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Bo is definitely a Go

The Bo Pleasure Object is a luxury cock ring that not only vibrates, but can be recharged! No more looking for hard to find & costly batteries. It stretches easily over both the penis and the testicles. It’s packaged very nicely with the charger and has a carrying case as well. While it doesn’t quite reach my clit, the Bo does provide a moderate, quiet vibration that transfers well up my partner’s penis.
Rechargeable, phthalates-free, stretches easily.
One speed, cannot be sterilized.
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Lelo has always made toys that are absolutely divine. They’ve recently introduced their Homme line for men, with Bo being the first product released. The Bo Pleasure Object arrived in a navy box. I opened the outer box and slipped out the inner black box that provides both protection and classy storage.

The Bo comes cased in it’s own plastic container that even has a hole so you can charge the Bo while its housed. There are two separate pieces, the TPE cock ring and then the actual vibrator. When you slide the vibrator onto the cock ring, it turns on (there is a small pressure activated button on the underside). Anyone who has ever tried to turn a cock ring on with lubed fingers will greatly appreciate this.

The Bo I received is a gorgeous Navy color and very masculine. After my partner was fully erect I stretched the Bo out (mine stretched to nearly 3” in diameter) and slipped it over both his penis and his testicles. He prefers cock rings that fit over both. I also appreciate the fact there is no bottom half of the ring to hit against my vagina during thrusting. The cock ring, unstretched, is small enough the just fit over the penis, but it probably wouldn’t be tight enough to provide the great benefits that cock rings are designed for. The TPE didn’t tug on his skin, which was an improvement from other cock rings we’ve tried in the past.

As far as use, this provided a comfortable fit for both partners. It wasn’t quite long enough to stimulate my clitoris, but it did turn my partner’s penis into a vibrator. The vibrations are moderately strong and surprisingly quiet. The cock ring did work very well for it’s intended use. My partner was much firmer and lasted longer than usual. Another favorite thing of mine to do, is to place the Bo on my partner’s penis before going down on him. The vibrations combined with the cock ring provide for one mind blowing blow job.

I’ve read in the past cock rings should not be used longer than 20-30 minutes. In Bo’s included manual, Lelo suggests not wearing it for more than an hour. Use your judgment and remember cock rings should never be painful or cause discoloration to your penis. Lelo also recommends using only water based lubricant with Bo. Because Bo is not silicone, my partner and I tried a silicone lubricant (Toko) without any problems. Just be sure to perform a spot test first.

The cock ring itself is TPE while the vibrator portion is ABS plastic. Both are phthalates free. Neither can be sterilized and therefore your Bo pleasure object should not be shared. The cock ring can be fully submerged and cleaned with either warm water and antibacterial soap or with a toy cleaner (that contains no alcohol). Cleaning the vibrator portion is a little trickier. Because of the on/off switch, I chose not to use water. While Lelo recommends not using alcohol, I did on JUST the plastic to clean it. A toy cleaner wipe would also work very well.

The Bo pleasure object is the first rechargeable cock ring I’ve encountered. A one hour charge provides up to four hours of pleasure. That combined with a one year warranty (provided by Lelo) make this an easy choice. While the vibrator didn’t quite reach my clitoris, the stimulation of having my partners penis firmer and lasting longer combined with the gentle vibration was very satisfying.
Something worth noting is that the Bo’s vibrator isn’t as “whiny” as other Lelo products I’ve used in the past. My partner was very pleased with this!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    Wow, the blue is lovely!
  • Oggins
    I absolutely love lelo products, I really do. As a matter of fact, I own five of thier products but, I just can't get this cock ring.... I don't think it would do anything for me at all.... There aren't any spikey things or anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad it worked out so well for you two but, I'm still not convinced...... Great review! Smile
  • Oggins
    Haha! I meant to say that, "I don't get" not "I can't get" get the idea... Tongue out
  • Nashville
    Lelo is amazing, this sounds absolutely fantastic!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Toygirl2 & Sleeping Dreamer- thanks for the comments!

    Oggins- It doesn't reach my clit, there isn't any more direct way of saying that. My partner enjoys the vibrations, as do I. And it's a super stretchy cock ring. I don't blame you for being skeptical. I was. Thanks for the comment & take care!
  • Naughty Student
    If my partner was less afraid of having toys decorate his penis this would be perfect! Nice review.
  • Rose Unlocked
    Naughty Student- Thanks for the comment! This one stretches very well- so it's not terrifying.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Naughty Student- Sorry the above comment is me, I just hadn't realized my partner logged in on my computer (you'd think the bright pink below the post would have warned me- ha!) Smile
  • Backseat Boohoo
    :: Pines! :: I really want this toy! Lelo just makes such pretty stuff.

    Silly question, but do you think Bo would shrink back to normal size after extended use? I'd be worried about spending the money on it, then getting a new partner and it being too big!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Backseat- Mine still returns to normal size. I had put it around a coke can, just for sizing purposes, and it still fit my partner nice & snug after wards. I will keep an eye on this and see if I notice anything. Also avoid using anything that could cause the material to dry out.
  • Scarlet's Letter
    Yes! I am so thrilled to hear good things about this. I love Lelo products, and had been wondering if the toys for men from the Lelo line were just as good as the toys for women. Thanks for the amazing review! I definitely need to try this out.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    It looks awesome. It's rechargeable. It seems easy to use. But there is no way it's going to reach my clit and, then, what's the point? I hope they come out with something even better!
  • Dragon
    So this is essentially a one size fits all? Do you think that anyone will have trouble with size with it?
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    DBD- The only people I can truly see having a problem are very, very well endowed men who want this both around their testicles and their penis and don't want it tight. Or men who on the very thin side of penile thickness who are not willing to put it around their testicles. Other than that, I truly believe this would fit all men I've been with.
  • Dragon
  • EffinSara
    Great review, but I'd only really be interested in the Bo if I knew it was going to reach my clit... and I have a feeling that even if you hold it in your hands or even measure things, there's no way to know for sure until you try Sad face
  • iceman681
    recharge able sounds nice
  • BlooJay
    Great review! Thx!
  • Rory
    Nice review! Thanks!!
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