would you reccomend

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hows the texture
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Constructive discussions on Vibrators for men:

Vibrator makes me too sensitive to cum?
so i have used a few vibes over the years like the Hitachi, wahl etc. i don't use them very often now, but when i first started, i used it...

What dimensions do you like?
Me, I like 'em girthy but short. But there's a huge selection to choose from, and I'm curious what people like. So, what about you?

1st approved assignment was?
Do you remember what your 1st approved assignment was for?

HEY GUYS: i know that as a male i am very very in love with any toy that has been in my girl!
Something about the fact that this particular toy has been in my girl makes me cherish it... Am i alone here or do others feel the same???

HELP!! Vibraters for men??
I'm searching high and low with no luck. Is there anytime of vibraters to place on a penis sort of like a sleeve..my husband just discovered he loves.
Contributor: KaraSutra KaraSutra
Originally posted by sdfghjukiol
hows the texture
The texture can be a bit painful or uncomfortable for some, especially since it's like little nubby fangs on the inside. The users I had test it said it was 'okay', but that hey preferred the original versions of the Sex In A Can over the Succu Dry/Count Cockula.