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Masturbator by Vibratex

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This is by far the best thing I can use!

Overall, this is definitely worth it. This has the durability to be handled rough, but the ease of just popping it inside out to clean it. The sensations you get from this toy is remarkably life like or even better! I would recommend this to average size and above penis sizes!
Very good sensual nibs inside the toy, and the suction is extremely strong!
There could be a little less squishy noise.
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somewhat useful review
I ordered this after reading other reviews, saying that it can accommodate a larger girth. Since my wife is tight for me I sometimes find it painful to have sex. So I got the Maven right now until she is stretched! She even prefers me using the maven to get up, but rather I come in her later ;). You can say we are a threesome.

At first I saw how bulky it looked, but I put this wonderful hole in between two body pillows. I lubed up my penis and squirted some lube inside the toy. I have my wife right on top of the top body pillow and start thrusting. The sensations of this toy are unbelievable. The suction and beads inside the toy does wonders to the sensation. Sometimes I even forget to come in my wife, and come in the toy, because the feeling is so intense.

Anyhow, I have had this wonder for about a year now. The wear and tear is finally starting to show. It is really easy to clean. All you have to do is turn it inside out. Also if you don't like the texture beads you can invert it and use the smooth side to get off. I am pretty rough with the Maven too, so I would give it two thumbs up on durability.

Usually my previous toys break after two times. Maven has held up, and my wife definitely likes that I can use that for the blow job, and getting off, while she is on travel somewhere. Also, I tend to keep my penis near her pussy all night, or in it, so this helps me hold on to something so I can sleep. I would definitely get this if you are a larger girth or penis size because this will do the job!
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    Use this for a blow job? I'm confused. How?

    Please be more descriptive. How does the texture of the material feel?

    How should it be stored?

    Does it smell? Leave a smell on your hands?

    Is there a hole at the other end?

    How tight is it?

    For whom would you recommend this toy?

    Try to write this less like an erotic novel please.
  • Alt
    Great Review!
    Extremely Useful for explaining how it has held up after 1+ years of use =)

    He was using a metaphor and is saying that he can use it as a substitute to a BJ.
    As for the texture: He said it is intense from the suction and the bead-like-nubs

    This masturbation sleeve is the same kind of material as mine (Elastomer) and is make by the same company (Vibratex), so the way I store it is in a ziplock bag. It is somewhat porous, so that is why. Luckily Elastomer is not as porous as other sleeves I have tried.

    Also: Elastomer does not have any scent. I cannot say it is scentless like silicone or plastic, but if there is any scent, it is not noticeable, nor does it rub off on your skin.(like some rubber or jelly toys)

    At the other end it is closed off, but like other Vibratex sleeves you can cut a hole in it.

    I am not sure how tight this is since I do not own it, but he said it is for penises of larger than average girth size.

    "For whom would you recommend this toy? "
    I think he said: [Guys with a] "larger girth or penis size"

    I am not, but I am going to at least give this one a try.
  • spicywife
    You need to give a bit more information about the product and the material in your reviews. The questions Lauren asked are great and very applicable... try to think of questions like that when you are writing your reviews so that you can provide people with the most information possible. Thanks!
  • Airen Wolf
    Wow what to say? Lauren was correct to ask for more information as this review reads more like smut than an honest opinion. Esatomer can have a really raunchy smell depending on the manufacturer and whether they add fragrances to the mix. Whether the author of the review was using a metaphor should be his to answer. I was confused by the review as well and I regularly proof read papers ranging from grade school to college level.
    Personally, I didn't find the review titillating as it was obviously meant to be, just rambling and confused...
  • Airen Wolf
    Dang this keyboard anyhow...elastomer I meant to say. Stupid L key gremlins...
  • Alt
    I now own this item, and I do not notice any smell.
    But this masturbation sleeve sucks anyway. It is too bulky and floppy to provide enough stimulation.

    Not one I can recommend.
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