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Vibrating ring with clit stimulator

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This toy is overall a pretty good toy to add to your collection. The size is just about right for anyone to use and the vibration is at a comfortable speed. It fits pretty firm. For vaginal stimulation it seems to do the trick and pretty fast too.

We think this toy is good, as far as rings go, which is why we give it the 2 stars, but it's not the toy for us. It's good for grinding sex, but bad for thrusting. We also like that the bullet is removable, so we can use it in other ways.

Don't waste your money on this, go instead for something that might require a little more manual labor. Sure it might mean putting in some effort, but overall it will mean stronger vibrations and a less painful experience for you both. Awkward and sex just don't go together...especially if you're paying for it.

This is absolutely fabulous for first-time buyers or someone who's testing the waters. I highly recommend this for single people as well as couples. It's a great toy to start off with in the bedroom at first.

For a beginner, it's not bad. Definitely worth looking into if you don't like too much sensation on your clit, but just want a little bit. If you prefer a lot of sensation, I'd say look somewhere else for your pleasure.

This toy is definitely worth it if you are looking to try new things, enjoy even more pleasure, and would like to make those big moments even bigger.

This toy is good for those who have never tried a cockring with a vibrator before. It was worth the money we payed. It is easy to use. It made him harder for longer. It got me where I wanted to go faster. It was quiet, which, when having two teen kids in the house, is something that we need.

If you're looking for a toy that is loud and won't aid your sex life, try the O Wow Vibrating Ring! It will turn sex into a comedy show as you and your partner try to think up things that the sound reminds you of.

For first time users or more advanced individuals who need a back up, this toy will please him and her if you are playing together or during a steamy solo session. A must have for the toy collection, the right price, a good amount of power, and if you want more power, just replace the bullet with something else. I highly doubt this toy will ever see the bottom of your toy box!

Overall this is the best vibrating cock ring on the market so far that I have found. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and has a strong vibrating bullet. It is ready to use right out of the package and comes with a set of replacement batteries.

The good for us far outweighs the bad on this little gem. I use to be a one hit wonder, until we invited the 'O Wow' in.

This isn't an amazing product, but it's worth it for the price it's at. I would recommend this to couples to give it a shot. I wasn't a huge fan, but I did not hate it. It is pretty good, the vibrations are pretty good.

Bottom line, I'd rather have toyless coitus than invite this ring back to my bed. There are many better rings and at comparable prices than this one.

Would I buy this toy again? Definitely. Is it the best ring out there? Probably not. But it gets the job done when it counts and the price is right for taking the first step into the world of vibrating rings. If a toy for the two of you is what your looking for, take the leap. You'll get an idea of what vibrating rings can do for you and your partner without breaking the bank.

This is definitely worth it. This is a great starter toy for the bedroom or tub. Its small size makes it less intimidating for beginners but is still strong enough to satisfy advanced users.

I would recommend this item to everyone. Can be used in tandem with a dildo or vibrator. It can be used while masturbating, or with a partner of any sex.

I love this ring, but I just hate that the batteries ran out so quickly. I also hate that it was harder to clean than some others. But it did the trick.

If you are looking for something a little different but not "kinky", this is for you. It is fun and helps the couple to bond and have an exciting and fun sexual experience.

Bottom line, this product is magnificent. Worth every penny and very exciting. I have so much fun with this product, it should be a crime.

The O Wow vibrating ring from the Screaming O is a good ring among a wide field of stretchy rings. It's stretchy so it's easy to get on and comfortable to wear. Although its wireless bullet is powered by three watch batteries, it still packs a punch. It's waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or tub. It even comes with a set of batteries installed, so it is ready right out of the package and it also has a second set for when the first ones wear out. What else could you ask for?

In the end both I and my boyfriend were very satisfied with this. I like using the vibrator separately and the fact that it made him last longer. He liked the feeling it gave him and like me he enjoyed the longer lasting bonus. It was pretty much two toys in one for us! You always should remember to never wear the ring for more than 20-30 minutes!

With a different bullet system, some creativity and a bit of experimenting the options are endless. Excellent can't-live-without option for your toy collection!! Great for him, her and couples. It could be better with a bit thicker bullet case so it would not tear so easily.

I don't give flawless review to all of the toys that my wife and I try, but this toy is really great. It provides great stimulation, is easy to use, and maintenance is a breeze. What else can you ask for? And for the price, you should definitely buy one.

Mr. Buzzy The Love Machine

This vibrating cock ring is a great deal. It comes with a strong bullet, the cock ring feels nice and sturdy, and it even comes with six replaceable watch batteries. On top of all that, it is waterproof, and the bullet can be used separately.

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