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Maven reviews

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20 reviews

The sheer durability and versatility of the Maven makes it one of the best buys. My wife loves it because she can vary the stimulation and sensations easily and quickly drive me orgasm or delay, depending on her mood. Its stretchy blue material offers a unique sensation not available with other toys

This is strictly a secondary sleeve. Between the tendency to use copious amounts of lube and the somewhat abrasive texture, this isn’t the type of sleeve for a sensual night of prolonged masturbation. It’s more for quick sessions, which is augmented by the ease of using the Maven and using the computer simultaneously and the low price certainly helps.

Compared with the very large and hard framed Fleshlights and Tengas this is much more compact and easy to clean. I have a Tenga Flip and it is just too big to use and a real pain to clean. The Maven is less than half the price of a Tenga Flip, works just as well, and is easier to clean and store. What else do you need to know?

The Maven is a low priced, high quality sleeve that can work for a beginner or more advanced user. It feels amazing and is easy to care for. My girlfriend is lucky she's so fun to play with or she would be seeing less of me since I got this toy.

At the end of the day, and you're all alone after a hard day's work, where you just need to rewind, I suggest pickin' up the Maven, and going to Pleasure Town with yourself. You won't be let down, I know I wasn't. The textured interior, not so obvious exterior, and suction combine into one great toy for your alone time, or even with a partner!

The Maven is a basic masturbation sleeve, and as such, is not worth the hassle of pulling out and cleaning on a frequent basis. It might be fun to use with a partner though I've never tried that.

Overall this toy is great, but it does have a shot live. After only a few weeks of use the toy's material begins to create splits which are rough and uncomfortable when thrusting my penis into the maven. For the money it should last longer.

Should be great solo or couple use, and easy cleaning and price make it a great choice. Larger men may like the Maven more than average guys.

An affordable, easy to use, easy to clean masturbator. The inside is full of stimulating nubs, and the outside allows it to be gripped without worrying about it slipping out of your hand.

This toy is definitely well worth the money. It was a great introduction to masturbators, and my wife and I are both going to love using this on me for a long time to come

Overall, this is definitely worth it. This has the durability to be handled rough, but the ease of just popping it inside out to clean it. The sensations you get from this toy is remarkably life like or even better! I would recommend this to average size and above penis sizes!

A very flexible toy that can accommodate most any size man. Since the toy is softer, it is not painful to use and is very easy to clean.

For a first sleeve it's good, but I wouldn’t go out there and rave about it and start recommending it to everyone. This Sleeve wasn't tight enough and didn’t provide the necessary suction. When Stroking the nubs that massaged my dick felt good but nothing out of this world. My suggestion would be putting in the extra dollars and getting a Fleshlight that has a variety of textures, and instead of Elastomer, it uses Superskin which is more realistic you can say.

Maven is an inexpensive, versatile and fun toy, capable of delivering a huge range of different sensations both as a solo toy and as a toy used on a partner.

I would say to go for a Fleshlight and even though I did my research, I will probably look for a Maven replacement. But until then I'll use it anyway.

The Maven provides an amazing masturbation experience at a much smaller cost when compared to items like the Fleshlight or Tenga Flip Cup. It is very durable and will manage to withstand some rough handling, but will not last forever. Also, is seems designed to meet the needs of men with average or larger endowments, so men with a little less might not get the full experience from this.

The maven is no doubt impressive. The material is simple and durable. This is one sleeve that is sure to hold up and continue to deliver a memorable feeling.

If you are wanting a masturbator that has no smell, is safe to use and feels very realistic, you should get the Maven. It is an absolute steal at $30!

This toy is a wonderful step up from my trusty right hand. It probably won't last as long as my hand, nor is it as easy to conceal. But I plan to use it often for masturbation, since it makes me cum faster and makes the "cast of 1000s" more vivid in my mind. It is definitely worth the money, even drawing me away from writing this review.

The Maven is a thick, squishy blue masturbation sleeve that does not attempt to look like a vagina, ass or mouth.  The entrance hole is a little larger than the holes found on many masturbation sleeves, which may ease the fears of those who feel their penises would never fit into the tiny holes on other models.

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