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Diagram of 4Us Ring Sketch showing correct placement of 4Us Cock Ring
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4Us cock ring reviews

12 reviews
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12 reviews

I was really excited to get this cock ring because of the vertical orientation of the bullet. I thought this would fit nicely between my lady bits and offer blissful vibrations throughout my labia and against my clit as I made love to my husband. What we got was chaffing from the seams and a hard bullet hitting my clit during thrusting.

This is a great toy. It is well packaged and does not disappoint. It is made from a high end material and comes with a very powerful bullet. All in all I can happily recommend the 4US from Rocks Off.

This cock ring is a joy for both users with intercourse. Intramed is a recyclable thermoplastic that acts as a silicone type material. The intramed carries the vibrations from the bullet nicely to increase stimulation for the male wearer of the cock ring. It stimulates the clitoris for the female. This adds a little oomph to intercourse. It can be worn for any positions.

This is an amazing product that will make long, sensual nights even more enjoyable when used during foreplay and female climax. I would gladly purchase it again.

This toy is awsome rather for pleasure your self, your partner or both at the same time. Is a multipurpose toy.

An affordable couples toy that gives intense orgasms and helps to maintain hard-ons for longer periods of time. It will suit almost anyone, both beginner and advanced. Its not just a man's toy, but a single woman's toy too, as it can be used on your favorite dildo turning your basic toys into vibrating ones, as well as using it on your nipples. Plus, of course, your dildo harnesses. Something for both of you to use together or by yourselves; a toy box essential.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 4Us Cock Ring. It was tons of fun for both my partner and myself. Really helped me get to an orgasm faster than most vibrating cock rings. My husband loved the ring himself, especially in the downward position as it vibrated his balls. Awesome! The bullet did break after a few uses but I wouldn't deduct points because the ring is so awesome and bullets are replaceable.

Overall, I feel that the 4Us cock ring is the best sex toy purchase that I have made to date. It's easy to use, helps me last a lot longer, and frees up both of our hands to roam each others' bodies while the ring does all of the clit work. If I had known years ago what I knew now I would have purchased this product as soon as I could. The 4Us cock ring has quickly become our most valuable asset in the bedroom.

This is truly the lord of the rings(so far), quality construction, good design. We will get regular use of this great sexual accessory.

This cock ring can be used for vaginal, clitoral, and anus stimulation. My boyfriend enjoys wearing this for the vibrations when he masturbates. Unlike other cock rings that we have tried, this one does not leave my boyfriend's penis numb. It eliminates the need to press a vibrator to your clitoris throughout sex and end up with those inevitable numb fingers. I am very impressed with this well made toy.

This cock ring was so much more than I expected, and is totally worth the price. The vibrations were great, the ring was tight, and my boyfriend and I will keep this toy in our nightstand table for years to come.

The 4Us cock ring is definitely a unique looking cock ring. The unique look transfers over into a very functional toy. The cock ring portion should be snug enough to increase most men's penile firmness. The vibrating portion should be long enough to adequately stimulate most women's clitoris. The toy is from a reputable company and the bullet is strong for a bullet. The manufacturing process does leave some seams on the cock ring and a sharp one on the bullet.

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