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The Succu Dry is a unique Fleshlight product that is very tight and has "fangs'. It does require extra lubricant to use, but it's very light and portable which is something the rest of the Fleshlight line is missing.
Tight, Light/easy to use, unique Fleshlight texture, pretty stimulating
Tight, requires extra lubricant, not amazingly stimulating
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The Succu Dry is a male masturbator that is intended to be smaller and more 'discreet' than a regular Fleshlight. This male masturbator is also a "vampire" toy which came out around last Halloween. The Succu Dry is part of Fleshlight's "Sex In a Can" series. The Succu Dry basically comes with two pieces - the plastic casing and the inner Superskin sleeve. The sleeve slides into the plastic casing to make it easy to use. Unlike regular Fleshlights which are about a foot long, the Succu Dry is about eight inches long in height and weighs a lot less than a regular Fleshlight.

The packaging was a huge point of contention with me about this toy. The Succu Dry came in a clear plastic tube that allowed you to see into the tube and see the toy. We left it in the plastic tube until we decided that we wanted to use it. Well, bad idea. Turns out, Fleshlight actually had GLUED the toy into the plastic tube. Tough glue too. No pulling got the toy out of the plastic tube. So while he's sitting there, in the middle of sex, waiting to play with it, we're hunting down scissors and cutting it out. Even then, the glue (or the boyfriend says it's "super" sticky tack.) wasn't actually off the casing, so his hands became glued to the toy. Afterwards, when cleaning, he pulled out the sleeve to find that the sample packet of lube was actually hidden INSIDE the toy's sleeve. We were thoroughly annoyed by the packaging. In fact, it's probably one of my biggest complaints about the toy. The toy does come with instructions for cleaning and use as well as the sample packet of lubricant and the lid for the Succu Dry.

The texture on this Fleshlight is "The Fang" which is a unique texture only used in the Succu Dry. The texture basically has a bunch of tiny little bumps on the inside that are pointed like small fangs. The opening of the texture is slightly tighter than the rest of the toy, and the rest of the texture is the "fangs" sticking out into the cavity without any change in texture nor tube size. Like all Fleshlights, the Succu Dry's sleeve is made from Superskin which is a life-like material that feels like skin and is very soft.

Like other Fleshlights, the pressure inside the Succu Dry can be adjusted by using the cap on the end of the toy. Having it too tight or too loose will cause a bit of a noise, but there's a happy medium in the middle that is pretty quiet. This is louder than our other Fleshlights though for some reason. It couldn't be heard outside a closed door though.

How did the boyfriend like the Succu Dry? He wasn't as impressed as with some of our other Fleshlights, but he does say that it did the job just fine. He agrees it was better than his hand. He says that the opening of the orifice is probably the tightest and most pleasurable area of the entire toy. He also says that it will require a crap-load of lube - a lot more than other male mastubators - just because it really is a lot, lot tighter than your average Fleshlight or male masturbator. However, this didn't seem to help too much when reaching orgasm - he states that it just doesn't hit the pressure points on the sides of his shaft that make him orgasm. He definitely had a bit of a problem orgasming with this texture. He says that it is pleasurable, though, but you should use extra lubricant or it won't feel as nice. As a sidenote, he also says it's much more comfortable to use than a regular Fleshlight because it's smaller and lighter which doesn't tire out his arm as much.

Cleaning a Fleshlight product is odd because you can't use soap like you'd imagine would be optimal. Soap actually breaks down the product's material. Instead, you just use warm/hot water and rinse out the sleeve and casing. Water-based lubricant can only be used with this one. For storage, you just put the lid back onto the toy and hide it away somewhere. It's much larger than your average beer can, so it's not "amazingly" discreet, but it does look neat sitting up somewhere. I wouldn't count on its powers of discretion to keep people from looking at it, though, so put it away where it won't be seen.
The Succu Dry did end up being a pretty decent product. He agrees it is more stimulating than other male masturbators he's tried - but not other Fleshlights. He says that he felt it was almost a bit too tight, so if you are large in girth, this may not be best for you. However, it still was a quality Fleshlight product that was fun to use - it just wasn't as stimulating as other Fleshlights he's tried.
Follow-up commentary
We still like the Succu Dry okay, but it certainly isn't one of those toys that we reach for on a regular basis. The Succu Dry is still a bit too tight, but it certainly is unique, and a lot of people always ask about it when they see it (knowing that it's a Fleshlight). We still prefer our full-sized Fleshlights over this though.
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  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    Had not thought about it much but after you review I may think a bit harder.
    Great review.
  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Good review. Kind of creepy looking toy, but in a good way...? Haha.
  • Contributor: ToyGeek
    That is one creepy looking toy. Great review.
  • Contributor: B8trDude
    Great review! I suppose that one redeeming value is that there wasn't any glue on the INSIDE of Succu Dry - now that would have caused some problems
  • Contributor: darthkitt3n
    Wow, that is awesome.
  • Contributor: namelesschaos
    great review. I Found the sex-in-a-can I have to be to tight but I'm still somewhat interested in this one just because of the unique fang texture.
  • Contributor: kawigrl
    thinking about getting this as a gag gift
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    I like the idea
  • Contributor: skunked
    Great review. Thank you for including the cleaning instructions!
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: Lady Neshamah
    think of getting this for a playmate of mine
  • Contributor: Ninja Wolf
    Thank you! Going to get one soon ^_^
  • Contributor: mudpie
    Very interesting. Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Andrey2052
    Good review for beautiful masturbator!
  • Contributor: Major Panda
    thanks for the review
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