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Maven sex toy review

This toy is a wonderful step up from my trusty right hand. It probably won't last as long as my hand, nor is it as easy to conceal. But I plan to use it often for masturbation, since it makes me cum faster and makes the "cast of 1000s" more vivid in my mind. It is definitely worth the money, even drawing me away from writing this review.
Realistic, especially after cumming inside. Little lube required. Can be used hands-free.
Loud and it "queefs." I wouldn't use this if I had to be secretive.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
After receiving the Maven without telling my wife it was coming, I got the Maven out of the bag and took it for a spin as soon as I had a few moments to spare on my own. A word of advice to you guys: make sure you let your better half know something like this is showing up in the mail. Since it is basically a solo toy (without some imagination), it may hurt her feelings when she unknowingly opens it because she thinks you are “replacing” her. Never mind that she has toys, too, which she loves dearly and you love even more. It is just different. Maybe it is a societal effect, but the response is different.

Now I will get back to the Maven. It is pretty squishy and the hole looks too small to fit my average-sized penis into. So I was a bit worried that the Maven wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. I have never used a masturbation aid|Masturbation sleeves (other than something homemade that was handy) and I had fantasized about something that would make my solo flights more realistic. So I worked myself up a little bit and dripped some lube just inside the rim of the hole. I figured that the thing was supposed to simulate a pussy so it should be nice and wet, not me. I tried to slip inside at a few various levels of erection and I was happy to find it did not take a full mast to get going. In fact, the Maven accepted me well before my wife would. On the third run with the Maven, I actually turned it partially inside out and then wrapped it around my flaccid penis, which got me hard faster with a few strokes than I could myself. The feeling it provides is an amazingly accurate representation of a woman. It is even more realistic once you cum inside it, evoking lots of memories for me of sessions without a Jimmy hat. It holds a little suction on me almost all the way on the backstroke and swallows every bit of me on the way in. Writing about it has worked me up a bit, so I’m going to try something I’ve been thinking about.


Okay, you gotta try this one. After lubing the Maven, I slid it in between a mattress and box spring – voila! – I just did it doggy style bedside with a tight pussy all on my own. Make sure you keep the sheets clean. Cleanup is a breeze. Just flip it inside out, wash, dry, and flip it back. I cannot speak to the Maven’s long-term durability, since I have only had it for a few weeks. When I first turned it inside out I thought it was tearing, but the little bulbs are just connected on half their circumference. It has held up fine so far. At the current rate, I will have more than 100 runs on it in time to write a pre-Christmas review. So I will update this in the fall. My only complaint is that stroking the Maven masturbator|Maven Masturbator by Vibratex with some lube can be pretty noisy compared to straight-stick jerking off. When my wife is into it, it’s great. But when she’s tired and wants me to just “get done,” the noise can be a bit bothersome so it gets 4 bees… at least it works fast.

Have fun.
Follow-up commentary
My first Maven got misplaced while on a trip. So I was without it for a month or so. However, my brother & I were discussing this site and I showed it to him after he mentioned he wanted a Fleshlight|Fleshlight STU vagina review. I told him that the Maven was the only masturbator I had ever used, but I couldn't imagine that something twice the price could actually provide twice the pleasure. That statement flipped a switch upstairs - if my brother was going to spend $60 for a masturbator, why not spend $60 for TWO masturbators and give one to me as a "consultation fee"? WOO HOO! So now I'm back in the saddle with a Maven sleeve|Maven sleeve again. I've taken it for a spin three times in the last couple of days and this Maven seems to be exactly the same as the last one. The one my brother received also seems to be identical. So our small sample of 3 has been consistent quality. Of note was the first time with the new Maven. As you can see from my profile, we live in Mississippi. The shipping box sat in my black metal mailbox cooking all afternoon in 90 degree air and direct sun. When I got it inside, I immediately opened the box and got it on with myself. The hot Maven was just that when I closed my eyes - a hot Maven. It was noticeably warmer than a real pussy, but that heightened the sensation. I pictured E bent over the couch going doggy style since we had already talked a few times that day about our planned escapades for the night. We didn't know the Maven would arrive to pre-drain me before we got going. I blew my load faster than a .50 caliber rifle. This thing rocks and is easier to clean up than a bareback hand job. I must reiterate that the trick of putting the maven between the mattress and box springs is REALLY amazing. Just like the real doggy style, one hand can stay down and play (balls, etc.) while the other hand stays up top on her lower back (mattress). The harder you press on the "back" or mattress, the tighter "she" seems. With a the drop of an elbow, the experience went from the feeling of sex in a comfortable relationship to the chokingly tight feeling of an innocent college freshman. From full erection to cum shot in less than 30 seconds, every time. Buy this toy and have your way with it over and over again. The possibilities are limitless.
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  • Excellent review!
  • Always Aroused Girl
    This toy is awesome.  It made my male friend a happy, happy man.
  • Dame Demi
    Sounds like an excellent product, and wonderfully reviewed!  Might have to pick one up for the hubby!
  • It seems this is one of the better masturbators out there, at least as far as non-descript ones go.
  • DandE
    Thanks for the comments. I had fun reviewing it, and reviewing it, and reviewing it, and reviewing it, and reviewing it. In a few weeks I'll provide and update on whether TSA lets the Maven go through the X-ray without having to pull it out and inspect. That'll be fun either way.

    D of DandE

  • Great review.  Occasionally, I order products without my wife's knowledge, informing her after the fact.  I never put a rush delivery on these orders.  Her build-up of anticipation, and her surprise on their arrival is...priceless.
  • Nashville
    It queefs? lol....
  • DandE
    Yeah, it queefs. That's the only word I know to explain it and I'm not sure I even spelled it right. You don't exactly get graded on the words you learn from your friends in junior high. :)

    The little sucker is loud when you are pounding it with some lube. When you thrust into it really hard and there is some air in it, I can only describe the sound as a queef - albeit while I'm inside. As I mentioned in my reviews, the between-the-matress thing is pretty intense... reminiscent of a innocent college freshman. While I was in "review mode" I was paying attention to stuff like that, but now that I have shifted into Maven 5th gear, I pretty much don't notice or care anymore. College freshman-feeling pussy greatly outweighs any accompanying sound, which my old ears can hear less and less of anyway. :)

    D of DandE
  • LikeSunshineDust
    How has it held up over the months?
  • Alan & Michele
    Great review! I've been wanting to purchase a sleeve to surprise my husband with, but have had some qualms about buying a Fleshlight due to what I've heard about the care and cleaning of them. Now that I've read a guy's point of view on the Maven, it sounds like it will do just as nicely with less hassle!
  • Trashley
    Great review! Sorry about the "queefs" haha :[
  • Miss T
    Great review! Been looking into finding a good sleeve for my hubby and I think now my mind is made up!
  • buzz
    Interesting trick
  • nicky51679
    Getting this one for my hubby, thanks for the review.
  • lnf77
    Thanks for the review, thinking about getting this one today.
  • LavenderSkies
  • skunked
    Thank you so much for the review, you have really convinced me to order this product!
  • biggieaddict
    Love this review. Wishlisted!
  • Ghost
    I think my husband will like this.
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