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Bo pleasure object reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

The Lelo Bo is well worth its price over novelty or disposable cock rings. It is powerful, rechargeable with no little batteries to mess with changing and we have never run out of a charge during use yet! The wife has had several "Oh my God" moments from her Bo and hubby believes it also gives stronger orgasms for him as well. Currently one of our favorite "go to" toys!

After using the Bo several times, both during intercourse and as part of solo and joint masturbation, it's definitely earned a spot in our collection. The rechargeable battery lasts a long time, and is very comfortable to wear, making it a great cock ring to have around (your cock.)

Well, now we know why they call this a "pleasure object" instead of a ring. I have enjoyed using disposable vibrating cock rings in the past, so I thought a higher-quality rechargeable version might be a nice investment. Unfortunately, I find the vibrations to be a bit weak, and I am not convinced this product is worth the high price.

Overall the product is totally worth it. There is a new version which has 6 speed settings, but this product is good enough for those not ready to pay more.

Not cheap, but definitely a high quality toy! Versatile, and easily a staple under the sheets! If he wants to please her or she wants to prolong, tease, titillate him, try this!

The Bo is a really solid toy. It is wonderful for couples, or for solo use. The ability to be able to take the Bo with you while you travel was a huge selling point. The plastic carrying case ensures discreetness. So do the vibrations, they are so silent you won't even be able to tell if it's on. Lucky for you the vibrations are not discreet, and are sure to hit the spot, if used correctly.

Overall this product is a must have. If you can't afford it find a way because you won't regret it. With its wide variety of uses and durability it will last a long time giving you constant pleasure time and time again.

I love the Bo, and so does my partner. It's easy for me to use and powerful enough to get her off. Highly recommended for use with girls who like clitoral stimulation during vaginal penetration.

The Bo is an amazing cock ring, ideal for those who like gentle vibrations to add pleasure to partner sex. It is super stretchy, a good fit for any user, with a simple on/off vibrating portion that makes it a snap to use, even in the heat of the moment.

Overall, love this cock ring. It has a nice strong vibe, and is wonderfully rechargeable. Plus, its case is so nice for travel.

For the price this is one of the best rings you can get. I cannot imagine a situation where this won't pay for itself in good times and great stories.

Great first time cock ring. It is better to buy a more expensive toy that you will be happy with than going through 10 cheap ones to only come back to this.

Good toy in which both partners feel some extra pleasure. It keeps hands free to let them explore and stimulate other areas.

This elegant and simple little vibrating cock ring is a great way to give your partner's anatomy a buzz with your anatomy. Surprisingly powerful for its size and because it is attached to you feel all of the power it has. A nice toy for couples to play with each other.

This is something that every couple deserves to have. Wearing a cock ring insures that you won't have to worry about a "rebound" phase as a male, but this particular one also offers tons of benefits for the female.

Lelo makes the most amazing rechargeable toys and Bo is no exception. They think of everything: classy packaging, quality materials, and workmanship. And it's all backed up by a 1 year warranty. The only possible drawback to Bo is that the vibrations are quite mild. But if you like mild buzzy vibrations, you'll love this toy.

Best cock ring we've ever used. Being rechargeable alone makes it worth the price. When you add the high quality materials, the versatility, and packaging the Bo is a steal.

The Bo makes a fun addition to sex for both partners! Unlike some cock rings, the vibrator on this one actually manages to make contact with the clitoris. While I enjoyed using this cock ring, the vibrations were just too weak for me to reach orgasm.

This is a cock ring you'll want to keep in your collection. It has nice extras and looks great, but the standard features are a bit sub-par for the price. Worth buying, but you'll be okay if you pass on it and go for a better valued, less aesthetically pleasing ring. My rating: 4/5

An amazing sex toy, a ring that I actually proposed to a man with - and I didn't regret OR look desperate! Pleasure for both, that's what I really look for and that's exactly what I received - along with multiple orgasms!

The Bo is a rechargeable cock ring that is strong enough to send vibrations through the cock itself. The vibration piece is large enough to stimulate feminine anatomy from many angles.

The Bo Pleasure Object is a luxury cock ring that not only vibrates, but can be recharged! No more looking for hard to find & costly batteries. It stretches easily over both the penis and the testicles. It’s packaged very nicely with the charger and has a carrying case as well. While it doesn’t quite reach my clit, the Bo does provide a moderate, quiet vibration that transfers well up my partner’s penis.

Strong, powerful, and quiet vibrator plus a one year warranty make this a great deal. Easy to travel with this would make a great companion for that weekend get-a-way.

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