls just won't work out for me! The non-porous smooth plastic is a blessing, the balls have a nice beginner size, but the cord is porous and a pain to clean. The rattling is mighty pleasant and arousing, but you have to be moving around to have them work. And the bottom ball kept on slipping out, making these balls a home-only pair to use for now.

I would say this item is not worth the money. Having a brand new toy breaking is no fun and shouldn't happen. I would spend my money on something better made.

If you're looking to tighten up your PC muscles and be reminded to do your Kegels, then this is definitely the product for you!

I have not personally had any problems with these so far. I am very cautious because of some of the other reviews, as you should be too. For the price they are great for anyone who is curious about the way these types of products work, but do not expect them to be long-lasting.

Vaginal exercisers are great for kegal exercising and for increasing pleasure during orgasms. I have noticed the difference in sex since I've started to use them. However, these are a 'you get what you pay for' kind of product but are great for beginners or those not completely sold on using vaginal balls just yet.

Don't buy these unless you feel like taking the gamble with them, and possibly throwing away a few bucks. The good part is that it's only a few bucks! Now I really wanted to like these, but it is nearly impossible to like something that you can't use. They get 1 star for their potential, and the fact that I like how heavy they are.

All in all, I think every women should own some type of toy used for kegel exercises. This is a perfect toy to start with.

The Leopard Duotone balls are weighted vaginal balls that are simple and effective. The smooth texture of the plastic make them quite easy to insert and the movement of the inner metal balls will keep you on the edge. If you have not yet tried vaginal balls, these make an excellent set to start off with. However, these are quite audible so some situations for wearing them are better than others.

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