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Over all I would say this is a good product, even if I did not find it as stimulating as others. Good choice for those who want a little cheaper way to get the Fleshlight experience.

If you want a Fleshlight, buy an original one instead of this, but if you have many this might be something neat to play with and try. I somewhat regret owning this as I won't be using it often but I will give it a few more tries before I finally shelf it for good or use it as a quickie sleeve of sorts instead of using it in the can for a psuedo-blow job. You may have better luck if your penis is smaller than mine.

When it comes to wonderfully bizarre and kinky sexual wellness products, these are high on my list. Sure, there are others that also offer an intensely unique experience (Bad Dragon takes the cake for that!), but because of the designs used they’re unfortunately little less ‘mainstream’ and far more ‘shock and awe’ inspiring (vampire mouth or 14 inch Dragon dong? You decide).

The Succu Dry - like so many of its sisters in the Fleshlight line - is an extremely pleasurable ride at a cost of endurance. The shape of the case makes holding on harder, but the reward is a unique texture that is tighter than many of the other Fleshlight textures. Also, the novelty of getting a blowjob from a vampire can't be denied. Just don't keep it in the fridge to avoid suspicions - that might result in mixed experiences or undesirable side effects.

The Fleshlight Succu Dry lives up to it's name. This smaller Fleshlight makes up for the lack in size with tremendous suction power to drain you of everything you've got.

Sink Your Teeth Into Me

I love the vampire theme. And there's not much that can go wrong with a Fleshlight. But the pointy texture inside is not for every body. It can be a bit harsh at times. It helps to know what kind of stimulation your penis can take before you stick it in.

The Succu Dry is a unique Fleshlight product that is very tight and has "fangs'. It does require extra lubricant to use, but it's very light and portable which is something the rest of the Fleshlight line is missing.

Over all I would say this is a good product even if I did not find it as stimulating as others. The look is interesting and I am sure it will work very well for plenty of people.

This is a good choice for those looking for a little cheaper way to get the Fleshlight experience. As long as you are aware of the size differences and OK with it then I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up.

Kiss of the Vampire (aka Blowjob from a Supersucker)

Not just another gimmicky toy - this sucker lives up to its name. Very cool packaging and awesome vampire fangs with super suction and great interior features wait for you behind this sweet little mouth. If you like your masturbators tight, textured and intense then this vamp is for you.

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