Elite sexual exciter ruby - vibrating penis ring by Cal Exotics - reviews

Elite sexual exciter ruby Elite sexual exciter ruby

Double-looped vibrating ring by

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Elite sexual exciter ruby reviews

26 reviews
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26 reviews

Overall this is a great value, I think, for beginners. It is not too complicated or scary that someone who has not used toys before will seem intimidated by it, yet it is a toy that will stay in our toy box until it breaks. The cord may get in the way, but for the power and ease of using AAA batteries, it is well worth dealing with. There may be better rings out there, but this is a great place to start if money is important and you want the best vroom for your buck.

The toy is aimed more towards male pleasure and works great at that but slacks on the other end for the receiving partner. But as a female, I was disappointed. I wouldn't think twice in buying another like it ever again.

If you are looking for your first couples toy or just want to try something new, I'd definitely recommend giving this toy a shot. While the wired vibe eventually broke, making the vibe control unit useless, you can still purchase a bullet vibe and continue using this ring. We still haven't found a wireless vibe that matched this one's intensity, which is disappointing.

This is a great couples' toy, and an awesome addition to any collection. It is great for a couple just dipping into the world of toys!

This toy is not very well thought out, with a bull face and horns ready to chase you away, and a ring made too tight, too thick, and too nubby for fun. All around, this ring is not the thing for us.

Personally, I found this product very exciting and I would recommend it to others. Its multi-speed functions are fun and easy to use and it goes on like butter (with the right lube).

The Elite 7X never fails to turn awesome sex into mind-blowing sex. It makes him harder, the vibrations drive him wild, and the secondary ring around his balls helps make his orgasm longer and more intense. For me, the vibrations yield intense clitoral stimulation. It's hard to beat the sheer sexiness of feeling his hard-on get even harder when I put it on him. Combine that with easy clean up, long battery life, and easily obtainable batteries, then you certainly have a winner.

Whether you're new to sex toys or have a box full, the Elite 7X is a good choice for couples who want a toy that pleases them both. It has several vibration levels to choose from and a secondary ring that can be used to fit around the testicles if you want. It's also quiet enough that you needn't worry about the rest of the household knowing what you're up to!

Do you want to do something exciting and spice things up? Ride the bull! I promise it will be the best ride of your life and will last longer than 8 seconds! It's something great for you and your man!

DO IT. This will make your girl scream like its no one's business... and if you short out the wire like us - you earned it... and know why it was AMAZING in the first place!

The Elite 7 is totally worth buying becuase I cant really think of a truly honest negative thing. I mean for me I loved it best with just the bare bullet and no cock ring. I mean its fun but more intense alone.

The TPR-Silicone always feels a little warm to the touch and this makes the toy very form-fitting, comfortable, and visually/physically exciting.

All in all I would have to say this product is almost perfect. The vibrator is top notch for the price and the ring is the perfect material and shape for a great time. What is killing me though is it just isn't big enough to fit me properly. If I could get one made for larger guys I would have my wallet out asking where I could order one. I would love to give it a great rating but it being a little tight is really a tough thing to overlook. They make magnum condoms, why not magnum toys?

This is a fantastic (most of all- comfortable) bullet for pin pointing clitoral orgasms, helping your partner last longer, and making the most of your sexy time.

Over all, The Elite 7X is totally worth every cent I paid for it. Long lasting, stretchy, comfortable, great for solo play and couple play. One thing I neglected to mention. When using this toy and in the lovely "Doggy" or "Screaming Tiger" position, it gives a little tickle to your tush which I rather enjoyed.

I am one of those women who need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm and this helped me in that department.

You'll be screaming "Olé!" when this bull charges straight for you clitoris! It's dual-ring harness will fit most wearers comfortably without slipping off during play, and the variety of exciting vibrations means that things won't get boring anytime soon. It's just a matter of finding the one that takes you over the edge or using all of them to do the trick.

If you've never used a cock ring before, this is a must try. Easily turns you into one of your partner's favorite vibrators, and the sensations of being constrained while vibrating from root to tip will blow your mind. The Elite 7x is very comfortable, will fit most men, and is a great change of pace toy.

This bad boy is worth its weight in gold! The variety of functions (vibration, escalation, pulsation) are out of this world. There is something for everyone! The "ticklers" on the bull head hit the exact right spot every single time. The gentle touch of the ticklers combined with the strong vibrations are incredible! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in this incredible toy!

Great addition to any ones toy box! You wont be sorry, this little guy really packs a punch. You just have to get a little creative as to how you use it. I've had it for months now, and I wouldn't be without it. If it broke today I would order another one tomorrow.

Overall this is a great ring, and the seven different vibrations will keep you interested. Everything comes apart to make it easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner.

This is a fun ring until it bleeds red on you or where you store it away. I'm guessing this has something to do with the quality of the TPR silicone. The bullet it comes with is awesome and very fun!

If you are a first timer or a experienced toy user, this toy is for you. It is easy to use, and it does what it says and more.

While this toy wasn't the right fit for us, I would still recommend it to a beginner who doesn't need super strong vibrations. The quality of the toy was good and it was easy to use.

Overall, this is a wonderful toy for any couple looking to spice things up. Due to the various components of this toy, imagination and creativity are key. The toy is very comfortable yet durable. It is a great first toy or addition to the toy box.

Each of the seven different intensities felt wonderful! There was even a moment during sex where I was laughing so hard because it just felt so good!...This toy serves a fabulous purpose in our sex life now. It's another way we can go to add that extra spice which makes sex that much greater.

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